Is JustAnswer Legit Or Scam? How it Works & What To Expect

Is JustAnswer Legit Or Scam

JustAnswer is a website that connects people with doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other experts 24/7. Established in 2003, JustAnswer has been providing expert support to people who need an immediate opinion from experts for their various problems. As a member, you will be able to enjoy round-the-clock access to 12,000+ verified experts and get solutions for your problem. So, if you have curiosity about JustAnswer and wondering whether it’s a legit or scam website then you can check this guide. Here I have shared everything about JustAnswer and what you will get when you sign up with JustAnswer.

What Is JustAnswer?

What Is JustAnswer

JustAnswer is an online internet-based expert question and answer website that connects users with experts in various subjects. So, basically, JustAnswer is like This website was established in 2003 by Andy Kurtzig and initially, it was known as ExpertAsk. Then ExpertAsk became JustAnswer. JustAnswer has offices in various countries around the world and provides services in several languages. In JustAnswer, you can contact an expert and ask a question and receive a typed response. With an additional fee, you will be able to speak with an expert on the phone. In JustAnswer you will find verified experts in the following fields:

1. Taxes, financial issues

2. Law

3. Mechanics

4. Medicine

5. Veterinary medicine

6. Electrical work

7. Plumbing

8. Electronics, phones

9. Computers, software

10. Home improvement

11. Appraisals

How Does JustAnswer Work?

In order to use the JustAnswer, you have to sign up with JustAnswer. Without a JustAnswer account, you won’t be able to use this platform. The working procedure of this website is very simple: sign up for JustAnswer, ask a question and receive an answer from a verified expert. Once you open the account, you will be able to ask your question. When you publish the question, the first expert to reserve that question is given the opportunity to answer it. However, in order to ask a question, you have to pay a fee of $5 which is basically a security deposit. This security deposit is proof that you are actually serious about having your question answered and paying an expert for their time. When an expert provides an answer to a question, you have to review and rate it. The expert only gets paid if you approve the answer. Here, you have the option to reject the answer as well as look for the opinion of other experts.

How To Sign Up For JustAnswer

Sign Up For JustAnswer

You can peek at the weeklong trial to begin your membership with JustAnswer. The price to open an account can vary between $1 and $5. You have to click on the Sign-Up link and then you will find an open conversation window with “Pearl Wilson, Expert’s Assistant.” This automated assistant will send you a link to sign up for the trial membership. You have to answer a few follow-up questions before you’ll receive a sign-up link. You have to provide your valid email address during the sign-up process. Moreover, you will be asked for your phone number and payment information. When you sign up, you’ll be charged only the trial membership fee, to begin with.

How Much Does JustAnswer Cost?

The cost of the monthly membership fee varies depending on how you sign up for Just Answer. Some links might take you to a $5 week-long trial before charging $50 monthly while others offer a $5 week-long trial before charging $74 monthly. Some links might offer you a $1 weeklong trial. The best part of a weeklong trial is, you can ask an unlimited number of questions. Once the weeklong trial is completed, you will be billed for a monthly membership.

You can also easily cancel your JustAnswer membership before the trial period expires and avoid the fee. Below are the steps to cancel your Just Answer membership – 

1. First, open a browser on your computer

2. Now visit JustAnswer.Com and log in to your account

3. Then From the top right corner of your screen, click “My Account”

4. After that click on “Membership”

5. On the membership page, you will find the “Cancel my membership” option

6. Click on the “Cancel my membership” and follow the instructions to complete the process

Advantages And Disadvantages Of JustAnswer

Advantages of JustAnswerDisadvantages of JustAnswer
JustAnswer is available 24/7 from any mobile device or computerTalking with an expert online is not similar to taking in-person
JustAnswer is cheaper than an in-person visit to an expertThere is a lack of transparency in JustAnswer’s pricing 
You can ask an unlimited questions during the week-long trialCanceling the membership plan is difficult and time-consuming 
A convenient way to get a second opinion from a different expertIt might take time to get a response from an expert
Experts’ ratings and reviews are visitable to usersThe quality of the response can vary from one expert to another
You can browse previously answered questions for free

Is JustAnswer Legit Or Scam?

