Is Computer Science A Hard Major?

Computer Science

Computer science is a very demandable degree. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the IT sector is expected to grow by 13 percent from 2016-to 2026. The growth of this sector is faster than the average growth rate of all occupations. Therefore, many people want to choose computer science as a major but most of them are not sure whether it is a hard major or not!

According to many experts, computer science is a challenging major and students require lots of hard work to acquire a degree in computer science. You must have strong technical skills, and the ability to learn multiple programming languages to choose computer science as a major. So, you should have a solid mathematical foundation to become a computer science expert.

What Is Computer Science?

What Is Computer Science

Computer Science refers to the study of computers and computing that includes theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, computation, automation, and information. In this subject, you have to study computers and computing systems. You have to develop new uses for computing systems that will solve computer-related problems. In the field of computer science, you have to write computer programs, analyze algorithms, and create new computing technologies. You have to study database theory, data structures, computer security, and software engineering. AS a computer science professional, you can work as computer network architects, software developers, information security analysts, and database administrators.

How Hard Is Computer Science As A Major?

If you are comfortable with basic math and statistics then computer science won’t be that hard. However, this subject can be overwhelming if you don’t have solid coding skills and knowledge of computing systems and networks. If you can learn all the programming languages then this subject can offer you a wealth of learning resources both through formal educational programs and self-learning resources. 

Having certain skills will help you pick up computer science quickly. For example, if you have strong attention to detail then it will help you identify the software bugs easily. Moreover, problem-solving skills make it easier to troubleshoot computer networks or systems. This major includes subjects like software engineering, bioinformatics, programming languages, the theory of computing, AI, math, and data analysis.

In computer science, you have to take several computer sciences courses. These courses introduce core and advanced concepts in computer science.

1. Programming Languages

In computer science, you have to study a variety of programming languages. Some common languages are Java, Python, and C languages. Here, you have to learn programming theory, complete exercises, and projects, and build advanced programming skills.

2. Computer Systems

This is a very important subject of computer science major. Here, you will learn the structure and organization of computer systems. You will gather knowledge of programming and know the working procedure of computer systems and how they interpret information, compile programs, and communicate with users. The course module includes memory management, processor organization, etc.

3. Mathematics For Computer Science

If you pick Computer Science as a major then you have to take courses in mathematics. These mathematics courses include logic, discrete mathematics, and proof techniques. Math classes also cover probability, number theory, and calculus. So, if you are weak in mathematics then it won’t be wiser for you to pick computer science as a major.

4. Artificial Intelligence

This is a very demanding subject and artificial intelligence classes teach students details about natural language processing, pattern recognition, and neural networks. You will learn core principles and methods that are used for various AI-based researches.        

List Of Available Jobs For Computer Science Professionals

Below is a list of jobs where a degree with a computer science major is a must – 

1. Data scientist

2. Software tester

3. Web developer

4. Systems analyst

5. Business analyst

6. Product manager

7. Network architect

8. Software engineer

9. Software developer

10. Full-stack developer

11. Engineering manager

12. User interface designer

13. Database administrator

14. Cloud computing engineer

15. Information security analyst

16. Computer science professor

17. Chief information security officer

18. Software quality assurance manager

19. Information technology specialist

20. Mobile application designer or developer

21. Research and development (R&D) scientist

22. Computer scientist or computer science researcher

23. Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer 

List Of Highest Paying Computer Science Jobs

Below are some of the highest paying computer science jobs with median pay – 

Software Architect

  • Average Annual Salary: $125,328
  • Salary Range: $88,000-$165,000

Software Developer

  • Average Annual Salary: $107,510
  • Salary Range: $64,240-$164,590

UNIX System Administrator

  • Average Annual Salary: $103,273
  • Salary Range: $78,516-$126,829

Security Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary: $99,834
  • Salary Range: $73,000-$130,000

DevOps Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary: $99,604
  • Salary Range: $72,000-$146,000

Computer Scientist

  • Average Annual Salary: $99,050
  • Salary Range: $68,000-$138,000

Mobile Application Developer

  • Average Annual Salary: $96,016
  • Salary Range: $64,000-$140,000

Android Software Developer/Engineer

  • Average Annual Salary: $94,497
  • Salary Range: $72,000-$149,000

Software Development Engineer (SDE)

  • Average Base Salary: $92,046
  • Salary Range: $77,000-$143,000

Senior Software Web Developer

  • Average Annual Salary: $87,712
  • Salary Range: $58,000-$139,000

Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET)

  • Average Annual Salary: $83,070
  • Salary Range: $61,000-$107,000              

FAQs About Is Computer Science A Hard Major?

What Is the Best Major In Computer Science?

If you have picked computer science as a major then below are some demandable subjects that you can concentrate on – 

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. Computer and Network Security

3. Human-Computer Interaction

4. Information Management and Analytics

5. Bioinformatics

6. Mobile and Web Computing

7. Software Engineering

Is There Any Reason Why You Shouldn’t Major In Computer Science?

There are several reasons why you should not choose computer science as a major. The main reason is the difficulty of the subject. Computer science requires lots of mathematical knowledge and if you are weak in math then you should not choose this major. Moreover, it requires dedicated interest to acquire a degree in Computer Science. 

Is Computer Science A Stable Industry?

Of course, computer science is a stable industry. Today’s modern world is driven by the force of the internet and computer. The web is evolving and businesses across the world are trying to build their online presence. So, the demand for computer and computer professionals is increasing day by day. So, if you are planning to pick computer science as a major then a long-term career in tech waits for you.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Computer Science Degree?

Usually, most computer science degrees require four years to complete. However, if you can work ahead then you might be able to earn your computer science degree in less than four years. 

Is Computer Science A Good Degree?

Undoubtedly, computer science is a good degree because it opens a wide range of lucrative tech jobs for the degree holder. Though this degree requires hard work, dedication, a few years, and thousands of dollars to complete once you complete the degree you are likely to earn a high range of salary as well as enjoy long-term job stability.

What Are The Computer Science Dropout Rates?

Computer science is relatively a hard major therefore the dropout rate of computer science is also high. According to “”, the dropout rate of computer science is 9.8% in 2021. Though the actual rate will vary from college to college. Therefore, you should check the statistics for computer science majors of the specific college to know the actual dropout rate.

Is Computer Science The Hardest Major?

The answer to this question largely depends on the student. If you have a solid background in math and quickly pick up technical concepts then you will find this major vary easy. However, if you are weak in math then Computer Science would be the hardest major for you.



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