Is Business A Hard Major (Easiest And Hardest Business Majors)

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A business major is not hard at all. Like any other major, a business major consists of various subjects and sub-topics with some research and projects. The difficulty of a business major depends on your passion for business. If you are eager to learn every aspect of a business then you will find the business major very easy. However, you have to work hard, study well and master difficult concepts and practice their application to successfully complete this major.          

Key Takeaways

  • A major in business consists of subjects like economics, accounting, management, marketing, HR, etc.
  • The main purpose of a business major is to introduce the fundamental aspects of the business to the students
  • Some of the hardest business majors are accounting, finance, management science, etc.
  • Some of the easiest business majors are marketing, HR management, international business, etc.

What Is A Business Major?

A business major consists of economics, accounting, management, marketing, finance, HR, ethics, communications, etc. and it covers a broad knowledge of business operations. Here the students will develop skills related to various aspects of a business. A business major gives the students options to seek a broad-based education in many areas of business with the opportunity to become specialized in a particular topic. Moreover, students will learn how various types of companies operate in local and global markets. A business major also gives students broad career opportunities compared to other majors.

Is Business A Hard Major?

Business is not a hard major; in fact, it is considered one of the easier degrees available in universities and colleges. The business major is lengthy but you don’t have to study intensive math or any concepts that are too challenging. A business major only requires studying basic math, accounting, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, communication, etc. You have to study for different tests and quizzes and submit group projects, and assignments within short deadlines. This is why time management is very important for business students.

On the other hand, the amount of analysis required for most business courses is not very high or advanced. Therefore a business major is not that hard. Covering the full textbook and doing some basic critical analysis is sufficient to do well in most subjects in a business degree. Moreover, if you are good at applying your skills in both familiar and unfamiliar situations then business will be an easy major for you. Business is more of a professional major than an academic major therefore applying the concepts in real-life scenarios is the main key to success for this major.

How Hard Is A Business Degree?

In general, a Business degree is very easy because most classes in business degrees are straightforward. Usually, the difficulty of a business degree depends on the core subjects and the classes offered by the colleges or universities. For most business majors, you have to complete at least 15 – 20 core courses and the rest of the courses are either general electives or advanced classes. A business degree typically includes the following courses – 

1. Microeconomics

2. Macroeconomics

3. College algebra

4. Calculus

5. Financial Accounting

6. Managerial accounting

7. Stats

8. Financial Management

9. Fundamentals of Marketing

10. Business Ethics

11. Organizational Behavior

12. Foundations of Business Analytics

13. Business Law

14. Operations Management

15. Strategic Management, etc.

So, it’s quite clear that most of the courses of a business degree are at an introductory level. Therefore, the difficulty of a course depends on the overall difficulty of the university and whether the course is inherently theoretical or practical. In most top tire universities, the difficulty of each course is increased by including additional topics and examining students with questions that require more thinking and analysis. Moreover, if you are not comfortable with numbers or math then you can opt for marketing and entrepreneurship courses rather than accounting and math classes. So, there is an alternative available for every student depending on their knowledge and skills. It means the power is in your hands; whether you want to make your business degree harder or easier.

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List Of Hardest Business Majors

1. Accounting

Accounting is the oldest business major and it is available in every college and university. Accounting is designed to teach students how to manage a business’s finances so that they can easily solve various business problems. This course helps the students to become Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), and many more. This is a very demanding business major because every business needs accounting. Therefore, students who want to pursue a career in business choose to account. So, if you want to study accounting then you have to go through an array of classes related to accounting including Accounting Principles, Cost Accounting, and Intermediate Accounting. Having advanced statistical analysis skills will help you easily understand accounting concepts.

2. Management Science

This is relatively a new course in business degree and it gives the students the tools to analyze and solve a business’ strategic and logistical problems. It focuses on the tools to analyze and solve a business’ strategic and logistical problems so a student with a management science major will be able to start a career in management consulting, logistics, or analytics at several companies.  So, if you want to take management science as a business major then you must expect to do coursework heavy in calculus, statistics, and computer programming. Management science requires a very logical and analytical mindset so if you don’t have good skills in mathematical terms then you will find it very difficult.

3. Finance

Finance is also a very popular business major and it is a fairly hard major. Usually, majoring in finance will help you make a career in corporate finance, banking, investments, etc. and these careers will likely pay a higher salary than the average business major’s salary. But you must understand that this business major is a very math-heavy course. It includes statistics, calculus, and corporate finance. So, if you are not comfortable with advanced mathematical terms then you might find this business major very hard.

4. Entrepreneurial Studies

If you think you are idealistic and can change the world then you can take entrepreneurial studies as a business major. In this major, you will learn analytical skills, problem-solving, leadership skills, and all the other skills that are required to take a startup to the next level. Moreover, you will be able to run a small to medium-sized business. Some of the main courses of entrepreneurial studies are project management, business ethics, and product innovation. This major also includes a bit of cross-functional learning and experience therefore, it is considered one of the more difficult business majors.

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List Of Easiest Business Majors

1. Human Resources Management

HR management is also known as people management and it is also a popular and demanding major in the business world. This major mostly deals with training, recruiting, and developing employees, as well as ensuring employee health and safety. So this major is all about people relationship and courses like psychology and office management is also part of this major. It is not a very technical business major; therefore, if you have minimum mathematical skills then this is the right business major for you. Students who completed a business degree with HR management as a major can easily work as entry-level employees in almost all companies with a Human Resources Department.

2. Marketing

This is also a very popular business major that is not very hard. If you pick marketing then you will be able to learn crucial decision-making skills for the company like how the product should be designed or which product should be marketed or how product should be marketed. It is a multi-faceted field but a non-technical one. The marketing major includes courses like sales management, public relations, and market research. With this business major, you can pursue careers in advertising, marketing, etc. Moreover, you can also become specialized in digital marketing, social media, lead generation, and many more.

3. Organizational Leadership

This is a new business major and is only available in some colleges and universities. Studying this major will help you develop leadership skills so that you can successfully organize and lead a business. You will understand the organizational change and learn how to make the right decision. With this major, you can work in business consulting, employee training, employee management, and project management. Moreover, you can expect to develop people management skills such as Human Resource Management, Research Design, and Leadership.

4. International Business

International business major focuses on how to sell products across the world in diverse market conditions. Because of the globalization of the current world, the demand for this major is increasing rapidly. From this degree, students will learn how to navigate international trade agreements, different environmental regulations, cross-cultural collaboration, and many more. This major mostly includes international relations and policies and doesn’t involve a large technical skillset. So, if you are trying to avoid math then you can choose this business major.

Final Thoughts

Finally, business is a great major to build your career, and if you choose the courses according to your knowledge and skill set then you will find it very easy. Moreover, most of the courses are very easy to study and they will provide you with a broad outlook on several opportunities and career options.



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