Is Business Statistics Hard? (Honest Explanation!)

Business Statistics

Not to scare any of you but, yes, business statistics could be very difficult. Interpretation, data analysis, and mathematics are involved in business statistics. They are all tiring and quite complicating most times. Although, if you work hard and make ample researches, you would notice that it could only be a little complicated but not impossible. 

Key Takeaways

  • Statistical data offers various important information and help a business adopt a new system
  • Departments like marketing, finance, logistics, production, etc. are part of business statistics
  • Business statistics help marketing department to select the right market trend
  • Business statistics help an organization to use various formal data to make good decisions and unbiased judgments

Analyzing data has become a very rampant job or let’s say this has become very common amongst big and even small firms. Business statistics could be of great help to anyone and any company, as long. As long as it is done the right way. If by chance you want to venture into business later on, or even if you just get a chance to, just grasp the knowledge because people with this knowledge are in high demand. This is why it is such a difficult course. 

Business Statistics – What Is It All About?

Business Statistics What Is It All About

Before venturing into business statistics, you must know a thing or two about statistics. Correct? Well based on the knowledge you have, you know that the major thing that we know about statistics is that it pertains to collecting, analyzing, presenting, and analyzing data. 

With the way, the world is now, you know? The computer age and everything, everything is becoming easy daily as technology advances. Anyone in the world today can at his or her will decide to view complete statistical data. Many CEOs today see the importance of using data to get various benefits to their firm. 

What business statistics does is that it just decides and then collects tools for analyzing data from the basic statistics and then uses them in the business world. Maybe you don’t get how statistics can be brought to the business world yet. An instance would be using statistics to predict how the business would be in the nearest future using what is going on in the present. It could predict and show you that you are not doing well in business or it could bring some positive news and make you continue to push harder especially when it is predicting something you have always wanted. 

Most of the equipment brought to life in statistics has already been exposed to you in mathematics. We are talking about tools like mean, mode, median, bar graphs, bell curve, and normal probability. Some additions are things like hypothesis testing and regression analysis. The basics of the course would undoubtedly look similar to the basic statistics you know with little differences. 

Most of the things here would come with business intrusions. Firms that gather information on different things and various aspects of like. Firms like Google and Amazon, what they do is that they alternate the information online and then use it to get themselves money. Haven’t you wondered why the richest companies today are mostly technology companies, they earn a lot from the information they gather, fixing it into someplace, and then that brings in all the income they want? 

What Is Statistical Data? 

What Is Statistical Data

Statistical data on the other hand gives you important information. Firms now should start thinking about adopting a system whereby they involve statistics in their every move in other to move forward. Using statistical strategy involves you having to make decisions gathered through important information gotten from relevant data and a lot more. Don’t think that statistics is not involved in the department where you work, that is a wrong assumption because statistics is very necessary for most departments especially accounting. Every prestigious firm has these departments and they all need statistics to grow, departments like marketing, finance, logistics, production, and HR (Human Resources). They all need statistics, you see how important statistics are in business?

A Table Showing How Business Statistics Help In Several Departments In Different Firms

Department How Statistics Help
MarketingIn a marketing department, statistics is used mainly to select the right market trend and then analyze to foresee the success or failure of a particular marketing strategy. Statistics helps to maximize the options of success in marketing by identifying the market target correctly and using different means to reach it. 
FinanceIn the department of finance, some tools are needed to get a higher success rate, statistics, and probability is what aids the department to be in good shape and also improve in what they do. 
LogisticsFor the logistics department in a big firm, statistics play a big role by using the outcomes of the previous processes to then determine the result of the present procedures. This is one of the major advantages of statistics, its ability to use formal data to determine future outcomes.
ProductionEvery company that works with a production department has some kind of goods that they produce, this is simple logic. And any company that produces any goods at some point has some amount of waste right? Sometimes the waste becomes too much while sometimes the waste is minimal. What statistics does is that it helps to limit the waste in the firm. It is also good for enhancing the work ethics of the workers. With all these development gotten through statistics, the company gets to save money while still producing goods with superb quality. 
Human Resources In this department, statistics here helps you to use formal data gotten to make good decisions and unbiased judgments. Also, with the help of statistics, HR officials don’t have to pass judgment with what their mind tells them but by weighing the different evidence that was brought to the table. 

Although you should know that having enough data and analytics has its advantages, also having too much data could later turn out bad for you because you could have a case of overloaded data. When you get too much info, you in return expect excess outcomes which would bring about inaccuracies. It is like this because excess information births intricacy which in return requires you to spend a lot of time and put in a lot of hard work. We all know that would cost you a lot. 

Most times, when you are trying to decide on something, it is much easier when you are able to make some of these decisions fast. When you know excess, it’s not good. Do you know that instinct is a good and proven way that people mostly use for making good and most prominent decisions? Statistics are not all good, this shouldn’t be news to your ear, nothing is all good and doesn’t have a single atom of disadvantage. With the help of statistics, employees are able to lie easily to their employers and can get away with it anytime. 

An intellectual person won’t just blind fully accept anything given to him or her via statistics and not ask for proof. Statistics is such a problem, most times people make things up and call it statistics. You know when they say statistics have shown that……

Don’t just believe anything that isn’t exactly all in the name of statistics. If you just move blindly as a manager with the statistics that you were given, then expect to see some issues later. As humans, when given a set of data and we punch and solve all day without getting what we want, then most times it is easier to just manipulate stuff. People do this all the time, in statistics, it is referred to as fudging, you have fudged the result or the figures. People do this especially when the person to who they are answering has no time to confirm or purely has no knowledge of statistics. 

What Is Fudging In Business Statistics?  

Fudging is an action taken by someone who can be regarded as impotent ignores the information that adheres to what the conclusion says and then sends off the made-up information as the correct data to his or her superior. The outcomes got from the different analyses are always available for experts in statistics to interpret. This all depends on just how he or she looks at the person to who he answers to. Statistics is gotten wrong sometimes because some people think that when the result gotten is not suitable enough, he or she would now have to compromise or continue observing until the desired outcome is gotten. 

This is not statistics as we know it, what a true expert would do is to take the first data he or she gets and then accept the result no matter how ugly it looks. Statistics have several aspects that many people have covered and have understood, business statistics is just a branch because there are different aspects where you have to cover and be called an expert. Business statistics would be useful to any firm and quite frankly it has proven itself. 

Why Is Business Statistics Necessary?

Business Statistics

Business statistics have proven to be necessary because of their ability to help businesses make healthy investments and progress at a steady pace. 

What Does Business Statistics Entail?

Business statistics is all about compiling, sharing, summarizing, organizing, and experimenting with different data that has been provided.

Final Verdict

Statistics as a whole is a life changer in the world of business, it doesn’t only change, it saves. This is something you can learn to better your business. Although many people consider it to be very hard and all of that, it is understandable, like we said before, it isn’t going to be easy but it is possible. 



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