Is DoNotPay Legit? Advantages And Disadvantages Of DoNotPay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of DoNotPay

Yes, DoNotPay is a legit platform. In TrustPilot, DoNotPay has a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5.0. This is an indication that DoNotPay is not a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • Basically, DoNotPay is a multi-faceted legal assistant to help people with all kinds of troubles
  • DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to provide legal services to customers who download it
  • DoNotPay will provide you with limited legal advice and create legal documents for you
  • With DoNotPay you will be able to generate a script that you can understand and read in court which is very convenient

What Is DoNotPay?

What Is DoNotPay

Founded by Joshua Browder, a British-American entrepreneur, DoNotPay is a legal services chatbot that is considered as “The First Robot Lawyer.” The main aim of this app was to contest parking tickets, but over the years the developers of this app have expanded its features and included other services to make the app more convenient. With this app, you can sue anyone by just pressing a button. Moreover, you can also sue big companies and complex bureaucracies that hinder people’s rights. DoNotPay uses artificial intelligence to provide legal services to customers who download it. The release of this app has taken the world by storm, most especially the app-building community. Initially, users can only access the chatbot through the official website but now users can access the robot lawyer’s services through the downloadable mobile app.

How DoNotPay Works?

We already know that DoNotPay is a chatbot. So, it works by asking the user several questions about his or her situation. When the conversation continues, you can discuss with the bot about a person or organization that you want to sue. After collecting detailed information about the situation, DoNotPay will provide you with limited legal advice and create legal documents for you. Once the AI bot collects all the information, it will create complete legal documentation that you can send to the court as a claimant. Moreover, with DoNotPay you will be able to generate a script that you can understand and read in court. It is a very useful feature because it will help you attend the court proceedings in person. This app also offers a wide range of features that will help you get refunds for events like hotel bookings, flight tickets, etc. DoNotPay also has a feature that you can use to offer legal services for various social issues including housing for homelessness, housing aid applications, etc. Below is a list of documents that DoNotPay can provide you – 

1. Airline Flight Compensation Hacks

2. Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City

3. Cancel Any Service or Subscription

4. Chargebacks and Refunds

5. Credit Cards

6. Fight Email Spam

7. Get Free Trials & Don’t Get Charged

8. Help With Bills

9. Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company

10. Robocall Compensation

11. Schedule Appointments With the DMV

12. Stalking and Harassment

13. Sue Anyone in Small Claims Court

List Of Legal Service That DoNotPay Can Offer

1. 83(b) Election
2. Advance Health Care Directive
3. Airline Flight Compensation Hacks
4. Analyze TOS
5. Animal Control
6. Appeal Banned Account
7. Appeal Parking Tickets in Any City
8. Birth Certificates
9. Breach of Contract
10. Break My Lease
11. Burner Phones
12. Cancel Any Service or Subscription
13. Cancel Timeshares
14. Car Lease Negotiation
15. Car Registration Renewal
16. Casino Taxes
17. Change Mailing Address
18. Chargebacks and Refunds
19. Child Travel Consent Form
20. City Repairs
21. Claim My Rebates
22. Clean Credit Report
23. Clinical Trials
24. Close Bank Accounts
25. College Fee Waivers
26. Compensation for Victims of Crime
27. Concert Ticket Scams
28. Connect With an Inmate
29. Contact Embassies and Consulates
30. Contact Government Representatives
31. Copyright Protection
32. Create a Power of Attorney
33. Create Passport Photos
34. Credit CardsDeath Certificates
35. Defamation Demand Letters
36. Delete Accounts
37. Discover and Apply for Scholarships
38. Dispute Seatbelt Tickets
39. Divorce Certificates
40. Divorce Settlement Agreement
41.Do Not Mail
42. Donate Plasma For Cash
43. Egg Donor Rights
44. Emotional Support Animal
45. Fight and Waive Fees
46. Fight Email Spam
47. Fight Text Spam
48. Fight Workplace Discrimination
49. File a Complaint Against Any Company
50. Hotel Upgrades
51. HR Complaints
52. Hunting Licenses
53. Identity Theft
54. Increase Credit Limit
55. Inflation Pay Request
56. Insurance Claims
57. Item Return Request
58. Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company
59. Landlord Protection
60. Late Delivery Refunds
61. Lost and Found Pets
62. Lounge Access
63. Lower Your Payday Loans
64. Mailing as a Service
65. Marriage Certificates
66. Military Protection
67. Naturalization and Citizenship Certificate
68. Negotiate Hotel Bill
69. Neighbor Complaints
70. Notarize Documents
71. Notice of Intent To Homeschool
72. Online Fax
73. Pay Bills Online
74. Pet Licenses
75. Planning Permissions
76. Price Gouging
77. Recalls
78. Recover Account Passwords
79. Recover Hacked Accounts
80. Reducing Property Taxes
81. Release of Liability
82. File Police Report
83. File SEC Complaints
84. Financial Aid Appeal Letters
85. Find Discounts
86. Find Lost Airport Items
87. Find Lost Items
88. Find the Best Schools
89. Find Unclaimed Money
90. Fishing Licenses
91. Free Fast Food
92. Free Raffle Tickets
93. Freedom of Information Act
94. Gambling Protection
95. Get Free Trials & Don’t Get Charged
96. Gift Card Cash Back
97. Government Tests
98. Help With Bills
99. File Converter

