How To Invest $200k: The Best Ways To Invest $200K In 2022

Best Ways To Invest 200K

Some profitable investment options for $200k capital are stock markets, real estate, Solo 401K, gold investment, Cryptocurrency, high-interest rate savings accounts, etc. According to many financial experts if you have a large amount of money then you should invest in several different buckets. This way you will be able to increase exposure within different areas of finance and minimize the chance of loss.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have $200k to invest then according to many financial experts you should invest about 40-50% of your money in the stock market
  • You can consider investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • You can invest your $200k in cryptocurrency and it doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience
  • You can consider buying finance or local business with $200k and enjoy a passive income stream for life

How To Invest $200k In 2022

How To Invest 200k In 2022

Usually, the personal investment allocation varies depending on age, investing goals, and future plans. Some profitable investment options are – 

1. Invest in the Stock Market

2. Invest in Real Estate

3. Invest in Cryptocurrency

4. Buy a Business

5. Invest in Gold

6. Open a Solo 401(k)

7. Savings Accounts with High-Interest Rates

1. Invest In The Stock Market

According to many investment experts, you should invest about 40-50% of your money in the stock market. If you have a long-term investment goal for retirement and want to have tax-advantaged retirement plans then this is a great option for you. Here you have the option to invest in stocks, bonds, index funds, and any other type of securities with a brokerage account. Stock market investment has some risk factors but the personal advisor can help choose low-risk or mid-risk options. You can use various tax-advantaged retirement plans like a 401K or IRA. But you should understand that if you want to invest in stocks then you have to open a brokerage account. With the help of a brokerage, you can easily in bonds, stocks, index funds, and other securities. Moreover, when you open a brokerage account, there will be more liquid than with other tax-advantaged retirement plans. Various retirement accounts charge a penalty if the money is withdrawn before the retirement age. But if you invest in securities then you can buy and sell stocks any time you want. Furthermore, investing in ETFs, bonds, and stocks is suitable for any type of investor.

Advantages Of Stock Market Investment

1. Chance of fair to excellent profit margin

2. Can diversify across multiple sectors of the economy

3. Can enrich your portfolio

Disadvantages Of Stock Market Investment

1. High risk involved

2. Chance of losing some or all of your investment               

2. Invest In Real Estate

Invest In Real Estate

This is another great sector where you can invest $200k. Many personal finance advisors recommend that people should invest between 10 and 15 percent of their money into real estate. The risk factor of investing in real estate varies but the right investment plan can help people choose appropriate options. If you invest in real estate then you can generate some passive income with future growth. It’s fairly easy to invest in real estate and there are various investment options available. In this industry, you have the chance to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs offer some of the upsides of real estate investing without the work of a landlord. Moreover, there are also other benefits of renting property without the hassle. On top of that, this industry is booming industry so you can expect a high percentage of profit from this investment option. However, you should understand that investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) involves special risks and there is no guarantee that the investment objectives of this program will be attained. So, think twice before investing in REITs.

Advantages Of Real Estate Investment

1. You can invest as low as $500

2. Very easy to invest

3. Diversified portfolio

4. Exceptional returns on investment

5. Invest in a hands-off fashion

Disadvantages of Real Estate Investment

1. The investment is not liquid

2. Profits are not guaranteed 

3. Invest In Cryptocurrency

This is the hottest topic in the investment sector. Many experts thought that cryptocurrency wouldn’t gain mainstream acceptance but it appears that their prediction is wrong! Currently, the use of cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly. For example, you can use cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, to make payments at more places than ever before. Moreover, lots of Bitcoin ATMs are popping up internationally. The rapid adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has made experts predict that cryptocurrency will rule the future finance of the world. According to many crypto experts, a single Bitcoin might be worth $200,000 or more within years. The best part of cryptocurrency is, anyone can invest in cryptocurrency and it doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience. There are lots of cryptocurrency apps and wallets available that will help you invest in cryptocurrency without any hassle.

