Is Direct.Playstation.Com A Scam Or A Legit Store?

Is Direct.Playstation.Com A Scam

Well, Direct.Playstation.Com is a legit platform and it is owned by Sony. So, it is a 100% trustable platform to buy various PlayStation accessories, games, consoles, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • If you want to buy products or games from PlayStation Direct then first you have to register an account on Direct.Playstation.Com and verify the payment method
  • Direct.Playstation.Com has all the functionalities and characteristics just like any other online store
  • PlayStation wants to dominate the market therefore it introduced PlayStation Direct to cut out the middleman
  • Direct.Playstation.Com is the official online store of Sony from where you will be able to buy 100% authentic Sony products

What Is Direct.Playstation.Com?

What Is Direct.Playstation.Com

Direct.Playstation.Com is an online store from where you will be able to order PlayStation products and buy directly from Sony. Many of you might not hear about PlayStation direct but it is a real website. In fact, PlayStation Direct is owned by Sony and from this platform, you will be able to buy a variety of PlayStation accessories often for quite good prices. Buying games and accessories from PlayStation direct will save both your time and money. So, instead of buying from 3rd parties, you can simply order the product from the PlayStation Store called PlayStation Direct.

Products Available At PlayStation Direct

1. DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller for PS4
2. PULSE 3D™ Wireless Headset – PS5 & PS4
3. PULSE 3D™ Wireless Headset – Midnight Black – PS5 & PS4
4. DualSense™ Wireless Controller
5. PS5™ Console Covers
6. PS5™ Digital Edition Covers
7. DualSense™ Charging Station
8. Media Remote
9. HD Camera for PS5 consoles
10. PlayStation®5 Console
11. PlayStation®5 Digital Edition Console
12. PlayStation® 4 500GB Console
13. PlayStation®VR Mega Pack
14. PlayStation Plus: 12-Month Membership

Games Available At PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5 GamesPlayStation 4 Games
1. Gran Turismo 7 – 25th Anniversary Edition
2. Gran Turismo 7 – PS5
3. Horizon Forbidden West™ – PS5
4. UNCHARTED™: Legacy of Thieves Collection
5. DEATH STRANDING™ Director’s Cut – PS5
6. Ghost of Tsushima™ Director’s Cut – PS5
7. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – PS5
8. Returnal – PS5
9. Sackboy: A Big Adventure – PS5
10. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PS5
11. Demon’s Souls – PS5
12. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition – PS5
13. Days Gone – PS4
14. Ghost of Tsushima™ Director‘s Cut – PS4
15. God of War – PS4
16. Gran Turismo 7 – PS4
17. Gran Turismo Sport – PS4
18. Horizon Forbidden West™ – PS4
19. Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition – PS4
20. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year
21. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PS4
22. The Last of Us Part II – PS4
23. The Last of Us Remastered – PS4

How To Buy From PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct

If you want to buy products or games from PlayStation Direct then all you need to do is simply add the payment details and other options to your account and get verified. You can browse all the available products and games on PlayStation Direct and then you can select multiple options regarding that product. If you don’t find your desired product then you can contact PlayStation customer service and have the item specially designed for you. Once you make the payment, you will receive a tracking number. Then you can use the tracking number to track the location of your product and get further details. This shopping platform of PlayStation has all the functionalities and characteristics just like any other online store.

Purpose Of PlayStation Direct

The concept of PlayStation Direct appears to cut out the middle man. If Sony can cut out retail stores and e-commerce websites and provide direct interaction between the company and the customer then both will be the winners. Here, Sony will be able to make more extra money and customers will be able to buy products at a low price from the other stores. This is why Sony take the initiative to compete with other famous stores such as Amazon, eBay, and many others. PlayStation wants to dominate the market therefore they introduced PlayStation Direct.     

How Does PlayStation Direct Work?

