How Long Does A Poshmark Buyer Have To Return An Item? (All You Need To Know!)

How Long Does A Poshmark Buyer Have To Return An Item

If a Poshmark employee reviews your claim, they will send you a label that tells the seller to return the order to them. Once the label is printed and placed on the package, it must be returned to Poshmark within 5 days in order for you to get your money back.

Key Takeaways

  • Poshmark is a very popular online shopping platform with an excellent return policy
  • Poshmark has a 2-week return policy meaning you can return a product within 14 days from the purchase date
  • You should keep in mind that the Items must be returned in their original condition and packaging along with all tags, dust bags, and accessories
  • There are two ways you can return a product at Poshmark: from the website or from the app

What is Poshmark’s Return Policy?

What is Poshmark Return Policy

The Poshmark return policy is a little strict but with a few precautions, you can take care of yourself and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of. You can pick up some extra protection in the way of insurance or an item protection plan to make sure you don’t get burned when buying things secondhand. This way, for things that are defective or if you’re just not satisfied with your purchase, you have more ways to make it right than just making a simple return which could take longer than necessary on top of your time being wasted as a result. Unless the following situation arises, the return policy of Poshmark considers all sales as final. They Include;

  • There is an unbeknownst damage
  • The item doesn’t match the description
  • The item is unauthentic or incorrect
  • You didn’t receive your order or some items are missing

If your item is having any issues, report the issue. Simply write the problem in the text box and press Submit. We will help with cases in the return process.

How To Return At Poshmark?

For most people, return policies are confusing. It’s important to know how long you have after purchasing an item to request a return should it not meet your expectations or arrive damaged. Poshmark always has three days from the date of receipt to ask for a return. The Poshmark returns policy page mentions two options that can be used when requesting a return from Poshmark if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

Return Request On Poshmark Website

  • Click your profile picture in the top-right corner On
  • Go to “My Purchases”
  • Select the item you want to return
  • Click on Order Inquiry/Problems
  • Select Order not as Described from the dropdown menu
  • Unload images that clearly states your reason for return and also provide a description.
  • Click Submit

Return Request In The Poshmark App

  • Tap on the Account Tab (@username)
  • Go to “My Purchases”
  • Select the order you want to return
  • Tap on Order Inquiry/Problems
  • Choose Order Not as Described
  • Select the reason
  • Add images that clearly states your reason for return and also provide a description.
  • Click Submit

If your return request falls under Poshmark’s return policy then you’ll receive a shipping label for the return. The returns will be processed within 5 business days and you’ll receive credit in your account, or if applicable, a refund to the original method of payment.

Furthermore, the ideal image is in jpg format. The best images are ones that are taken with a camera with high-quality settings, and they should have good or natural lighting. If there is a tag included on the product that you would like us to include when reviewing your submission, make sure it’s visible in the image you submit as some people aren’t able to see into a purse or exact bag model/brand.

Poshmark Refund Policy

Poshmark Refund Policy

Poshmark will refund you for what you ordered in full after your order reaches back to the seller’s warehouse. The refund will take 1 full billing cycle to reflect in your account. They will also immediately credit you with shipping fees and taxes if applicable so there will be no extra charges when your bank account next gets credited. The seller also does not get paid until your order has been received and is deemed to have met all former selling conditions, at which time we give them their payment as soon as possible after it is due. Therefore, if you happen to realize that your product did not meet the specifications of their evaluative criteria we set out at first (and of course it was not due to damage or mishandling during transit), you are free to inform them right away via the app and part ways amicably without paying another cent or sending anything back!

As per the Poshmark return policy, please make sure you are aware of how to contact the seller and notify them within 3 days if something is wrong with your delivered item. We understand that sometimes it takes longer than expected to provide notification and ask that you please be patient as we do everything possible to ensure your needs are met, but just remember to contact us as soon as you can! Once 3 days have passed without being able to reach out, your return period will be over and you won’t be able to get a refund either unfortunately.

Poshmark Response To Covid-19

Like we said earlier, Poshmark is an open marketplace that’s there to help people buy and sell things. They know it’s no fun selling to someone who will take advantage of others by buying items like medical-grade masks, hand sanitizers and gels for bad purposes. That’s why they’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure these kinds of items are not listed on their site, and if they are found, the seller may even have their account terminated! Poshmark also wants the buyers to feel safe in the knowledge that when items are sold on their platform, they can rest easy that these products aren’t going astray – if you find something like this listed for sale, let them know immediately via [email protected] so it can be dealt with properly as once we’ve been informed about what’s happening, we’ll investigate as soon as possible so that other potential buyers don’t fall victim to such a scam!


After extensive research, we’ve made a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Poshnark return policy. Check them out! 

Does Poshmark refund shipping charges?

Yes. Poshmark will provide a full refund which includes shipping cost as well as tax charges if your return gets approved. 

What If I don’t receive my order from Poshmark?

Poshmark will only release payment when the buyer is satisfied with their purchase. Your money will be returned if there are any problems but we make sure to respond quickly to resolve any issues so that it doesn’t get too troubling for the buyer or seller.

What items are returnable at Poshmark?

At Poshmark, all items are subject to final sale, except in the event the item is damaged and/or not as described by the seller.

Final Words – rounding up! 

Poshmark has one of the best return policies among retailers. Whenever an item is returned to them, they give a full refund as a store credit or even your money back if it’s not used on any further purchases. You can return anything in three days of receiving the product so think carefully before you buy something and know you have that option at hand if ever dissatisfied with this found item. In some cases like proper clothing measurements not being provided, the seller will still have to pay for returns when listing their product which Poshmark disallows because they do not want buyers having items which don’t fit them properly.


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