Advantages Of Cryptocurrency Investment

1. Investing in cryptocurrency is very easy

2. Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency through mobile apps

3. Earn interest on your crypto deposits

Disadvantages Of Cryptocurrency Investment

1. Chance of losing all your investment

2. High risk involved 

4. Buy A Business

This is a safe investment option. If you think it’s a hassle to establish a new business then you should consider buying a business. Although buying a whole business is definitely not for everyone if you can buy a business then you will have the chance to build something that could bring in long-term income for years or decades to come. If you could manage to make the business large enough that others can operate it then you will be able to enjoy a passive income stream for life. You can consider buying finance or local business or you can try and buy and enjoy a passive income stream for life. At Flippa, you will be able to buy fully-developed websites, domain names, and other online businesses. Then you can use these websites to build a passive income via ads, affiliate marketing, product sales, and more.

Advantages Of Buying A Business

1. Get started with a small financial investment

2. Start a passive income

3. Unlimited income potential

Disadvantages Of Buying A Business

1. Require knowledge, skill, and experience

2. No guarantee that you will have a profit

5. Invest In Gold

This is one of the safest investment options where you can invest $200k. Lots of personal finance experts think that investing in gold and other precious metals is very important because this type of investment provides a hedge against inflation. Moreover, if there are any economic downturns then investing in gold can help the economy as well as increase the value of your investment. You can consider investing 10 to 15 percent of $200k into gold. If you have large capital to invest but are worried about market turmoil then investing in gold will be the best option for you. If you have an interest in purchasing valuable commodities then gold should be on your list.

Advantages Of Gold Investment

1. Can diversify your personal portfolio

2. Best for loan term investment

Disadvantages Of Gold Investment

1. Volatile for short-term needs

2. Golds are easily stolen or lost   

6. Open a 

If you have a business or have any sort of self-employment income then you can consider opening a Solo 401(k). The allocation amount varies for Solo 401(k) investments. According to personal finance experts, you can earn a lot of money with time. So, if you want to have long-term growth then it will be a great investment option. The risk factor also varies in Solo 401(k) therefore, you should think twice before opening a Solo 401(k). With Solo 401(k), you can save more money for your retirement than is possible with a regular 401K. Moreover, the Solo 401(k) allows small business owners and self-employed workers to defer up to 100% of their compensation, and it’s up to a maximum of $19,500 in 2021. You can easily open a Solo 401(k) with help from brokerage firms.

Advantages Of Opening A Solo 401(k)

1. Save more for retirement

2. Reduce the tax payment

Disadvantages Of Opening A Solo 401(k)

1. Investment can’t be accessed before the retirement age

2. Require additional IRS paperwork

7. Savings Accounts With High-Interest Rates

According to lots of investment experts, you can invest some money in a savings account that offers a higher interest rate. This is a very safe investment option; you just have to pick an account that pays higher interest rates than regular ones. You can invest any amount but experts say that you should invest 10 to 20 percent of the overall $200k. While picking a savings account, you should focus on quite a few things – 

1. Minimum deposit requirement

2. Annual percentage rates

3. Minimum balance     

4. Withdrawal options

If you have a long-term investment plan then a high-interest-rate savings account can gain you a large profit. In fact, it can be a great personal asset when you are in need of quick money.

Advantages Of Savings Accounts With High-Interest Rates

1. Offer higher APYs

2. Low minimum balances and monthly fees

3. You can easily gain access to the money when required

4. Mobile apps available

5. FDIC-insured, so there’s no risk at all

Disadvantages Of Savings Accounts With High-Interest Rates

1. Very difficult to find a high-interest-rate savings account

2. High maintenance fees

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you have $200k to invest then you’re on your way to becoming financially stable and staying that way in the future. However, you must have a firm strategy to invest $200k and help you build your financial stability over the next few years or decades. I hope the above investment ideas will help you decide how you want to invest your $200k!


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