Is Kegura.Com Legit Or A Scam Online Store?

Is Kegura.Com Legit Or A Scam Online Store

Keguru.Com is an online shopping platform that offers modern, trendy, stylish, and branded fashionable jewelry at an affordable price. Keguru.Com offers various jewelry like rings, chains, waist chains, bracelets, etc. If you are planning to order jewelry from Keguru.Com but are not sure about the legitimacy of this shopping platform then read this review. Here I will discuss Kegura.Com to help you know about this online store.

What Is Kegura.Com?

What Is Kegura.Com

Kegura is a new jewelry brand that deals in a variety of jewelry like rings, chains, waist chains, bracelets, etc. This is an online shopping platform where you will find jewelry of various kinds at a discount price. It is a USA-based online store but offers worldwide shipping including the U.S. States. It also supports various payment methods to make online shopping more convenient.

Overview Of Kegura.Com

1. Website link:

2. Address: Kegura, 4517-Adriel-Lane, Plano, TX-75074, US.

3. Contact Number: Not provided

4. Email: [email protected]

5. Delivery Policy: Approximately the Delivery period is 2-4 Weeks.

6. Refund: A refund policy is available

7. Order Cancellation: Cancellation can’t be availed

8. Payment Modes: Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Apple Pay, and many more.     

List Of Products Available At Kegura.Com

Iced tennis collection
Iced king bracelet collection
The shining leopard
Barbed wire bracelet
Bangle bracelet
Initial bangle bracelet
Roman bangle bracelet
King of the beasts
Vera watch collection
Galaxi watch collection
Abra watch collection
The damski collection
Marbil watch collection
Limited edition dwbr
Kegura jewelry box
The crystal ice
Limited edition sns hat
Black flare
The vintage bohemian
Sia rose gold ring
Roman ring collection
Riora stone ring
Magni ring
The kanden
Enchanted crown
Alliance ring
She’s the one
Iota stone ring
The triple row
Seeing eyes ring
The classic ice collection
The floating oasis
The runite knight
The crossover
The sphere collection
Navy blue flare
Kegura mens sunglasses
Iced lightning pendant & chainset
Flutter of elegance
A-Z pendant & chainset
Letter necklace & tennis chain
Uzi pendant & chainset
Cross pendant & chainset
The flourish
Gengar pendant & chainset
Mbm chain & pendant set
Iced ak & pendant set
Iced boxing pendant & chain set
Kegura womens sunglasses

Shipping Policy Of Kegura.Com

The shipping time of Kegura.Com depends on quite a few things. After you place an order at Kegura.Com, it will take 2-4 weeks on average to receive the product. When you place an order, you will receive a tracking number. Then you can use the tracking number to find out the current status of your package. While shopping at Kegura.Com you should know that you won’t be able to cancel an order after the order is placed. In this type of situation, you have to collect the product first and then contact Kegura customer service for instructions on how to return the product.      

Return And Refund Policy Of Kegura.Com

Kegura.Com offers to return or refund from the customers. If you have bought a product from Kegura.Com then you have 30 days from the delivery date to return the product. You have to contact customer support via email at [email protected] to make a return at Kegura.Com. Your product has to be in perfect condition and in the original packaging to qualify for a return. Moreover, you have to bear the return shipping cost. When Kegura.Com receives the product, they will check the product and see if it matches with the return policy. Once the inspection is completed, Kegura.Com will notify you of the status of your refund. If your return is accepted, then Kegura will initiate a refund to your credit card or the original payment method. Depending on the policy of your card issuing company, you will receive the credit within 3 – 5 business days.

Is Kegura.Com Legit Or A Scam?

Kegura.Com Legit Or A Scam

This online shopping platform is established in 2021. So, it is very difficult to judge the legitimacy of Kegura.Com in this short period. However, in this short period, Kegura.Com has already had a lot of red flags. Moreover, customers have a very poor shopping experience with Kegura.Com. Most of the customers have complained about the shipping time and return process. Besides, the quality of the products of Kegura.Com is not up to the mark. Below are some key reasons why Kegura.Com might be a suspicious site.

1. There is no “About Us” page on the website. “About Us” page is a very common feature of a legit website that Kegura.Com is missing. So, it is quite clear that the company is trying to hide information. 

2. If you check the “Terms and Conditions” page of Kegura.Com then you will see that the contents are stolen from another website.

3. The product images used on this website are also stolen. Most of these images are stolen from various designer’s online stores.   

4. There are lots of complaints and negative reviews about the quality of products of Kegura.Com. 

5. It has an unrealistic and useless Returns and Exchanges Policy which says that the items must be unused, undamaged, and in original packaging to be eligible for the return and exchange.

Customer Reviews Of Kegura.Com

Positive Reviews Of Kegura.Com

Velma Kun Said – 

“The customer service was amazing and actually real people reaching out and asking me good questions to get me helped out. In my first order, I made a mistake and got the wrong size, I sent an email to Kegura and was helped instantly. Kegura Support got everything figured out and, in a couple, of days had my new order sent. I received it and it is exactly what I ordered.”

Melinda Bummer Said – 

“What I ordered is just great, the quality of items is more than I expected, shipping was fast and I got a good deal. I believe strongly in Kegura merchandise and the quality is just great. I recommend them and appreciate their products and their service. Thank you, customer support, for the help when I received the wrong size (my fault) They sent me a reshipment of the correct one.”

Viola May Said – 

“I was very nervous ordering from here but when I got my stuff I was more than pleased. The quality and presentation of your items will make you feel so confident while wearing them. Will order more jewelry and a bunch of holiday gifts from here from now on! Shout out to the artisan at Kegura!!!”

Negative Reviews Of Kegura.Com

Bethann Smith Said – 

“I ordered and it still has not arrived! I think it’s a scam. How sad is that!?!? I want a refund!! oh, also it said it has been shipped well if so, where is it? That was a month ago”

Cassie Graham Said – 

“Items on their site are available on Ali Express for prices ranging from $.01 to $3. The photos are exactly the same on the product listings. If they’re charging you $50 for shipping you might as well just buy it directly from the other website and buy 5000 of the products for $50 and receive free shipping.”

Sofie Bradshaw Said – 

“Ordered some rings on the 16th of July, was told they had arrived in my country on the 29th of July and they’re still not here! I’m disappointed quite simply. It does not take a package 5 weeks to get from one part of England to another!”

Ryan Gab Said – 

“I ordered a bracelet on 8/30/21 and I got shipping notifications and it eventually stopped at 9/14/21 it’s been like 5-7 weeks and I’ve been frustrated about my package not coming.”

Kimberly Maver Said – 

“This was my first time purchasing from Kegura and I was skeptical at first but they ended up coming through. The reason why my rating is so low is that they don’t do custom engravings. I wanted to order a ring for my anniversary with our date engraved in it but when I emailed them and asked if it was possible, they said not at the moment. If they end up offering to engrave I’ll up my review.”

Amber Namio Said – 

“The items I ordered did not arrive as they were originally scheduled. Instead, they arrived days later than the estimated delivery date stated at the time that I ordered. There was no justifiable reason visible for this, and the only explanation was because of the corona. This made it very frustrating for me.”

Final Verdict

Finally, Kegura.Com doesn’t have so many customer reviews. Moreover, stolen content, images, lack of transparency, poor customer service, etc. have made Kegura.Com a very suspicious website. Therefore, my recommendation is, you should avoid shopping at Kegura.Com.


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