PlayStation Direct has a simple working procedure. As a customer, you have to follow PlayStation Direct’s code of conduct to complete a successful purchase. Therefore, you have to accept the terms of the condition to be able to perform the transactions. You must have to be 18 and older in order to make an order with them. So, you have to provide the complete identity details to the PlayStation Direct Supporting System. But you don’t have to create an account on PlayStation Direct to make an order. You can simply buy the products as a guest account instead. Moreover, you don’t have to be a retailer or some other store that will resell the product. AS a simple PlayStation user you will be able to buy the product for personal use. While ordering a product on PlayStation Direct, it will ask you to provide the location or permanent address and delivers the product to that location. This platform also has an excellent return and refund policy. If you return a product and get a refund if the product doesn’t meet expectations.

Is Direct.Playstation.Com Legit Or A Scam?

Direct.Playstation.Com is a 100% legit platform. In fact, it is the official online store of Sony, so there is no question about the legitimacy of this platform. From this platform, you will be able to buy all the original PlayStation game consoles and other accessories. Moreover, you will also be able to buy all the original games for your PlayStation 3, 4, and 5 from PlayStation Direct. This platform also has an excellent return and refund policy where you will be able to return the product within 30 days from the delivery date and get a 100% refund!

Customer Reviews Of PlayStation Direct

Positive Reviews Of PlayStation Direct

Shawn Barnes Said – 

“I was able to get into a PS5 drop on 12/15/21, took about 35 minutes to get in and order my PS5 on Received today 12/23/21 by UPS (had to sign for it). Excellent site, not a scam, let me know every step of the delivery.”

Dominae Said – 

“I registered interest on the webpage for an opportunity to purchase a PS5. Had an email on Tuesday, with my invitation slot for the next day. And to my surprise managed to bag myself a PS5 in less than half an hour.”

Sam W. Said –

“Been using the console for a while now and can say I`m good with everything about it. A convenient controller, loads of things to spend some evenings with. Nice experience!”

Jasen D. Said – 

“Super-fast and easy to use order from PlayStation direct. Shipped quickly, and arrived in 2 days. They were emailing me with the status of my order several times even within those two days. I’m extremely pleased with Sony PlayStation and how they did everything to the best of their abilities for me. Awesome experience for me.”

Wai S. Said – 

I didn’t know that PlayStation has its own official website. I always checked local retailers’ websites for a game console. Please check out the website itself for prices. Local retailers in my neighborhood charge us up to maybe 20 percent higher and claim it is tax and shipping cost and… you know all the hidden costs. I want more people to be aware to check the official website more often.

Negative Reviews Of PlayStation Direct

Nikk Watt Said – 

“After waiting a year ordered 0s5 from PlayStation direct. Just in time for Christmas 2021. the package got lost by DPD which is not PS’s direct fault as such. What follows is a joke. Originally none of the online support chats worked for a week. No other way of contacting. Then the chat works, get a ref# with comms saying g be in touch in 2 days. 10 days later no resolution and still investigating. No update. Helpdesk cannot help any further so 3 weeks after order No ps5. Total joke.”

Avery R. Said – 

“I’ve been a loyal customer to them for years and I am extremely disappointed in our last encounter. I purchased a game that had faulty content and ended up being broken in multiple ways and this game cost 64$. I used it for one day and wanted my refund. Their website clearly states that you get a refund for faulty content within 14 days. Yet the woman on the phone was extremely rude and offered me no solutions whatsoever. I’ve had Xbox in the past and they never acted like this so if you’re seeing this and looking to buy one or the other, go with Xbox.”

Natalie L. Said – 

“If I could give them a zero I would. This is the most frustrating company to go through. We accidentally gifted the wrong gift card to my brother and the code is still intact and not scratched off. The lady on the phone told me I could not get my money back and that I would have to give it to another family member. No one cares to use it so I guess we are out 60 dollars. 10/10 do not recommend”

Leonid V. Said – 

“I hope you will end this strange practice to transfer PS exclusives to PC. It deprives your users of uncial experience that only you can give them. Don’t share it for money.”

Final Verdict

Finally, now that you know PlayStation Direct is a legit platform, you can shop tension free from this online store. If you have previous experience of shopping at PlayStation Direct then feel free to share your experience in the comment section with our readers!


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