Is Math Hard In Business Administration Degree | Business Major Math Requirements

Business Major Math Requirements

Business schools offer a less challenging version of mathematics for business students. Usually, the business administration majors only take “business calculus” and it is easier than other parts of mathematics. Moreover, other math-related courses of a business administration degree might be financial accounting, managerial accounting, statistics, etc. These math topics aren’t difficult at all.

Key Takeaways

  • The business degree usually requires students to take calculus, statistics, advanced math, etc.
  • According to, 93% of American students experience some level of math anxiety
  • Accounting is the core subject of any business degree and it doesn’t require a lot of complex calculations
  • The managerial accounting subject helps the students learn how to analyze expenses and profits

Math Requirements For A Bachelor’s In Business Administration

Math Requirements For A Bachelors In Business Administration

Every business school is different therefore math courses for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration might vary depending on the school. Many students have terrible memories of high school or college math. But in degree programs, the curriculum changes and you will be pleased to know that the math of college classes from your past is often nowhere to be found in the curriculum. Below are the math-related classes that you would need to take in Business Administration – 

1. Accounting

This subject helps you put numbers in context and it doesn’t require a lot of complex calculations. In fact, accounting is the core of any business degree where a student will learn how to read a profit and loss statement as well as understand the role of assets and liabilities. Moreover, students will have a clear idea about payroll and other common expenses.

2. Economics For Managers            

The main focus of this subject is not on financial forecasting or the math behind economic trends. Here, Economics for Managers helps the students understand these trends so that they can make sound decisions for your business.

3. Managerial Accounting

This subject definitely requires math, but the focus is on arithmetic. Here students will learn how to analyze expenses and profits, how to budget the funds, and many more. The student will also learn how to use this information to predict the financial future of the business and make good decisions about payroll, raises, layoffs, and more.

4. Finance For Managers

This subject provides lessons in finance from the perspective of a manager. It helps the students to understand corporate financial data. They will get basic mastery of financial planning and what role financial management plays in thriving companies.

Math Requirements For A Master Of Business Administration

Math Requirements For A Master Of Business Administration

The master’s degree in business administration will help the students learn how to respond to sudden profit losses, analyze how market trends may impact the business as well as predict how interest swings could affect earnings and investments. Here the students don’t have to take part in complex algebra, geometry, and calculus but basic mathematics courses. For a master of business administration degree, you have to take part in the following courses – 

1. Management Analytics

This course will help the students learn how to synthesize and analyze lots of data all at once. Here you don’t have to master calculus or learn how to program a computer. You have to take part in basic analytic concepts and the main focus is on understanding what they mean, not complex calculations.

2. Management Accounting

This is advanced accounting but it has little to do with math. The main focus of this subject is to help the students learn how to make a good decision by analyzing big data.

3. Managerial Economics

This course helps the students understand how economic factors affect financial decisions. It doesn’t require any complex calculation and you don’t have to create or analyze your own data. This course will help you learn how to apply the calculations you already know to the present situation.

4. Financial Management

This course requires some simple math like allocating the right amount of money for employee salaries, learning how to grow profit, and managing the finance of a business. The main focus of this subject is to learn how to intelligently stretch a dollar.

Math Requirements For A Business Management Degree

The best part of a business management degree is, students don’t have to take many pure math classes. They have to take various math classes but these classes aren’t related to advanced mathematics. Some common math requirements for a business management degree are – 

1. Algebra

In a business management degree, you have to complete a college algebra class and it mainly focuses on data analysis or mathematics for business applications class. Here, the students take algebra as entering freshmen and depending on the scores from the entrance exams students have to take additional “intermediate” algebra classes before the university will let the students take algebra classes required for the degree.

2. Calculus

A degree in business management requires the students to attend calculus classes. Usually, these classes are introductory classes but some business schools have a special “calculus for business” class. Moreover, many business management programs allow mathematically-inclined students to take more advanced calculus classes instead of basic classes.

3. Economics

This is a very important subject of business management and it requires a lot of number crunching. In a business management degree, you have to take two economics classes: microeconomics and macroeconomics. These classes involved detailed statistical analyses of the economy for individuals and companies. Moreover, the students will learn how a larger economy affects employment rates and wages.

4. Accounting

This is one of the major math-oriented classes students have to take in a business management degree. Students have to take classes in financial accounting and managerial accounting. These classes mainly focus on gathering and analyzing information/data of a ledger and using the data for business decisions. Moreover, the students will learn how to calculate inventories, schedules and prepare worker salaries.

Which Math Subjects Can Be Difficult For Business Students?

To get a business degree, students have to take classes in various math subjects. So, if you are not strong at math then you have to push yourself to succeed in certain subjects. Usually, math courses related to finance and accounting are the hardest of all math subjects available for a business degree. Below are testimonials of some people who have earned a business degree and they have shared which math subject has given them the hardest time – 

Jamie Hejna, owner of Ollie Marketing said – 

“My degree required two accounting credits, I struggled to develop a strong understanding of financial and managerial accounting.”

Nathan Murphy, co-founder, and co-owner of QuizBreaker said – 

“The biggest hurdles I had to overcome in terms of material were any topics having to do with finance and accounting, I was a natural when it came to the more communicative side of the business, such as marketing and sales, but the back end was tough to wrap my head around.”

Kristaps Brencans, chief marketing officer of On The Map Marketing said – 

“I was surprised at how thoroughly my business degree program dove into topics such as analytics, data, and statistics, these are areas that would normally seem to be in the STEM category rather than business, but in retrospect, they’re extremely important skill sets to have in any actual business-oriented career.”

FAQs About Is Math Hard In Business Administration Degree

What kind of math is used in business administration?

Usually, in business administration, elementary arithmetic, elementary algebra, statistics, and probability are used. However, in some management programs more advanced mathematics like calculus, matrix algebra, and linear programming is used.

Can you get a business degree if you are bad at math?

Yes! it’s possible for you to get a business degree even if you are bad at math. There are many business degrees available like business administration where you only have to take part in some basic mathematics classes like “business calculus” which is very easy.

What degrees require no math?

There are lots of majors available that do not require studying math. Some popular majors are – 

1. Foreign language
2. Music
3. Education
4. English literature
5. Philosophy
6. Communications
7. Anthropology
8. Graphic design
9. Digital marketing, etc.
10. Health science
11. Sociology
12. Theater arts
13. Library science
14. Religious studies
15. History
16. International studies
17. Occupational therapy
18. Cultural studies
19. Public relations
20. Culinary arts

Does Business Administration Require Math?

Yes, business administration requires math but they are not “pure math.” For a business administration degree, you have to take math courses like accounting, economics, statistics, basic calculus, etc. However, if you want to pursue a higher degree in business administration then you might have to take classes on advanced mathematics.    

Do Business Studies Require Math?

Yes, business studies require math. You have to participate in accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales forecasting, and financial analysis and these topics require basic to advanced level math. Moreover, for some management problems, you will need to take classes on more advanced mathematics like calculus, matrix algebra, linear programming, etc.


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