How To Make Money At 14

Make Money At 14

The world has advanced a lot and the development of technology has made it possible for people of all ages to income money. When I said people of all ages I also mean teenagers. Nowadays many teenagers are interested to earn money and when you turned 14, you are old enough to get working papers in most of the states. Moreover, there are many other ways available to income money at 14.

There are many ways a 14-year old can make money, for example, baby-sit to little kids, do chores for family friends, arts and crafts, various online platforms, tutor friends, sell drinks and foods, sell the unused toys and stuff, rent video games, sell aluminum cans, clean people’s house, gardening, car washes, run errands, and many more.

Different Ways To Make Money At 14

Different Ways To Make Money At 14

Baby-Sit To Little Kids

This is a very popular money-making way for a 14-year old. The American Red Cross organizes babysitter classes to prepare 11- to 15-year-olds for babysitting. But you have to understand that babysitting is not for everyone. A babysitter has to look after an infant, change the diaper, prepare a milk bottle, or feed the infant. If you want to do this job then you have to be 100% focused because one minute of distraction could lead to disaster. So, babysitting is not a simple job to make money, it’s really hard work, and full of responsibilities.

Working For A Business Or Restaurant

If you are 14 years old and have your working paper then you can work for a business or restaurant. However, your job options are limited as you are only 14 years old. You have to look for a job that is legal for 14 years old. Some of the job options are bussing tables at a restaurant, stocking shelves at a store, scooping ice cream, helping with yard maintenance, or doing filing and similar work in an office, etc.

Paper Route

This is an excellent money-making option for 14 years old. In fact, it is a go-to option for young people who have energy and a desire to make some money. Because of the popularity, it is very hard to get this job. Moreover, many newspapers have gone to web formats so they don’t require delivery service. So, if you can find a local route and you have the willingness and energy to do this job and deliver in all types of weather, then you have found a gold mine. Moreover, many people give tips to the young paper delivery person, especially in holidays.

Yard Work And Snow Shoveling

If you love to do outdoor works or gardening is your hobby then yard working or snow shoveling will be a great option for you. This type of job has a year-round opportunity to make money. If you are interested in yard work then you have to do raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, yard clean-up, and planting in the spring, and many more. Before starting this type of job make sure you negotiate a fair hourly fee for your work because it requires physical works.

Pet Care

This is also a very popular money-making option for young people aged 14. If you love pets then it will be your dream job because pet care involves taking a dog for a daily walk and cleaning up while the owners are away. If you are active and have a good reference in the neighborhood then you actually can become a pet-care professional. This job also requires a responsible person because you might have the homeowners’ keys with you. So don’t forget to lock the house when you are out with the dog.

Make Money Online

Nowadays teenagers are very familiar with the internet, mobile phone, computer, etc. Therefore, earning money from online activities has become very popular among teenagers. There are lots of online jobs available that are suitable for a 14-year old and they can earn money without leaving their home. To earn money teenagers can do small tasks like – 

1. Filling out surveys

2. Playing games

3. Searching the Web

4. Watching videos

5. Shopping online

Sell Drinks And Food

During the summer season drinks and food, selling is a great way to make money. You can sell a cold cup of refreshing lemonade and this type of drink sell quickly in the summer. You can set up a table with your friends outside a mall and spread the word that you have cold lemonade for sale. It’s easy to start this business and you practically don’t require any investment. All the required items you can collect from your home. The key to success in this business is to boil down to cost. Make sure you charge enough to cover the cost of the items you’re selling.

Sell Your Products

If you have the skills to make crafts, jewelry, artwork, woodworking, or other items then you can sell your own products and make money. You can sell these products to your friends, family, and even in your neighborhood. This is a great opportunity because as you group up doing this you will develop your skills and you might be able to expand your business and start selling products on Etsy. If you are 13-year old or more then you can open an account on Etsy with consent from your parents. You can also sell your products online on various sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or at local fairs and events.

Sell Your Stuff

Are you the favorite grandson/ daughter of your grandparents? Does everyone loves you and brings various types of gifts every now and then. If that is the case for you and your closet is loaded with items you no longer need then you can sell those items and earn some extra money. You can also sell items that are not required anymore in your house. If you have games or Legos collections then you can sell them to make money. For example, if you have video games, DVDs or CDs then you can sell them online on sites like Decluttr.

Collect Aluminum Cans

This is a relatively new money-making idea for a 14-year old. You can collect various types of aluminum cans like soda cans, other beverage cans, etc. once a week and then deliver the cans to a local recycling center where they’ll pay you cash for your aluminum cans. This is an out-of-the-box sales opportunity, but you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Wash Cars

In many cases, adults remain busy with their works that they require help from others to wash their cars. So this is a great opportunity for teenagers to earn some extra money by washing cars. To wash cars you will need equipment like a bucket, soap, rags, or a soft sponge to wash and towels for drying. Moreover, you will need a window cleaner and paper towels to wash the interior of the cars. A portable hand-held vacuum can be a great solution. You can change the pricing of your car washing services depending on how long it will take you to do the cleaning job.

Paint Fences

If you love colors and paints then fence painting can be a great job for you. Usually, wooden and metal fences require painting every one or two years to protect them from deteriorating. So if your neighbors have fences that need to be re-coated then ask them if they will hire you for the job. To do this job properly, you have to learn how to properly prepare the surfaces for painting and what types of paints are best to use on outdoor wood and metal surfaces.

Run Errands

Many people are willing to pay a teen to run errands for them. Here, you might have to pick up some groceries or stop at the drug store for elder people or people who won’t have time to shop by them. Moreover, you may have to drop off/pick up dry cleaning or run to the post office to mail a package. Because of the Covid-19 situation, the demand for this type of service has increased because it is more dangerous for older people to roaming outside.

Help A Senior

In your neighborhood, you will find many seniors who require assistance to do daily works. So this is a great opportunity for a 14-year old to make money by helping older people. Sometimes senior people look for someone to talk to and spend some time with or to play cards or other games. Therefore, you should check the local retirement communities to see if there is any job available for you.

Do Lawn Work

This is also a great earning opportunity for teenagers. Many teenagers like to help their great aunt with lawn work and this way they can also earn money. Her, you might have to mow the lawn in the spring, summer, and fall. Moreover, you might have to rake leaves and bag them up for her. You will be paid for these works because your service made their life easier.

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent ambition to make money at the age of 14 but you have to make sure that you remain motivated and focused for the long term. One way to keep yourself motivated is to do what you love. Think about the job and what its demand is before you take the job and the responsibilities.



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