How Much Cash Can The Average ATM Machine Hold?

Average ATM Machine Hold

Usually, a Bank ATM can hold up to $200k or even more. However, the exact amount depends on quite a few things. The amount an ATM can hold depends on ATM type, bill type, number of cash cassettes, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • The USA is the country with the most ATMs. Currently, the USA has more than 470,135; among them 191,741 are bank-owned and 278,394 are independent
  • Each ATM cassette can hold up to 1,000 bills
  • Usually, ATMs hold $20 or $50 bills, some ATMs might hold $100 bills
  • Nowadays many ATMs support depositing and withdrawing money with a paper check
  • Many ATMs support withdrawing money using the mobile banking app

What is an ATM?

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine.  An ATM is a type of banking terminal that allows people to make banking transactions without going to a bank or without help from an actual teller. An ATM accepts deposits and dispenses cash and users can avail of various services using their debit or credit card. So ATMs provide a convenient solution to your money management.

How Much Money Do ATMs Hold

Most of the ATMs in the USA only dispense $20 or $50 bills. So it is quite clear that ATMs only hold $20 or $50 bills. Moreover, common types of ATMs usually have four cash cassettes where two are used for $20 bills and the other two are used for $50 bills. There are many ATMs that have fixed cassettes so you can’t increase the cassette number. So if you have a typical ATM setup with four cash cassettes and if each of them can hold 2000 crisp banknotes then your ATM machine can hold up to $280,000 (4,000 $20 bills, and 4,000 $50 bills.)

Cash Can The Average ATM Machine Hold

How To Withdraw Money From ATM With A Check 

Nowadays, many ATMs support inserting and depositing paper checks into your account. So you can withdraw money with a check from the ATM booth. If you have sufficient balance on your account then follow the below steps to withdraw the money from the Bank ATM.

1. First, insert your debit card into the ATM

2. Now type in your PIN and press the Enter button

3. Select “Deposit Check” from the available options

4. Insert the check into the check deposit slot

5. Then confirm the amount which is written on the check

6. Finally, withdraw the money you need from the ATM

How To Withdraw Money From ATM With Debit Card    

Withdraw Money From ATM With Debit Card  

Usually, a debit card is issued by a bank to its account holders to transfer money electronically, make an online payment, or withdraw money from the ATM when required. It’s a plastic payment card and with it, you can easily withdraw money from ATM. Here are the steps – 

1. First, go to your nearest ATM booth

2. Now insert your ATM card in the ATM

3. Then type in your 4-digit PIN and press the Enter button

4. Now select the type of transaction you want to do from the available options

5. Then select your account type

6. Then enter the amount that you want to withdraw from your bank account and press the Enter button

7. Wait a few seconds for the ATM to complete the process

8. Then collect the money from the lower slot of the ATM

9. After collecting the cash make sure you take a printed receipt of your transaction

How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

There are many banks that offer cardless ATMs. Cardless ATMs allow the bank account holder to withdraw money from the ATM without a debit card. It makes accessing cash even easier with the secure apps installed on the mobile phone of the account holder. You can use your digital wallet to withdraw money from a cardless ATM. Here are the details – 

1. First, install the mobile banking app on your mobile phone

2. Now visit the nearest cardless ATM booth

3. Then request you’re withdrawing

4. Click on the Mobile Cash Access option on the ATM

5. After that open the mobile banking app on your mobile and scan the QR code on the ATM’s screen

6. Wait a few seconds for the ATM to complete the process    

7. Finally, collect the money from the lower slot of the ATM machine 

FAQs About Cash Hold On ATMs

1. Who Fills Money In ATM Machines?

If it’s a bank ATM then it is filled by the bank authority. On the other hand, if it’s a retail ATM or if you have placed an ATM on your business location then you will fill the ATM machine. You can also take various ATM services to supply cash for your ATM.

2. Is Owning An ATM A Good Investment?

Yes owning an ATM machine is a good investment because it is safe and you won’t need extra investment. Moreover, it can be a great secondary income source and you can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 extra per year.

3. How Often Are ATMs Refilled?

There is no exact answer to this question. If the ATM is located in a crowded area then it may need to be refilled daily. However, in most common scenarios a machine is needed to be refilled weekly or monthly.

4. How Much Does An ATM Make Per Month?

On average an ATM might have 6-10 transactions per day and the gross profit would be $15 – $25 per day. So the potential monthly income from an ATM will be around $450 – $750.

5. Where Is The Best Place To Put An ATM For Maximum Profit?

Owning an ATM won’t provide you handsome profit unless you put it in the right place. Some of the best places for an ATM are:

1. Restaurant/Bar
2. Sports/Concert Arena
3. Gas Station/Convenience Store
4. Hotel
5. Hospital



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