Is Google a Private Company? List of All the Google Products

Is Google a Private Company? List of All the Google Products

Google is not a private company. It is a public company and the shares of this company are traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange in the USA. The ticker symbol of Google LLC is GOOG.

Key Takeaways

  • Google LLC mostly known as Google or is one of the largest multinational technology companies based in America
  • Initially, Google was a private company but on August 19, 2004, Google offered IPO and become a public company
  • In the IPO Google offered 19,605,052 shares and the base price of each share was $85
  • Google has various types of products like search tools, groupings tools, advertising services, productivity tools, maps, statistical tools, etc.

Company Profile: Google LLC

Company NameGoogle LLC
Parent CompanyAlphabet Inc.
TypeSubsidiary (LLC)
IncorporatedOctober 22, 2002
IndustryArtificial intelligenceAdvertisingCloud computingComputer softwareComputer hardwareInternet
FoundedSeptember 4, 1998
FoundersLarry Page Sergey Brin
Address1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 United States
Number of employees150,028

Google as a Public Company

Google was founded on September 4, 1998, as a private company by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It remained a private company for 4 years. Google offered the IPO (Initial Public Offering) on August 19, 2004, when it was only five years old. At that time many experts were concerned about Google going public and they predicted that it would ruin its reputation of Google.

Is Google a Private Company? List of All the Google Products
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When Google was first launched, it was the 3rd major search engine after Excite and Yahoo. But when Google decided to go public they were the 1st choice search engine. Google offered 19,605,052 shares and the base price of each share was $85. The IPO increased Google’s value to more than $23 billion. When the IPO was released many Google employees became instant millionaires.         

Quick Overview of Google Stock

Fiscal Year-End12/2022
Net Income$76.03B
Day Open Price$2,137.80
Day Range$2,127.04 – $2,169.15
Shares Outstanding313.38M
P/E Ratio19.39
Market Cap$1.4T

Difference between a Private and Public Company

Private CompanyPublic Company
Founders, management, or the investors are the ownerAll the shareholders are the owner
Only the founders or the investors can buy/sell sharesAnyone can buy/sell shares after the IPO
Shares of the private company can only be traded by the company membersPublic company shares are traded on stock exchanges
It’s difficult to raise capital for the companyEasily raise the capital for the company by offering IPO
It is a bit complicated to sell the sharesIt is very easy to sell the shares
It’s not mandatory for a private company to file quarterly financial reports, annual reports, etc.A public company must submit quarterly financial reports, annual reports, and other documents 
Valuation of a private company is harderIt is very easy to evaluate a public company
Private companies are usually small in sizePublic companies are usually big companies
The main source of funding is private investors or venture capitalistsThe main source of funding is selling the shares and bonds

List of All the Google Products

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Google is not just a search engine. It has various products, web-based apps, and mobile apps, and it also offers services to its users. Below I have compiled a list of all the Google products and put them into designated sections. Let’s check them out!

Web-based Products: Search Tools

  • Google Search
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Books
  • Google Dataset Search
  • Google Flights
  • Google Images
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Travel
  • Google Videos

Web-based Products: Groupings Tool

  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Google Books
  • Google Finance
  • Google News
  • Google Patents
  • Google Scholar
  • YouTube

Web-based Products: Advertising Services

  • Google Ads
  • AdMob
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Marketing Platform

Web-based Products: Communication and Publishing Tools

  • Blogger
  • FeedBurner
  • Google Chat
  • Google Collections
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Currents
  • Google Duo
  • Google Fonts
  • Google Groups
  • Google Meet
  • Google Voice

Web-based Products: Productivity Tools

  • Gmail
  • Google Account
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Charts
  • Google Domains
  • Google Docs Editors
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Drawings
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sites
  • Google Keep
  • Google Drive
  • Google Jamboard
  • Google Translate

Web-based Products: Maps

  • Google Maps
  • Google My Maps
  • Google Maps Gallery
  • Google Mars
  • Google Moon
  • Google Street View
  • Google Sky
  • Google Santa Tracker

Web-based Products: Statistical Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Surveys
  • Google Ngram Viewer
  • Google Public Data Explorer
  • TensorFlow
  • Google Trends
  • Google Activity Report
  • Google Data Studio

Developer Tools

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Developers
  • Dart
  • Flutter
  • Go (programming language)
  • OpenSocial
  • Google PageSpeed Tools
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Google Search Console Sitemap
  • GN
  • Gerrit
  • Googletest
  • Bazel
  • FlatBuffers
  • Protocol Buffers
  • Shaderc
  • American fuzzy lop
  • Google Guava
  • Google Closure Tools
  • Google Collaborator

Security Tools

  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Titan

Operating Systems

  • Android
  • Wear OS
  • Android Auto
  • Android TV
  • Cast OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Glass OS
  • Fuchsia

Desktop Applications

  • AdWords Editor
  • Drive File Stream
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Earth
  • Google IME
  • Google Japanese Input
  • Google Pinyin
  • Google Toolbar
  • Android Studio
  • Google Web Designer
  • Backup and Sync
  • Tilt Brush
  • Google Trends Screensaver


  • Google Pixel
  • Google Nest
  • Google Chromecast
  • Fitbit
  • Google Glass Stadia Controller
  • Jamboard

Services of Google

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Crisis Response
  • Google Fi
  • Google Get Your Business Online
  • Google Public DNS
  • Google Person Finder
  • Google Firebase
  • Google Cast
  • Google Pay
  • Stadia
  • YouTube TV

FAQs about Is Google a Private Company

When did Google become a public company?

Google offered IPO (Initial Public Offering) on August 19, 2004, and become a public company. Initially, they traded 19,605,052 shares and the price of each share was $85.

What is meant by a private company?

When you refer to a company as private it means that the ownership of the company is private and the founders of the investors are the owner of the company. The shares of a private company don’t trade on public exchanges. Moreover, a private company can’t offer IPO.

What is a public company?

If a company sells a portion or all of its shares to the public then the company is considered as a public company. Usually, this type of company sells its share via IPO (Initial Public Offering). One key advantage of public companies is, that they can easily raise capital for their business by selling shares or bonds.

How do you tell if a company is public or private?

If the company has offered IPO or its shares are traded on the stock exchange then the company is a public company. You can visit the profile of a company to find out whether it’s a private or a public company.


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