Is GameStop Legit? What are the Customer Reviews?

Is GameStop Legit

Well, there is no question about the legitimacy of GameStop. Though there are some mixed reviews about this gaming merchandise retailer company but I can assure you that it is not a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • GameStop is the world’s one of largest video game retailer and it also owns and publishes Game Informer, a video game magazine
  • GameStop has 4,816 stores among them 3,192 in the United States, 253 in Canada, 417 in Australia and New Zealand, and 954 in Europe
  • GameStop uses HTTPS so it means buying a game or any product on GameStop through your browser is a completely secure process
  • GameStop supports PayPal and Gift Cards as the payment method so you can make a payment without a credit card

What is GameStop?

What is GameStop

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer company established in 1984. GameStop is headquartered in Grapevine; Texas and it is the world’s one of the largest video game retailers. GameStop has 4,816 stores among them 3,192 in the United States, 253 in Canada, 417 in Australia and New Zealand, and 954 in Europe. In the mid-late 2010s, the performance of GameStop started to decline because there was a shift in video game sales to online shopping and downloads. But things have changed for GameStop and it received significant media attention in January and February 2021. Currently, it is ranked 521st on the Fortune 500. Apart from the retail stores, GameStop also owns and publishes Game Informer, a video game magazine.

Overview of GameStop

Company nameGameStop
HeadquartersGrapevine, Texas, U.S.
Type of siteVideo games, Consoles, Accessories
Area served Several countries

Products Available at GameStop

Xbox Series X|SFiguresThumb Grips
Xbox OneFramed PhotosControllers
PlayStation 5Model KitsComponents
PlayStation 4ReplicasDesktops
Nintendo SwitchStatuesGames
PC GamesTicket CollectionsHeadsets
Pre-Owned GamesAction Figures & PlaysetsKeyboards
Retro GamingBlind BagsLaptops
Gaming AccessoriesBoard GamesMice
ConsolesBuilding & Construction SetsMonitors
Cases & StandsCard GamesNetworking
Chargers & CablesNERF & Toy BlastersCoins
ControllersPuzzlesDigital Subscriptions
Gaming HeadsetsScooters & Ride OnsGaming Gift Cards
MemoryStuffed Animals & PlushRacing Wheels
Virtual Currency

Brands Available at GameStop

HTC2KNorton Life Lock
InComm2K GamesParadox Interactive
MilestoneBandaiRockstar Games
MLBBethesda SoftworksSony
NexonCapcomSquare Enix
NintendoDeep SilverTake-Two Interactive
THQ NordicEA SportsThe Pokémon Company
UbisoftElectronic Arts
Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentEpic Games

Is GameStop Legit or a Scam?

Is GameStop Legit or a Scam

GameStop is a 100% legit platform to buy games and games-related products and accessories. It’s been in the business since 1984; if it were a scam then it definitely won’t continue for that long. Moreover, it has physical stores in the USA, Canada, Australia, and some countries in Europe. So, it’s another indication that GameStop is legit. Besides, GameStop has an excellent return and refund policy which also indicates that it is a real platform.

Reasons Why GameStop Is Legit and Secure

Below are the reasons why you should not worry about the security and authenticity of this platform. Let’s check them out!

1. GameStop Uses HTTPS

GameStop uses HTTPS so it means buying a game or any product on GameStop through your browser is as secure as any other website that uses modern HTTPS encryption. The information you provide during the purchase remains encrypted including the credit card number. So, the information you sent to GameStop’s servers is unreadable to anyone who might intercept it. Only you and GameStop can see the data.

2. GameStop Supports PayPal or Gift Cards

GameStop supports PayPal and Gift Cards as the payment method so it means you can purchase games or products from GameStop without using your credit card. So, if you are not comfortable with providing your credit card numbers on online portals then GameStop has the right solution for you which is very convenient. You can buy games with PayPal without ever providing your details to GameStop. If you don’t have a PayPal account then you can also purchase the games using various gift cards

3. Generous Refunds Policy

GameStop has an excellent refund policy and it also reflects the legitimacy of this platform. GameStop has your back if anything happens with the purchased game or products. For example, if your PC can’t run the game or you just decide you don’t like the game then you can get a refund from GameStop. You just have to contact GameStop customer service. However, there are some conditions for the refund that you have to fulfill to qualify for the refund.  

Customer Reviews of GameStop

Positive Reviews of GameStop

Chris said – 

“I am incredibly impressed by GameStop’s customer service as they are proactive about making sure you have a wonderful experience purchasing from their store. I have no doubt they will continue to succeed in the future with their commitment to excellent customer service.”

Lorelei said – 

“I needed help returning a game I ordered online, so I called the customer service number. I spoke to a man named dre and he was extremely helpful and pleasant. His friendliness and politeness made my entire day. Best customer service ever!!”

Wes Butler said – 

“Fantastic experience shopping online at GameStop. They had all the options for Switch games (digital and physical) as well as $6 same-day shipping. I opted for free shipping on my order placed on Wednesday, and the game was delivered Friday. Great company with excellent communication throughout the purchase, shipping, and delivery process. I will support them again as soon as possible.”

Joshua Dugan said – 

“Order a lot of my gaming equipment from GameStop! They always deliver and treat me with great customer service. When I call them, I get to speak to a real person that can help me. All the reviews that say otherwise are pure lies and hatred for the company. It is quite known that businesses pay customers to write bad reviews for competing companies. GameStop is on a good turnaround and always excites, treats customers with respect, and works to get the best prices.”

Karl Allan said – 

“It’s been a long time since I shopped at GameStop but I recently needed a new controller for my switch. GameStop was the closest store I could find so I went in to pick one up. Boy, was I surprised! Customer service was incredibly helpful. The store was immaculate. They had everything I needed in stock and were super helpful. I didn’t feel pressed to buy an extended warranty. All around a very pleasant experience!”

Negative Reviews of GameStop

K Simon said – 

“I purchased wireless headphones (Audio Technica) from and about 2+ months later, the Bluetooth stopped working. I tried many times to reset, pair/unpair, etc. to no avail. I called GameStop and they told me to go to the store for a refund. So, I did. No refund because it was past 30 days. I spoke with and emailed GameStop customer service and their response was, sorry, can’t help you. So, I guess they are ok with selling defunct products and now I’m out $200. Poor customer service.”

Cole said – 

“I ordered a switch and it was never delivered to me and they said it was. I was screwed out of $300 and they won’t give me a refund. Stay away from GameStop. Total scam.”

Raven Hawkins said – 

“I preordered Elden Ring on 2/23/2022 and got the actual game on 3/21/2022 which is a month after the game is released! What good is GameStop if they don’t deliver games to you when having a game preordered? I even had to contact GameStop to have this game be delivered to me. This is a very poor business practice, and I will not be buying anything from GameStop ever again.”

Nola Mcelroy said – 

“Sold me 2 games as new, which on arrival turned out to be second hand. One was a wreck. Was told by email that it’s just the boxes and not to worry. I was told to bring them to the nearest GameStop shop for a refund, having ordered them and paid for delivery. Now I have this hassle. And I’m given 14 days to do it. Shameful behavior!”

Nikki said – 

“I ordered an Xbox online and never received it but because it says that it was delivered, they refuse to give me a refund or send another Xbox I would never purchase anything from GameStop online”

Final Verdict

Finally, GameStop is a valid platform and a secure place to buy your games and other accessories. However, there are some negative reviews about the customer service and some users complained about the refund policy. Apart from that, there is nothing to worry about while purchasing digital products and accessories from GameStop.


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