How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing the Face – The Details

How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing the Face - The Details

Over the last few years, OnlyFans has become a very popular platform for content creators. In fact, many OnlyFans stars are making a huge amount of money per month. The main purpose of this platform was to share exclusive content with the viewers but lots of adult cam girls on this platform can easily mislead the entire concept of OnlyFans. In fact, lots of people consider OnlyFans an adult video-sharing platform. Therefore, many people wonder whether it is possible to earn money anonymously on OnlyFans.

Well, it is possible to earn money anonymously or without showing the face on OnlyFans. OnlyFans allows the content creators to make money from the subscribers via monthly fees, one-time tips, pay-per-view, etc. So, it is not important to show your face on OnlyFans. You can upload, unique, crafty, DIY videos and charge the fans to attend your live strafing or uploaded videos.

What is OnlyFans?

Established in November 2016 by Tim Stokely and Timothy Stokely OnlyFans is a London-based internet content subscription service provider. It is one of the largest content creator websites in the world with more than two million content creators and 130 million users. Once you open an OnlyFans account you will be able to upload videos, share photos, direct messages to other OnlyFans users and update your status. The best part of this platform is, that you can upload any kind of content like photography, DIY videos, engineering videos, craft videos, and many more. Though, this platform is most popular among sex workers. But that being said, OnlyFans is not an adult site.

Is it Possible to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing the Face?

In OnlyFans, it is not mandatory to show your face or provide your true identity to make money. You can maintain anonymity and still can earn a handsome amount of money from OnlyFans. However, you have to think out of the box to attract viewers and watch your videos. If you don’t want to show your face then you have to ensure that you are presenting the rest of the body aesthetically pleasing. If you have a great body then you can easily make more money on OnlyFans. Moreover, if you are planning to create and upload adult videos then OnlyFans viewers will definitely pay more attention to your body than your face. So, you have to understand, what the audience’s demand is and upload videos according to their requirements, and make money!

How to Remain Anonymous on OnlyFans?

If you want to remain anonymous on OnlyFans then there is nothing to worry about. OnlyFans has all the features that will help you remain anonymous on OnlyFans. Moreover, there are a few tricks that you can follow to remain 100% anonymous on OnlyFans. Let’s check them out!

1. Create an Anonymous OnlyFans Account

If you don’t want to share your true identity on OnlyFans then you should create an anonymous OnlyFans account. While creating the account, you have to decide how you want to set up the account: content creator or regular user. You should keep in mind that if you want to open an account as a content creator then you have to provide your legal name and bank account details. Moreover, you also have to provide other documents to verify your identity like a driver’s license, photo ID card, etc. Usually, OnlyFans require these documents for tax purposes and pay you legally. However, this doesn’t mean that the followers and other content creators will know your identity.

2. Give an Anonymous Username

You shouldn’t use your real name, address, or birthdate on OnlyFans if you want to remain anonymous. You should use a fake username, and address and provide a wrong birthdate in the profile section so that anyone can’t trace your true identity. Moreover, you should also create a fake email address to open an OnlyFans account to remain double safe. Moreover, don’t share your real social media profile on OnlyFans. Always use fake social media accounts on OnlyFans to remain 100% anonymous.

3. Use a Face Mask

If you don’t want to show your face on OnlyFans then you should use a face mask to hide your face. Moreover, you have to be careful about the camera angles. You can use a camera angle that will only show your body from the neck down. You also have to be careful about the mirrors in the room. If there is any mirror in the room then you should cover it with something and prevent the reflection on the video. Also if you have birthmarks, scars, or tattoos on your body then you should also hide them on the video or people can easily identify you.

4. Avoid Showing the Place on the Video

If you want to remain anonymous on OnlyFans then you should not show the place on the video. You should avoid major exposition of the place you live in because your friends and family members can easily recognize the place and reveal your true identity. Therefore, try to keep the camera angles as close as possible and avoid showing the structure of the room.

5. OnlyFans Geo Blocking Feature

As an OnlyFans content creator, you can reveal your location but if you want to remain anonymous then it will be wiser for you to hide your location and IP address. OnlyFans has a geo-blocking feature that you can use to block people from seeing your content from a particular region. Moreover, with this feature, you will also be able to hide your id address and remain completely anonymous. So, no one will be able to reveal your identity using the IP address.

6. Use a Voice Changer

You should keep in mind that people can recognize you from your voice. So, if you talk in the video or send a voice message to someone then you should consider using a voice changer and changing your voice. Or, you can just avoid talking in the video and hide your face to remain anonymous.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans without Showing the Face?

There are many ways you can make money on OnlyFans without showing your face. If you are wondering how then check the below information.

1. Upload Video Tutorial

In the last few years, the demand for video tutorials has increased a lot. So, you can make and upload various video tutorials on OnlyFans and make money without showing your face. You can easily create video tutorials without revealing your identity and earn money. You can create a subscriber-based video tutorial and upload it on the OnlyFans. The viewers have to subscribe to your profile for money and watch the videos. Some very demandable video tutorial ideas are –

  • Tech Tutorials
  • Language Tutorials
  • Gaming Tutorials
  • Music and Dance Tutorials
  • Cooking Tutorials
  • Fitness and Health Tutorials
  • Beauty and Fashion Tutorials, etc.

2. Post-Exclusive Video

You can try to post exclusive videos of various topics on OnlyFans and earn money. Here, exclusive video means the video is only available to you and you haven’t posted the video on any other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can try to create unique videos like videos of your painting, craft, dance, etc., and then upload them on the OnlyFans. Your videos must create some hype so that the viewers will agree to spend some money to watch the videos.

3. Post Workout Videos

If you are a fitness trainer or a fitness geek then you can upload your daily workout videos on OnlyFans and earn money. You can easily create fitness videos without showing your face and revealing your true identity. You can host a yoga class and make the viewers pay to watch your videos.

4. Upload Adult Content

This is the most popular way of earning on OnlyFans. Many content creators are creating exotic videos and uploading them on the OnlyFans. People subscribe to these creators for money to watch their videos. You can hide your face and create adult videos or post exotic pictures on OnlyFans and earn a handsome amount of money. OnlyFans is an open platform so, you can do whatever you want to earn money from this platform; there is no restriction!

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