Is Blue Acorn PPP Loans Legit: Customer Reviews Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Blue Acorn PPP Loans is not a scam. It is a legit company with really bad customer service. Moreover, their file processing is very slow. It might take 30 – 45 days to process a file. Therefore, many applicants thought that Blue Acorn PPP Loans is a scam. Moreover, another reason people think Blue Acorn PPP Loans is a scam is that they took too much personal information for the loan application.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Acorn offers service to streamline the PPP application process for small businesses, independent contractors, and the self-employed
  • Blue Acorn is a United States-originated company and it helps people to apply for the PPP at zero cost
  • The PPP loans are approved by United States small business administration (SBA) vendors

What Is Blue Acorn?

Blue Acorn is a company that helps people to get their PPP loans quickly and without any problem. Here, PPP stands for Paycheck Protection Program. The PPP loans are approved by United States small business administration (SBA) vendors. Lots of other companies also work with Blue Acorn, for example, The Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Commerce Authority, etc. The Blue Acorn company will process your loan application and help you get the loan without charging any fees.

How To Apply On Blue Acorn?

If you want to get the PPP loan then you have to apply through Blue Acorn. Here are the details of how you can apply on Blue Acorn – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer and visit the official website of Blue Acorn

2. Now enter your registered email address 

3. Next, you have to answer some questions which the company asks

4. After that, you have to upload the necessary documents

5. Then Blue Acorn will send the paperwork to the bank for the best chance of approval

Customer Reviews Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Customer Reviews Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Blue Acorn PPP loans have mixed reviews. It has both positive and negative reviews. Though the number of negative reviews will overcome the positive ones. But let’s check out what the customer has said about Blue Acorn PPP Loans.

Positive Customer Reviews Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Alesha Says

“Although I did have to wait a while for my loan to be funded, I was funded and grateful! I had an issue with the forgiveness application and the Blue Acorn support team stayed in constant communication with and helped me resolve my issues. Thank you, Blue Acorn!”

John Treese Says

“There’s a lot of skepticism when applying for the PPP loans there are a lot of scams out there but I gave blue acorn a shot and trusted them to help me and I had a very good experience with anyone out there this is not a scam they were very helpful throughout the whole process I would recommend this to my friends and family any day of the week have a great day hope this helped”

David Lyons Says

“Working with Blue Acorn was seamless and very professional. They responded quickly to every question I presented and followed through with every step of my loan process. Great company and highly recommended.”

Donald S Says

“Easy as 123 (1) follow directions (2) give the right information (3) stay informed. Blue Acorn has been quick to respond to the issue at hand. Explaining matters in detail Easy to understand always in conducting the company Blue Acorn in a professional manner.”

Frances Reneè Says

“As a business owner with three different businesses that were affected by the Pandemic. I must say Blue Acorn is the Best. They explained the process where a 2-year-old would understand it. They gave pointers to get your maximum payout and the forgiveness process was so easy through the SBA link and their private link. I will work with them in the future.”

Tony Russell Says

“Hi I just would like to say in the beginning it was very difficult to receive my funds but once I reached out to you guys at Blue Acorn you were very pleasant and understanding of my situation and assisted me to the fullest your service was awesome to me once again awesome job Blue Acorn look forward to working with you guys in the near future thanks so much.”

Darrell Lamb Says

“After receiving excuse after excuse from Blue Acorn, I just received an email stating that my dash card was returned to the sender which is an absolute lie. Blue Acorn is scamming us for money that is rightfully ours. I see this as another ploy to further prolong giving me the funds, or worse, not give them to me at all.”

Pat Hayes Says

“Blue Acorn has the best response time customer service and cares about the concern of their customers. Good company to do business with.”

Tony Says

“Blue Acorn made this process so easy for me to get a forgiveness loan for my business during a time of crisis Thank You, Blue Acorn.”

Prince Rasheed Says

“My experience with this company was amazing the application process was very easy the time they told me I was going to receive my loan was the accurate time I thank them so much for helping me get things in order I’m hoping to be able to get another loan with them in the near future”

Negative Customer Reviews Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

Emanuel Kirkland Says

“I was approved for my small business loan back in April 2021. Got SBA approved. Was told that my funds will be in my account within a few days. Waited for months then got denied”

Blakberry La Rex Says

“Gaiya, I’d like to know how I can be involved with the lawsuit. I’ve been waiting since April 8th and is still holding my funds. I have a legitimate small business and they have all of my legitimate documentation. How can I help?”

Marcy Bruce Says

“That’s a minus on the star thing! Gaila, please include me in the lawsuit! Blue Acorn destroyed the chances of my business having a comeback and sent me into a whirlwind of hardships that should have been avoided if I would have received my loan from them like it says that I did according to the SBA. I need help with handling this and you know as well as I do deal with these people get you nowhere!”

Sheikh Says

“I have been waiting on an update for at least 3 months now. I out in a request for a harmless letter to be sent to my bank, but I have heard nothing. Every week I check & still no update. This is very frustrating and unacceptable”

Morgan Lamberth Says

“So, I’m confused what’s the SBA and BBB saying about all this fraud from a blue acorn I am one of the victims to who said they were funded but never received a dime! What’s next? What do I do!”

Cliff Brown Says

“Still no funding but I did get an updated portal to apply for loan forgiveness it said it has been disbursed for over 8 weeks now. I cannot get support to answer tickets anymore it doesn’t matter what I say to them they just close every ticket with nothing, I will be joining the lawsuit against this horrible entity, I cannot call it a business.”

Blake Kirby Says

“I just not sure what to do next I applied for the loaf it says I was approved but I have not seen any deposit and I was counting on it when I talked to someone, they gave me some excuse anyone knows where I can get some answers”

Cj Switzer Says

“Not satisfied with service, would not recommend. I would recommend using other companies that fund PPP loans.”

Ashley Baker Says

“How is it I wasn’t funded but SBA is telling me to apply for the PPP forgiveness program if you guys never gave me my money why am I responsible to pay it”

Bryce Reid Says

“I’m going to find where u all live and make your life a living hell like u made mine. I don’t know how you’re still walking the streets and not in jail. Ur all thief scammer crooks”

Final Thought

Finally, if you read the above reviews then you should realize that Blue Acorn is a legit company but their activities or support regarding PPP loans have made it a suspicious company. There are lots of complaints about Blue Acorn and its PPP loan processing. Many people who registered on Blue Acorn didn’t find any improvement or update regarding their application form. So, if you have applied for PPP loans through Blue Acorn then share your experience with us in the comment section.  



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