How To Activate Chase Debit Card – The Details

Chase Debit Card

JPMorgan Chase Bank mostly known as Chase Bank is a very renowned bank in the USA. It offers various banking services including debit cards, credit cards, etc. If you have opened a new Chase bank account and received your debit card then you have to activate the card before you can use it. If you are wondering how to activate a Chase debit card then keep reading the article.

Activating Chase bank gift cards is very easy. There are many ways you can activate your Chase bank debit card. Every new Chase bank debit card has a sticker on it and it contains detailed instructions about how you can activate the card. You can activate the debit card online and offline. Moreover, you can also call the Chase bank customer care service to activate your debit card.

How To Activate Chase Debit Card

There are many ways you can activate your Chase debit card. They are – 

1. Calling the Customer Care

2. Activate the Card from Mobile App

3. Activate the Card from the Computer

4. From Chase Bank ATM

1. Calling The Customer Care

If you receive your new debit card then you will see a sticker on the card. On the sticker, you will find the customer care number to call and activate the card. This is a toll-free number 1-800-290-3935 on the stickers that you have to call and activate the card. When you ask customer care, you will be asked for your new 16-digit debit card number and other details. Once you provide all the information, the agent will ask a security question you have previously set with Chase. The question is asked to verify your identity. Finally, you will be asked to provide a secure PIN to complete the verification process.

2. Activate The Card From Mobile App

If you have Chase bank mobile banking app installed on your mobile then you can easily activate your debit card from the mobile app. Here are the full details –

1. First, open the Chase Mobile app

2. Now log in to your online bank account

3. If you don’t have an online account then create an account first

4. Now from the left of your mobile screen, click on the “Show More Actions”

5. Then from the available options select “Accept,” then choose “Get started”

6. Review the Terms of Use, then choose “Activate QuickAccept”

7. Your debit card’s activation process is completed  

3. Activate The Card From The Computer

You can also activate your Chase bank debit card online from your computer. It’s a simple process, just follow the below steps – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer

2. Now visit Chase’s card verification page

3. Then log in to your Chase account

4. If you don’t have an account then create an account first

5. Once you are logged in, select “My Accounts” from the available options

6. Now select your new card

7. Finally, click the “Yes” button to activate your debit card

4. From Chase Bank ATM    

This is by far the simplest method that you can follow to activate the Chase bank debit card. Visit the nearest ATM booth of chase bank and insert the card into the ATM. Once you insert the card, you will be provided with instructions on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the Chase bank debit card.

What Happens If You Don’t Activate Your Debit Card?

If you don’t activate your Chase debit card, your account will still remain open. However, if you don’t activate your debit card then you won’t be able to use your card. Moreover, if the card isn’t being used then it won’t have any effects on your credit score.

FAQs About How To Activate Chase Debit Card

How Do I Know If My Chase Debit Card Is Activated?

If you are now sure whether you have activated your Chase bank debit card or not then you should call the toll-free number 1-800-290-3935 and ask the customer care agent about your card’s activation status. If your card is not activated then ask the agent to activate your debit card.

How Long Does It Take To Get A New Card From Chase?

If you apply for a Chase bank replacement card then it might take 3-5 business days to receive the card. If you have ordered your card more than 5 days ago then you should call Chase bank customer care and ask about your replacement card. 

Why Isn’t My Chase Debit Card Working?

There are many reasons your Chase debit card might not work. Some common reasons are, you might have overdrawn or you have insufficient funds. If there is no money in the ATM then you won’t be able to withdraw money using your debit card.

What Number Do I Call To Activate My Chase Card?

In order to activate your Chase card, you have to call 800-432-3117 and when prompted you have to enter the last four digits of your card number and follow the instructions.

Does Chase Automatically Send You A New Debit Card?

If your bank account is in good standing and your debit card is about to expire then Chase bank will automatically send you a new card during the month your current card will expire. If you don’t receive your card then call the number listed on your statement and apply for a new card.



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