Is Hempworx Legit Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Hempworx Legit

Today’s review is about Hempworx. If you are interested to know about Hempworx then you are welcome to read this review. In this review, I will provide detailed information on Hempworx and help you find out whether it’s a legit company or a pyramid scheme. Let’s explore!

What Is Hempworx?

What Is Hempworx

Hempworx is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2014 by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Hempworx later was merged with My Daily Choice in 2017. Basically, Hempworx is a CBD oil Multi-Level-Marketing company. Recently, it has jumped on the Cannabis legalization bandwagon as it sells hemp-based supplements and oils.

Overview Of Hempworx

1. Name: Hempworx

2. Website:

3. Founders: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

4. Product Type: MLM Company

5. Joining Fee: $39 – $599

Product Of Hempworx

Hempworx sells a wide variety of hemp and CBD products that you can use to relieve pain, renew stem cells, and improve your overall health. Some popular products of Hempworx are – 

1. Hemp Drops – pure CBD oil for pain relief

2. CBD Cream – anti-aging cream to reduce wrinkles and lines

3. Hempworx for pets – improves a pet’s immune system

4. Revive Cream – CBD collagen cream to moisturize the skin

5. Hempworx Relief – cream for relaxing the muscles

How Does Hempworx Work?

How Does Hempworx Work

The main products of Hempworx are CBD-related products, in fact, Hempworx produces CBD-related products as well as offers people to work from home by selling these products and receiving a commission. This way Hempworx saves marketing costs. You can work with Hempworx and earn a handsome amount of money. Like any other MLM company, Hempworx also has a complex commission plan. There are quite a few ways you can earn money with Hempworx. They are – 

1. Retail Customer Commissions

2. Jump Start Bonuses

3. Binary Team Commissions     

Retail Customer Commissions

This type of commission is paid weekly. Here the distributors get the products at wholesale pricing and it is up to 25% off. So, 25% is a huge difference, so when you sell products at this price difference you will earn the difference between the wholesale price and retail price. However, you have to earn one of the starter packs and earn 40 BV points to qualify as a distributor of Hempworx.  

Jump Start Bonuses

This type of commission is paid weekly and goes 10 levels deep. Here the payout is 85% commission on Business Volume (BV). In order to qualify for Jump Start Bonuses, you have to buy a starter pack and get at least 40 BV per month. 

Binary Team Commissions     

This commission is paid monthly and distributors can earn up to 20% commission. If you want to qualify for Binary Team Commissions then you have to get at least 40 BV in personal sales and 300 BV in your pay leg.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Hempworx Distributor?

If you want to become a Hempworx distributor then it will cost you an up-front fee of $20. Moreover, you have to buy a product package. The price of the product can range anywhere from $59 and go up to $599! So, if you don’t like to invest money to earn money then Hempworx is not the right option for you. However, Hempworx has one of the most aggressive affiliate programs with up to an 85% commission payout. So, depending on your rank you might be able to earn at least $500 per month to $10,000+ per month!

Is Hempworx A Pyramid Scheme Or A Scam?

Neither is Hempworx a pyramid scheme nor a scam. Though Hempworx is an MLM company it is possible for the members of Hempworx to make money by only selling CBD products without recruiting anyone. Usually, a pyramid scheme refers to recruiting people to earn money but that is not the case for Hempworx. Moreover, there is no problem with the legitimacy of this platform. Hempworx sells legit products and they also pay to their distributors just like they stated on the website.

Customer Reviews Of Hempworx

Debra M said – 

“I was skeptical until I used the product. 500mg THC free, 5 drops in the am and pm, along with the relief cream on my hands, and within 12 minutes my arthritis pain decreased to almost gone. I could bend all my fingers and felt great. On day 3, all gone. Crazy. So, I am getting it for my mother. All my stiffness is gone. My joints have not felt this normal in years. I guess this stuff really does work. I will continue to use this.”

Tracy G. said – 

“I do not smoke or intake ANY marijuana, yet after taking the Hempworx 750 oil for 1 week for insomnia, I tested POSITIVE on a pre-employment drug test! I lost the job due to this. The sales rep reassured me there was no THC, obviously, she was wrong.”

Lori J. Said – 

“All I can say is that my aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, and a couple of cousins are taking this and we are all in much better shape. I can’t even fathom how I could ever stop taking it. The $20 fee is only if you want to sell it. We are very grateful we found relief from insomnia, pain, inflammation, and anxiety! Thank you Hempworx!”

Britt P. Said – 

“I tried the 500 mg peppermint flavor and it didn’t work for me. It seems more watered down than a few other brands I’ve tried and it’s overpriced. I’ve also read really bad reviews about where they get some of their oils some people say it’s shipped from China? Does anyone know if this is true?”

Jay H. Said – 

“I ordered a $69.00 bottle of the Hempworx oil on the advice of a friend. I was looking for relief from the occasional pain in my foot, heel, and calf. The product was promptly delivered and was packaged well. I’ve tried it for the past three days and have been more than pleased by the relief I’ve felt.”

Laura D. Said – 

“I started using it for migraines, and after a few weeks, my symptoms diminished. I have been migraine-free for 5 months. The previous review said she had to pay $20 to be a member, that’s only if you want to sell the product. Customers don’t pay additional fees.”

Melissa T. Said – 

“I signed up to sell this product and the first bottle was amazing, but every bottle after that was worse in quality until the fourth bottle, and it didn’t even work, my pain levels came back horrible. I will also add that I have been in many consultant-based home businesses and this one by far is the worst, not only are the people you sign up under beyond rude and insulting, they will censor you on Hempworx pages or delete you altogether if they don’t like what your opinion is. It’s a one-sided company, if you say one thing, they don’t like they remove it so you will never really see any negative reviews because they won’t allow it. I have been treated beyond despicable by ladies in this business who are trying to get rich off sick people. If the product was all that, they would not need mules to sell it!”

Final Verdict

Finally, Hempworx is not a scam but it is an MLM company. They have been doing business for a few years now. However, I won’t recommend Hempworx to you because it is an MLM company and it needs much of an emphasis on direct selling and recruiting.  So, if you are comfortable with multi-level marketing then you can consider Hempworx!

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