Introduction to Business Communication

Business Communication

For any enterprise-level business to function, Business Communication plays an important role. Business communication allows a member of an organization to express himself or herself in a dynamic manner. Business Communication is an essential component in sharing ideas toward a company-related topic. 


Business Communication is the collective methods for sharing of information within an enterprise-level business. The sharing of ideas and information drives an organization. Additionally, Business Communication concerns a company’s objectives to product selling and marketing. 

Business Communication makes it possible for a company to promote its services or product to the target audience. Businesses communicate with their target audience through the means of communication.


Communication is established when mutual parties exchange ideas. Communication strengthens understanding among business personnel. To run a business successfully, communication needs to be instant and constant. And, the management of business utilizes communication to successfully run.


  • Business communication is important for the function of any enterprise. 
  • During business conference, the employees utilize business communication that helps them interact with CEOs and Superiors. 
  • Business Communication is an important part of achieving goals set by an organization.
  • You need to use business communication to the fullest if you wish to communicate with all hierarchical levels of a business.


  • Impart experiences and knowledge 
  • Raise awareness 
  • Share an idea 
  • Inspire a desire or want 


Depending on every particular type of business, several business communication methods have been devised and implemented. These methods follow some common patterns, but they have their own different styles of imparting the information. The most common types of business communication are:

  • Verbal

Verbal is the oldest form of business communication. But, verbal still remains the most popular and applicable form of communicaiton. This interaction done by verbal includes live meetings, personal task assignments, face-to-face interviews, and some other communication methods.

For some people, verbal communication is the most effective form of business communication. Verbal communication is favored due to its simplicity and its direct interaction between the participants. The human interaction in any organization is important for its team. The organization has to examine any form of nonverbal communication. 

Cons of Verbal Communication 

On a negative note, verbal communication is established through physical presence of all participants, and sometimes, this can be hard to achieve. Verbal communication often leads to misunderstandings, and the participants sometimes forget or misinterpret some of the debated issues. 

For this reason, when it comes to sensitive business deals, many team-leaders use some other form of business communication.

  • Written

Written communication is considered to be more and more explanatory way of communication. Written communication refers to communication done via formal letters, flyers, official memos, posters, and everything that comes written on a paper. 

For more complicated assignments, Written business communication is used for. For such communication, some additional instructions are necessary. The technical departments are often using this form of interaction, to exchange clear information, with no room for error. 

Also, written communication makes any legal situation effective, like formal notices and labor contracts. Still, many entrepreneurs consider written business communication an old-fashioned method. And, written communication is mostly being used for legal situations. 

The technological progress opened us to a new communication method, which seems to stand above all.

  • Electronic ( Online Communication )

Electronic communication has exceeded its experimental status, and electronic communication has set up a standard when it comes to business interaction. Despite other forms of business communication, online business communication manages to offer all the advantages of the previously mentioned methods, and even more. 

With electronic communication, the delivery of information has become faster. It has even become more accurate manner. 

One of the biggest advantages of electronic communication is that they are not dependent on the location of the interlocutor. For establishing a more qualitative online business communication, there is no alternative to electronic communication. Electronic communication works as an advanced platform. Electronic communication makes it possible for you to access a suite of useful media. 


These two types of communication are confusing for many people. Many hardly find a factor to distinguish between them. Actually there are subtle differences between them.

The Difference between Verbal and Oral Communication

Oral Communication involves communication done through speech or to the mouth. Oral communication is established in conversation, speech. On the other hand, Verbal Communication is effective with words, whether spoken or written. 

Simply put, Oral Communication is performed with spoken words. Verbal Communication can be any types of communication done in words. The expression can be either written or spoken. 

Bottom Line 

Communication makes the function of management possible. Business Communication plays an important role, since the basic functions of Management cannot be achieved without proper utilization of effective communication. 

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