JustAnswer is definitely a legit platform. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau which is excellent. Moreover, JustAnswer has been accredited since 2006. JustAnswer has more than 11,000 verified experts that you can access 24/7. Since the launch, more than ten million people have used this platform to acquire expert assistance. More than 90% of users are satisfied by the service of JustAnswer. You will be pleased to know that JustAnswer has more than 13,000 reviews in BBB and Trust Pilot!

Customer Reviews Of JustAnswer

Below are some customer reviews of JustAnswer – 

Jim B. Says –

“I asked a question on December 25 that was never answered. I called on 4/5/2021 to cancel my membership. I was told everything was taken care of but here we are two months later, still being charged. The customer service chat is run by bots. I had to go through 2 bots before I could chat with a real person who took care of my request. Time will tell if they actually cancel my membership this time. I attached the unanswered question made back in December”

Jason M. Says – 

“This business is a total scam. Do not enter in your credit card info! My bank alerted me to suspicious activity, otherwise, I would have never realized that they automatically charged me for a $60/month membership without my knowledge. I have asked them multiple times to refund the money, I was never told I’d be automatically enrolled in membership just for asking 1 question. It might be legal, but it’s an unsavory and unethical way to run a business.”

Matthew R. Says – 

“I tried to use this site to get a quick mechanical answer when I was in a jam. The question was responded to but not answered in any helpful way. Then the charges started. I have a lot going on with my CC for my business so I did not notice until now. They refused to refund any portion of 1 years’ worth of fees even though I only asked that first question the whole time. This is a great example of the bottom feeder Internet. Beware.”

Leah P. Says – 

“The expert I was connected with was helpful, but I was led to believe I would pay a $1 fee for a 1-time chat with an option to continue with a $31 per month membership. I was charged the $1 fee and the $31 membership fee upfront, requested cancellation immediately, and was told the fees were nonrefundable. Not exactly bang for your buck, especially if you can’t afford it in the first place.”

Bette K. Says – 

“When I first presented my problem, they wanted an additional $39.99. That was all after paying my trial fee and automatically taking my money out of my bank account for full membership. I wanted my money back, but they refused. Eventually, I got my problem fixed and was very grateful for that. Buyer beware.”

Jeff M. Says – 

“While information from the legal professionals is useful, beware the fee. Maybe I need to be more aware of fine print, but I thought the first question was $1. I was wrong. The first question begins a recurring $46 monthly payment. The $1 seems to be a lure.”

Tim D. Says – 

“My wife’s sewing machine stopped working. The needle was hitting something under the needle plate. It took a while for the system to find an expert, but after a while “canuck the pro” replied by text and e-mail, sending us a page of instructions for cleaning and lubricating in and around the bobbin assembly. Followed these directions and removed more lint than I would have believed could possibly have accumulated in such small spaces. After doing so, the machine works fine again.”

FAQs About Is JustAnswer Legit Or Scam

Are JustAnswer Doctors Real?

Yes, JustAnswer doctors are real. JustAnswer is a legitimate platform and all the experts on this platform are verified by JustAnswer. So, there is nothing to worry about taking expert opinions from JustAnswer doctors.

Is JustAnswer Cat Vet Legit?

JustAnswer cat vet is legit and it is an excellent solution for online vet needs. If you check the customer reviews of JustAnswer then you will find out that all the experts of JustAnswer are knowledgeable. So, you can take advice from the JustAnswer cat vet.

How Much Do JustAnswer Experts Make?

According to JustAnswer, you can earn an average of $2,000 to $7,000 a month as an expert. JustAnswer is a paid Q & A website where users pay anywhere from $5 to $90 to get their question/s answered.



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