How To Remove Card From Lyft? 3 Easy Steps!

Remove Card From Lyft

There could be several instances where you need to remove an existing card from the Lyft app. It might be your existing card got expired, and you got a new card from the bank, or you’ve closed your card and would like to remove it from the app. Unfortunately, you cannot find delete options for removing the payment method or the default credit card. 

In simple terms, you can’t remove a card that servers as a primary or default payment method on Lyft. To remove your card information, you should add another payment method as your default or primary option. Then you can be able to delete the card information you want.

After adding the payment method and marking it as a default, you will see a large red-colored delete card button. Proceed and remove the card you would like to. To make your work easier, follow these steps from changing your payment method and later removing your card from the Lyft app.

How To Remove A Card From Lyft Step By Step?

If the card you’re trying to remove is selected as a default payment method, you’ll not be able to see the delete options. In such cases, you may need to go back to the payment screen and underpayment default. If you are removing a card associated with your profile, tap personal. For better understanding, follow these particular steps to the end;

Step 1: Open The Lyft App On Your Android Device Or iPhone

Tap on your photo to open the profile after you’ve open the app.

Select the tab that indicated “payment.”

Step 2: Manage Your Card’s Payment Options.

After taping the payment option, you’ll be able to change or add your preferred payment options.

Select the payment method or card that you would want to use in future ride payments.

Your old payment method will store as the backup if you want to revert to it later. This is especially if the new payment expires or has insufficient funds.

The form of payment you selected will be charged when you order your next ride after leaving the screen.

Step 3:  Removing Your Card From Lyft Business Profile

On your Lyft app, tap the three bars located at the top-left of the Lyft app

Then scroll down and tap the payment tab

Ensure it’s not your payment set for both business and personal profiles. If that is the case, change your default payment method first in the payment default sections.

Choose the card you want you to remove and click the delete. Remember, you can only remove a payment method if you have more than one payment method.

Confirm the deletion by checking if the card is still there. After deleting the card, you can leave or add a new card as per your wishes. Deleting a card will remove the information related to that specific card.

What Is Lyft?

Lyft is a ridesharing company, a more casual alternative to Uber. The company represents an on-demand transportation company that provides online ridesharing services like ride-booking, payment processing, or car transportation. Lyft has luxury vehicles in their fleet for customers to catch a ride, but if you’re looking for a rideshare with affordable rates.

On average, Lyft runs between 5 to 7 cents less than Uber. Lyft is the second-largest ridesharing company in the United States, with a market share of 30% after Uber.

Lyft Payment Methods

Lyft doesn’t take cash as a payment option from their clients whenever they need their services. The company does take the following payment methods;

Credit Cards: you can use either of the following credit cards to pay for your services, i.e., Master card, Visa card, Discover card, American Express card, debit cards, prepaid cards, and any Banks cards associated with a Bank account.

PayPal: it doesn’t matter if you use an Apple phone or Android phone; you can always use a PayPal account for transactions such as Lyft services, among others.

Apple Pay: You can choose to create an Apple pay account and link it to Lyft. Create an Apple pay by using an iPhone or any other Apple device you have.

Google Pay:  You can also create a google account pay and link it to your Lyft account. Create a Google pay account easily using an Android device.

You can use Venmo or a direct link to your check account in various cities to pay for Lyft services.

Important Notes Regarding The Payment On The Lyft App

If your card on file is about to expire or expires, you will get a notification within the app to change your payment method. It’s pretty important to keep on file a valid card on the app. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to call rides on the Lyft account. 

Even though you have Google pay, Apple pay, or a prepaid card linked to your Lyft app as a payment method, you still need a valid credit card, meaning you can access Lyft services by linking the valid credit card only.

Whenever a charge fails to go through for one reason or the other, the app will prompt you to change the payment method before requesting the next ride. After changing your payment method, the failed charge will now be applied to the new account or card.

Even after deleting the Lyft app on your smartphone or tablet, any form of payment is on file with the ridesharing company will be there unless you decide to cancel the debit or credit card that is on file with Lyft.

How To Change Your Card Information On Lyft?

Lyft’s mobile app allows you to add, update or change your card information easily anytime. Follow these steps to change your card information;

Tap The Lyft App Icon To Launch It

Kindly note you can only change the payment information on the Lyft app. You can only change a few aspects of your profile via a computer. To learn more, please visit Lyft’s support page.

To Access The Payment Method, Tap On The Menu

If you have iOS, it looks like three dots, normally on the top of the screen. As for Androids ones, it looks like three horizontal lines, located on the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Tap The “Payment” Option

You’ll see this tab under the main menu.

Tap The “Add Credit Card” Option

Lyft accepts major credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Discover Visa, and so on.

Proceed By Entering Your Credit Card Details

You start by entering your first name, last name, followed by credit card number, expiry date, CVV, plus others into their respective fields.

Save Your Credit Card Information

Hit the save button after entering all the information needed. Your credit card information will be saved automatically for future use.

To Edit It, Tap Your Credit Card Information

Sometimes, you may need to change your default card details or update them if your card expires. Here is a simple way to update, change or edit your credit card details;

1. Take and type the details of your new card and ensure you fill all their required fields.

2. Make sure all the details are correct.

3. Hit “save” to replace your existing card information.

4. Kindly be aware that Stripe, a well-secured payment platform, processes Lyft’s payments. So, your credit information will be safe and hacker-free with Lyft.

Major Differences Between Lyft And Uber

Lyft and Uber provide hail-riding or cab services to their passengers. Both of them are popular and well-known brands across the USA and beyond. Both of them offer reliable cad rides or services. In some cities, Lyft has wide coverage than Uber and vice versa. Yes, the two companies have their similarities as well as their differences. Some of its major differences include;

1. Currently, Uber operates worldwide, having a presence in 83 different countries, while Lyft is starting its international services.

2. Uber riding experience is more professional as compared with Lyft experience that is friendly and more fun.

3. Uber introduced a tipping feature back in mid-2017, while Lyft has this option from the start.

4. Uber offers higher prices for their services, while Lyft offers lower prices for different services.

5. Uber has more vehicle type options than Lyft, with lesser options in terms of vehicles and cars.

6. When it comes to offers, Uber has fewer while Lyft has more offers to their customers.

7. Uber app has much more features packed and offers several facilities to their passengers, whereas Lyft has a mobile app providing several features and facilities.

8 Uber is a much larger company than Lyft, which is a small company.

9. Uber has got involved in negative publicity and many controversies, while Lyft tries its best to avoid negative publicity and major controversies.

Final Take

Currently, the Lyft app doesn’t allow you to delete a payment method when you have one. But, you can delete an old card after adding another one as default payment. Removing your card from the Lyft app or deleting your Lyft account doesn’t mean it will entirely erase your details from the company database. Update, edit or change your card details easily with this amazing app and enjoy their incredible services.

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