How Long Is Orientation At Walmart? (Explained!)

Orientation At Walmart

Walmart’s orientation usually lasts between one to three days. However, it is dependent on the store employing you. There is no set duration or timing to how long the orientation process should last. But it will not exceed more than three days.

Key Takeaways

  • The orientation process is the last stage of the hiring process at Walmart
  • Orientation at Walmart provides more insights about Walmart and helps you familiarize yourself with it
  • You might also get to meet some Walmart managers and directors during the orientation process
  • Some of the things you will learn during the Walmart orientation process are communication skills, company values, and policies, workplace safety, employment benefits, etc.

Things You Will Learn During The Orientation Process 

Walmart’s orientation process is usually an enlightening event for new employees as you get to learn a lot, ensuring you will not encounter challenges as you work. 

Some of the things you will learn are:

1. Communication Skills: As a Walmart employee, you will be dealing with diverse customers daily, and you need to understand that no two people are the same. Therefore, you must learn about communication skills as a Walmart employee. The idea here is that you need to know how to talk with anyone you encounter. After all, these customers serve as the essence of the business. And, the way you communicate with them determines if you can retain them or they will port to competitors. Of course, some customers can be rude and annoying. However, it would be best to exercise restraint when talking with them. Walmart finds it essential to teach their employees communication skills during the orientation process to ensure that they have a smooth-sailing process when talking with customers. In addition, you might also learn about the dressing culture of the organization when they are teaching about communication skills as dressing and appearance is also an important aspect of the job. 

2. Company Values And Policies: Every company has its values and policies, and Walmart is not an exception. These values and policies guide the organization’s running and set it apart from its competitors. Therefore, everyone associated with Walmart must abide by its values and policies. However, we do not expect you to know already all the values and policies as a new employee. The orientation process is there to help you in the learning process. In addition, it could be that you have heard of some of its values and policies, but they are confusing. Thus, you can use the orientation program to get clarity on them. You learn about their refund policy and core values that you need to imbibe as an individual working for Walmart during this process. And, you can be sure that they will fire you if you do not stick to these values and policies. 

3. Workplace Safety: We do not know about other places you have worked in before. However, allow us to tell you that Walmart concerns itself with the safety of its workers. Thus, the organization has facilities to ensure that the working environment is safe. In addition, we also see that some employees are curious to know about the workplace safety of their new organization as it determines if they will keep working there or not. So, you get to learn about Walmart’s workplace safety during the orientation program. Here, you will know how the organization places to protect its employees from dangers and what happens when an employee sustains injuries on the job. For example, do they have fire extinguishers in the stores? Is there an emergency exit? Do they have inhalers in safe places for asthmatic people? These are some things you will get answers about when you attend Walmart’s orientation program. 

4. Employee Benefits: Yes, you are a Walmart employee, but what benefits can you enjoy being a Walmart employee? Some people want to know these benefits and compare them with what they enjoyed at their previous organization. Thus, it becomes a deciding factor for them to know if they will continue working at Walmart. In addition, Walmart also knows that there is a need to have employee benefits. So, they talk about it during the orientation program. After this program, you can decide if you are comfortable with the benefits or choose to walk away from Walmart. For example, you will learn that Walmart’s employees have free access to nurse care managers and health care advisors. They can also enjoy having retirement savings plans as Walmart offers such an option to its employees. You will also learn about leave periods and know if you will be paid even when on leave. 

5. Sales Training: Do you know all the products they sell at Walmart? A strange might have a vague idea of Walmart’s products, but only an insider can give in-depth details. So, during the orientation program, you get to know more about Walmart’s products. However, it doesn’t end there as you will also learn how to sell them. After all, if Walmart isn’t making sales, how do you expect to get paid? The sale of Walmart’s products ensures and determines the organization’s sustainability. Therefore, all employees must know how to sell Walmart products. Even though you may be a sales expert, the organization still finds it important to teach all employees how to sell their products, as it could be that you have never encountered such a product before. The goal is to cover all ends to ensure that employees do not face any challenges and do not have any excuse when it concerns carrying out their duties. 

Below Is A Table Of Some Walmart Terms You Will Learn About During The Orientation Program

Walmart TermsMeaning
Annual deductible It is the amount you pay for expenses like healthcare expenses yearly as a Walmart employee. 
Explanation of Benefits (EOB) It is a document an employee gets that explains how a medical plan’s claim is paid.  
Precertification It refers to the things that could serve as a restriction or limitation to medical plan coverage. 
Evidence of insurability It is a questionnaire document that takes details of your health condition. 

How To Prepare For Walmart’s Orientation Process

Walmarts Orientation Process

Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for Walmart’s orientation process:

1. Research About The Company: Of course, the orientation process will tell you all the necessary details about Walmart. However, it is also best to research and know some details about the organization. After all, you would not want to ignorantly walk into the orientation program and be lost when the speakers are talking. It is always better to know what they are saying so that you can understand it better. You can learn about the dress code, break time, and more as you research the company. Interestingly, you may even get details about some already existing employees. 

2. Know Your Job Role: It may seem funny that we have this on the list. After all, you passed all the stages of the interview. So, it shows that you understand your job role. However, we want you to understand that you will be working with a team as a Walmart employee. Therefore, it would be best to know your job role and how it cuts across the different departments. Understandably, you will need to collaborate with people from other teams. So, once you have a deep understanding of your job role, you can ask questions on how your role can collaborate with other departments during the orientation program. 

3. Know The Company Values: It would be best to know if you can fit into Walmart before the orientation program by finding out the company’s values. Once you know these values, you will check if they sit right with you or if you have some of these values already. This way, you can check if you will be the right fit for the organization. 


Some of Walmart’s orientation frequently asked questions are:

How Long Is Orientation each day at Walmart?

The orientation duration each day doesn’t extend more than 8 hours. It typically starts in the morning to be done early and lets you rest. There will also be resting breaks in the time.

Do You Start Work Right After Orientation? 

Going for the orientation program means you have been accepted to be a Walmart employee. So, technically, your first orientation day is your first working day. 

Does Walmart Pay You For Orientation? 

Yes, Walmart pays for orientation as they take it to be a part of working hours. 


The duration of Walmart’s orientation depends on the store that employs you. However, use this article as a guide to be well-prepared. 

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