How Does The Walmart Attendance Policy Work? (Detailed Explanation!)

Walmart Attendance Policy

The Walmart attendance policy works through the introduction of absence and deduction points. It is a system where an employee gets a deduction point every time they are late or miss their shift.

Key Takeaways

  • According to Walmart’s attendance policy, an employee gets ½ deduction point when they arrive 30 minutes to 2 hours late for their shift
  • If a Walmart employee arrives more than 2 hours late for their shift then they will get 1 deduction point
  • If a Walmart employee gets up to 5 deduction points then that employee can get fired by Walmart
  • You can easily report an absence at Walmart from the Walmart website
  • You can also call 1-800-492-5678 to report an absence at Walmart

How To Report An Absence 

Report An Absence 

If you will be late for your shift or miss it, you need to report an absence. Some of the ways to report an absence are:

1. Through OneWalmart: Every Walmart employee should be aware of the OneWalmart platform for everything Walmart-related. There are almost no personal details relating to Walmart that an employee cannot retrieve from this platform. In addition, it also serves as an online means for employees to report an absence. When you go on the OneWalmart website, you will see a section that lets you report an absence. Thus, all you need to do is follow the prompts, ensuring to give all information. It is always best to do this earlier not to get an absence deduction.

2. By calling: We would say that this is the official way of reporting an absence at Walmart as you need to call 1-800-492-5678. Usually, associates handle this phone line to help other employees in need when they call. The phone line is usually available from 8 am to 5 pm. No one will attend to you if you call outside that time frame. It is important to note that you need to present some vital information when you call this number. For example, they will ask for your Walmart Identification Number (WIN). It is to confirm that you are a Walmart employee and you are not catfishing anyone. The verification process does not end there, as you will also need to present your birthdate. In addition, they will also ask for your store number to connect you with your store manager. We usually urge all Walmart employees to know their store number as it always comes in handy, especially when you need to call to take an absence. Once you are connected with your store manager, you will inform the manager that you will be absent or late for your shift and give suitable reasons. Else, you will get deduction points.

Stages Of Absence Warnings 

Stages Of Absence Warnings 

Typically, employees get fired when they get up to 5 deduction points within 6 months. However, there are different warning stages such as:

1. Oral Communication: This stage is usually for first-time defaulters as the store manager will call you to talk about why you were late or absent from your shift. The manager may even assume that you did not know how to report an absence and will take you through the processes. It is usually a laid-back stage done through word-of-mouth, and it isn’t done to scare the employee. At this stage, the manager or your supervisor hopes that you will not engage in anything that gets you deduction points anymore. The manager may even be nice enough to cancel your deduction points at this stage.

2. First Written Communication: When you default again and earn more deduction points, you can be sure to hear from your manager. However, this stage will not be as relaxed as before as it will no longer be oral communication. Instead, you will get a written mail or note that reprimands you for your actions and warns you to desist from getting more deduction points. Here, you are reminded of what will happen if you get more deduction points, and they urge you always to report an absence. They are hopeful that the written communication will do its work on the employee.

3. Second Written Communication: It will not be wrong or out of place to describe this stage as a more serious stage as it is the third stage of warning. To get to this stage means that you have accumulated more deduction points, and you are treading on a thin line. Some people may even be scared that they will get a termination letter at this point. However, such an employee will get a second written communication with a more serious tone bearing more warnings. Here, the employee becomes aware that there may be no warning stages if they earn more deduction and absence points.

4. Termination: There is no going back once you get to this stage, as the next letter you will get would be a termination letter. Here, the organization makes you aware of all the accumulated deduction points. They also draw your attention to the fact that they had sent numerous warnings and communication before it got to this point. So, they have no other choice but to terminate the contract as they cannot go against the Walmart attendance policy. No amount of begging can help at this stage as other stages have been the company sending warnings, and you did not adhere to them.

Do Walmart Points Accumulate? 

According to Walmart’s attendance policy, you will get fired when you have up to 5 deduction points during 6 months. It is why there are several warning stages before they serve an employee a termination letter.

However, it would be wrong to say that Walmart points accumulate. Typically, the points will clear if you have a clean sheet for the remaining time until 6 months elapses. For example, an employee has 3 deduction points and doesn’t get any more points. After 6 months, those points will clear, and the employee starts on a clean sheet. So, you cannot say that Walmart points accumulate. 

Benefits Of Having Regular Attendance

We often get people asking if there are any benefits of maintaining a clean attendance sheet and record while working at Walmart. Of course, we have all seen consequences when one gets up to 5 absence deduction points. However, some people are curious to know what they will enjoy if they don’t get deduction points.

So, allow us to tell you that employees who have a clean attendance sheet usually qualify for bonuses and incentives that may even reach a 25% increase. It is the company’s way of appreciating their effort and letting them feel seen, and many employees appreciate the gesture.

Times When You Are Eligible To Be Absent And Not Get Points 

Some of the situations where a Walmart employee can be absent without the fear of getting absence points to include:

1. FMLA: One of the cases where a Walmart employee can be absent without fear of getting deduction points is when they are on an FMLA leave. According to the law, no one should be punished for taking such leave. As a Walmart employee, you will be informed of the steps and processes involved in taking such leave during your orientation program.

2. Medical Purposes: A Walmart employee will not get absence points if they are away from work due to medical purposes. It could be that you are sick or had to attend to a medical emergency. The store usually understands such cases and will not make the employee face any deduction consequences.

3. Pregnancy: It would be almost impossible to expect someone who just gave birth to be active at work. Typically, such women will get maternity leave for some period. Even fathers also get paternity leave for a certain period. So, people can be absent from work without fear of getting deduction points in such a case.

4. Bereaved: Walmart understands that one cannot function properly when bereaved. Instead, they will allow such a person to take time to properly mourn and plan the burial arrangement of their loved one. Therefore, any employee in such a situation will not get deduction points for missing work.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

How Many Points Is A No Call No Show At Walmart?

Any employee who does a no-call no-show will automatically get 3 deduction points.

Do You Get Points For Calling In Sick At Walmart?

No, you will not get points for calling in sick at Walmart if you went through the proper procedures.

How Many Absences Are Allowed At Walmart?

An employee must not get more than 5 absences within 6 months at Walmart.


The Walmart attendance policy helps check tardiness and ensures that erring offenders do not get away with it.


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