How To Order Checks From Bank Of America? (Step-By-Step Guide!)

Order Checks From Bank Of America

Ordering checks from the bank of America can be done by requesting it from the bank of America itself or a third-party check supplier.  There are also different ways to order these checks from the bank of America. For instance, you can request a check online from the bank, order a cashier’s check, get one from an online vendor, or get alternative means. 

Nowadays, checks are not easy to come by anymore, even though they used to. Because of the way technology has taken over the world, people now make payments online and via mobile transfers. People still use checks though because checks can help you with large amounts of payments. Some tenants often pay their rent using a check and some people like writing out checks instead of making mobile transfers. For people who still like using the check payment system, it is important to you to figure out how you can order more check papers when you run out of the ones you have. Bank of America is among one of the few banks that give out checks for free to customers who have a certain kind of account. Let us introduce you to some ways that you can order your checks from the bank of America. 

Requesting For The Checks From The Bank Of America Online 

Requesting For The Checks From The Bank Of America Online 

There are steps to follow to achieve the success of this step:

Step 1: Go to the bank’s website

To order checks from the bank of America online, you have to access their website. If you have no idea what your bank’s website is then you can search google to figure out what the website is. Although this might not be a good time if this is your first time ordering a check from the bank of America. 

Step 2: Input Your User ID and Password To The Site 

If you have accessed the bank online platform before then you should have an online login to give you access to the online account. You just have to type in your username and password to get into the banking platform. If that is your first time accessing the bank online platform then it would ask to confirm your identity. It would ask for a face scan, account information, and then direct you to select a username and password for login.

Step 3: Go Straight To Your Account Information Tab 

This process might be different a little but this is how it always goes. You would have to pick an account type first. You would move to the help and support tab and then select checking and savings. After this, you can click on order checks and you will be given access to select the design you want on the check. 

Step  4: Update And Confirm The Information You Provide

Before you can agree on your check order, you would have to update the information that you have altered. If all the information you have is still the same then you would have to confirm that the account details you have are right. You would need a name and address verification if by chance you have moved to someplace else since you ordered your last check. If you have plans to move, it should also be updated, and name change, after marriage or something, you would have to update that information too. Although the name change would require you to speak to a bank official on phone. 

Also, confirm the account and routing number that you have put down, for clients with more than one accounts, ensure that you are ordering for the right account. 

Step 5: Execute The Order And Relax

As soon as you are done with the four steps above, you can just go ahead and complete the request. You will be charged a small fine depending on the kind of account you run, bank of America gives out checks for free for a certain type of account. If you are paying for the check then your credit or debit card info would be needed there so you can be charged from there. You would choose your delivery options, the check arrival time should be within a week. 

Getting Checks From An Online Vendor

Step 1: Select The Vendor You Want

If you don’t like the idea of ordering checks from your bank or maybe you just want to check around to see if you can get a better deal, you can order from a vendor online. You just have to search for order checks online on Google and you get varieties of deals from different vendors for you to choose from. Make sure that the site that you are getting the check from is legitimate, you have to search inline for whichever company gives you the best deal you want. 

Step 2: Input Your Information 

If you are ordering a check from an online vendor then the vendor would need your account information to work with. Remember that the vendor website is not your bank website where your account can just be linked automatically. If you already have checks from your bank before then your information would be on the segment for checks. You would have to provide your routing number, checking account number, address, and account creation date. 

Step 3: Execute The Order And Wait A Little

Although it depends on the vendor you select but this method is mostly cheaper than the bank method. The website would need your card information so you can be charged for their services. The checks arrive via mail or sometimes counter. The cost of delivery and time it will take depends on the service that you decide to use.

Step 4: Make Sure Your Check Is Secure

When your checks arrive through the mail or counter, you have to take the first step and check if the check you were given is safe and secure. This authenticity can be checked by looking if there is a padlock icon drawn on the check, under the box where you have the amount box.

Alternatives Methods To Order Checks

If you don’t need the check style you want from the bank of America, or maybe you just want to have another deal from somewhere else. You just need your bank information ready when ordering the checks. 

A table showing the alternative ways for ordering checks 

Vendors How They Work
CostcoMembers of the Harland Clarke get special pricing on the checks with regular delivery. 
VistaprintIf you seldom use checks then you can go for Vistaprint that can give you a better price. 
WalmartYou can also get smaller quantities of checks from Walmart. 

Ordering Cashier’s Check

Step 1: Know When The Cashier’s Check Are Useful

Most times when you make a purchase, a personal check could cover your bill and the amount used for the purchase would be removed from your checking account. A cashier’s check is used mostly for larger purchases. It is used when buying a house, a car, or maybe a security deposit. The cashier’s check is only gotten from the bank and immediately you purchase it, you get debited from your account. 

Step 2: Go To The Bank 

Like we have said before, you have to go to the bank if you want to order a cashier’s check. These are the bank rules for every bank and not just the bank of America. Although, few banks now give customers the chance to order online. Going to the bank is easier if it is not too far from you. 

Step 3: Talk To A Bank Teller

On getting to the bank, you just have to tell the customer care person or the bank teller that you are in need of a cashier’s check, it will come with a fee. You might be charged 10 dollars when you have a checking account, when you don’t have such an account, the charge is 20 dollars. 

Is It Possible To Get A Check From The Bank Of America The same Day You Order It?

No, this cannot be possible because the bank of America doesn’t offer that kind of service. The bank of America check cannot be printed the same day that your request comes in. The bank of America is also known to not give temporary or counter checks. You can request the expedited shipping option if you want your check to arrive faster. 

How Much Does The Check Cost?

The cost of the check depends on a lot of things, for instance, the style of check you order for, the location it is getting ordered from, and the number of checks you want. You don’t need to order the checks from your bank. There are some vendor check companies available too if you want a better deal. 


Paper checks have been one of the most popular ways to make payments in the United States. It doesn’t matter if it is a business transaction or not, the check could cover it. 



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