How To Check If A Credit Card Is Active (6 Proven Methods Of 2022)

Check Credit Card Activity

In our fast modern life credit card plays a very important role. Credit cards make our life easy because with them we can make online or offline payments. It is also more convenient to move around with a credit card than carrying hard cash. Moreover, in the current pandemic situation, people also prefer to use a credit card than hard cash. But, in order to use your credit card, it must be open, active, and in good standing. There are many reasons a credit card can become inactive. Therefore, if you are a credit card user then you should check your card to see whether it is active or not to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

There are many ways you can check if a credit card is active or not. If you have an online banking account then you can easily check the status of your credit card. You can also call the customer care number to know the status of your card. If you are shopping online then try to use the card and see if you can successfully make the payment. Other convenient ways to check the status of a credit card are by visiting the issuing bank, checking the credit card statement, etc.

Reasons To Check If A Credit Card Is Active

Over the years, credit card has become the 1st payment option for many people. The use of credit cards has made buying and selling goods, products more convenient. Therefore the number of credit card users is increasing rapidly. If you are a credit card user then you should check the status of your credit card regularly because this way you won’t miss any important notification of your card. Some of the reasons you should check your credit card online are – 

1. Check the status of the credit card to see whether it is active or not

2. Check the summary of credit card activity like payments, credits, purchases, balance transfers, etc.

3. Check the payment information of the credit card

4. Check to see if there is any late payment warning

5. Check the transaction history of the credit card to see if any fraudulent activities happened

6. Check the interest rate of your credit card 

Check if a Credit Card is Active

How To Check If A Credit Card Is Active         

1. Check Online Banking

If you have an online banking account then you can easily check the status of your credit card. This is the most convenient way to check if a credit card is active or not because you can also check your credit card limit, balance, and other important information. You can use your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to check your credit card status. If your card issuer bank has a mobile app then it becomes easier for you to check your credit card online.

2. Contact Customer Service

If you are not comfortable with all the internet and online banking then you can contact customer service to know the status of your credit card. Most of the banks provide 24-hour customer service so you can check your credit card any time you want. You can call customer care and ask for the details directly without any hesitation. When you contact customer service, the representative will ask you the credit card number, security code, date of birth, national identity card number, etc. to confirm you are the real cardholder. Once your identity is verified, you can know everything related to your credit card including whether the card is active or not. This is also a good method because you get information easily from the representative of a bank.

3. Physically Visit The Bank

If you want to talk with the bank authorized person face to face then visit the bank that has issued your credit card and talk with the bank representative. If your credit card issuing bank has a local branch then you can go there too. Make sure you bring your valid photo ID card and credit card with you while visiting the branch. The banker will check your identity before you can ask the banker to check the status of your credit card. 

4. Make A Small Payment

If you are not happy with the above three methods and want to taste your credit card then the best thing you can do is make a small online or offline payment. So, you can directly use your credit card to see if it is active or not. If your payment is completed then it means your card is active. But, if your payment is declined then it suggests there is a problem with your credit card, and possibly your card is not active. If you receive a message about a failed transaction, then the three common reasons are – 

1. An inactive credit card

2. A maxed-out limit card

3. An expired card 

If your card has an expired date and also has sufficient balance then you can rule out 2 of the above 3 possibilities. The only remaining reason is your card is inactive.

5. Check The Card Statement

Every month you receive a credit card statement and it contains lots of information about your credit card. You can easily find out if your card is active or not from the credit card statement. If for any reason, your credit card is closed then your credit card statement will reflect that on the report. However, the report won’t disclose the reason why your card is blocked, suspended, or inactive. You have to contact the bank authority to find out the reason your card is inactive.

6. Check The Registered E-mail For Notifications

When you apply for a credit card you have to provide a valid email address to receive the card statements and other notifications. So you can easily check whether your card is active or not from the e-mail notifications. The bank usually sends a monthly report or billing statement to your e-mail and if there is any problem with your card then the bank will also send you an email regarding the problem with the card. Therefore, you should check your email regularly.

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How To Keep The Credit Card Active

There are many ways you can keep your credit card active and remain stress-free. They are – 

1. You must pay the credit card payment in time to establish your credibility with the credit card company

2. You can activate automatic monthly bank payments to make sure your credit card gets paid on time

3. If possible then pay off the total debt of the credit card because it will reduce your credit utilization rate and your card will remain active

4. Loans affect the standing of the credit card because running late on other loans decrease the credit score and a low credit score might force the credit company to cancel your card

5. If the card issuers company/bank changes the terms and conditions then make sure you agree with the new terms and condition

6. If you have two or more credit cards then make sure you rotate the cards and use every card to keep them active

Importance Of keeping The Credit Card Active

A credit card is a very important personal finance resource and there are many reasons you should keep your credit card active. They are – 

1. If you keep your credit card active then it will help you to build a solid credit score

2. A good credit card history boosts the credit score tremendously

3. With an active credit card, you can easily track your spending and previous transactions

4. If you are an active credit card user and using the card for a long time then there are chances the credit card company might give your rewards like a discount, travel rewards, freebies, etc.

5. If you have a year’s old credit card and credit history then closing that card might badly affect your credit score

FAQs About How To Check If A Credit Card Is Active

How Long Can Your Credit Card Be Inactive Before It Gets Closed?

There is not a standard inactivity time limit and it mostly depends on the Credit Card Issuer Company or bank. If you don’t use your credit card for a long time then your card will become inactive. And, if the card remains inactive for a long time then the card company will close the credit card.

What To Do If Your Credit Card Goes Inactive?

If your credit card becomes inactive then you should contact your card company and ask that they should reconsider the cancellation. However, if you don’t want to re-open your credit card then make sure you collect a copy of your credit report to ensure that the card has been closed properly.

What Happens When A Credit Card Is Closed Due To Inactivity?

If a credit card is closed due to inactivity then it might damage your credit score. If you don’t use your credit card then the card company won’t able to make money from transaction fees paid by merchants or from your card interest. So, there is no point in keeping your credit card account active.

How Long Before Chase Closes Credit Cards For Inactivity?

Chase will close the credit card if it remains inactive for at least 1 year.

Can My Credit Card Be Reopened Once It Is Closed?

Whether you can reopen a closed credit card totally depends on the credit card issuer. Moreover, the reasons for closing the credit card also play a vital role here. So, there is no guarantee about whether you would be able to re-open a closed credit card.



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