Advantages Of DoNotPay

Apart from getting legal help and generating legal documents, DoNotPay offers a lot of help to its users. One key advantage of using DoNotPay is, it allows you to create fake personal information. This is a great feature because you can use DoNotPay to create a fake credit card and then use the card to sign up on websites and avail of their free trials. So, when the free trial is over the company won’t be able to charge your account because it was a fake credit card. Similarly, you can also generate a fake phone number for yourself. This is an excellent way to avoid spam calls. Moreover, DoNotPay can also help you save more by unsubscribing you from services and memberships that you might forget to get out in time.

Disadvantages Of DoNotPay

DoNotPay is not a free service. It is a free app to download but if you want to use the features of DoNotPay then you have to subscribe to a plan. It has a monthly subscription plan and the subscription fee is $300 per month! $300 is a lot of money but with the number of features DoNotPay offers as well as how it can help you during your legal battle, the fee might look reasonable. However, there are many complaints about DoNotPay not being transparent or upfront about its pricing! On the signup page, DoNotPay has a fine print that says you’ll be paying a full year of the service then and there. So, many users might miss that point and signup for the whole year. To make things even worse, once you signup you can’t request a refund when you’re halfway through the year. You can cancel the subscription any time but you won’t get any refunds from DoNotPay.

Is DoNotPay Legit Or A Scam?

DoNotPay is 100% legit and safe to use. When you tell the bot about your problem, the bot will direct you to legal information and forms. However, as it is an AI bot therefore you should cross-check all the information to determine its relevance to your case. Moreover, you should understand that a Chatbot won’t be able to take the place of legal counsel that is versed in all the ins and outs of complex legal processes. So, this way some of the features of DoNotPay can be limited. But, DoNotPay will be very handy for small legal matters like getting a refund. DoNotPay is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store so it is completely safe to use this app.

Customer Reviews Of DoNotPay

Positive Reviews Of DoNotPay

Ll Quiet Said – 

“I used this app to verify a google email account that I didn’t want my number attached to. It worked like a charm! DoNotPay makes life Simpler.”

Sauvageott Said – 

“I had donotpay request an item return for me. very easy to navigate the app. plus the email service acts as my burner email now. Only $15 for an email that does not give you annoying notifications unlike others around.”

Brandie Coults Said – 

“You can file Police Reports and Report Animal Abuse. I’ve witnessed some horrible things across the street and it gives me peace of mind knowing I played my part. You can do a lot with your subscription.”

Valentina Daveed Said – 

“Literally needed my refund from Travelocity the day before my flight and DoNotPay got it canceled and (partially) refunded. My mistake, but I was busy all week and had my robot friend help! Cheers!!”

Sanako k Said – 

“I needed help with a DMV appointment and car warranty claim and I got both appointments set up in Chicago. I use the app and find it easier to use than on the desktop.”

Negative Reviews Of DoNotPay

Victor Tokarev Said – 

“They promise to help you get your Instagram account back but can’t. They say they send a letter on your behalf, but you don’t know if they actually do it, or where it went. No response from IG. Nothing different than me trying to appeal to myself. False hope and overhyped app. Possibly even a scam.”

Jack Taylor Said – 

“They took £26.00 out of my account when I didn’t even use the service. Not to mention I canceled it a day after. Yep scammers.”

Len Said – 

“I tried this service a long time ago however it never really worked so I canceled my subscription with them. Out of nowhere, and probably about 1-2 years later a $63 fee Is charged to my card. Avoid at all costs if you don’t want money to go missing randomly. Also, the positive reviews are most likely fake. If I could give this anything less than a 1, I would!”

Geovanna Cobb Said – 

“I do not recommend this app! It was not at all useful to me!”

Josephine Said – 

“This is a fraudulent company! It’s confirmed by the BBB to be a dangerous scam. They send your full information to random inmates while harvesting money from your bank. If you gave them information, immediately cancel your credit card and contact a lawyer. This “company” puts your life in danger!!”

Final Verdict

Finally, DoNotPay is an excellent AI-powered legal bot that gives back power to the people who are used and exploited by businesses and organizations. So, if you need legal advice and don’t mind the pricing then DoNotPay it’s definitely worth checking out!


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