Is Newegg Website Safe And Reliable To Buy Electronics? Customer Reviews Of Newegg

Newegg Website

Newegg is a safe and reliable website to buy computer components. Like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, Newegg sells various products. You can expect the product quality to be high. But you should also know that many 3rd party vendors sell various products on Newegg. Therefore, while buying computer components from 3rd part vendors make sure you check the vendor ratings and product ratings before placing the order.

Key Takeaways

  • Newegg Commerce, Inc. is an online shopping website that retails computer hardware and peripherals, laptops, software, networking products, etc. across the USA
  • Many third-party vendors also sell their products at Newegg
  • Newegg doesn’t have returns and refund policies which is the biggest disadvantage of this platform
  • Newegg has grown to approximately 1,500 employees and serves 36 million customers in 50 different countries around the world
  • Newegg is definitely reliable and trustworthy just like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

What Is Newegg?

Newegg is a renowned electronics eCommerce-based retailer and online shop that sells computer hardware, consumer electronics, graphic cards, and other types of electronics items. Since its establishment, Newegg has grown to approximately 1,500 employees and serves 36 million customers in 50 different countries. Newegg sells its own products and relies on third-party vendors to do most of the selling just like Amazon.

Newegg Company Information

Company NameNewegg Commerce, Inc.
OwnerFred Chang
LocationCity of Industry, California
Official Website

Is Newegg Legal And Safe Or A Scam?

Over the years Newegg has earned a reputation as one of the best online retailers to purchase various types of electronics goods. So, any products you buy from Newegg that are sold by the company are safe and legal. Newegg also has third-party vendors who sell various electronics products at a discount price. Products from 3rd party vendors must go through a rigorous process before they are eligible to sell products. Moreover, all the computer components and electronics sold by third-party vendors are on a case-by-case basis to ensure they meet quality standards.

When you visit the Newegg website, you will see that each third-party vendor comes with a seller rating that indicates trustworthiness based on the buyer’s experience and feedback. Moreover, Newegg gives high priority to customer privacy and the website is free from all types of viruses or malware. Therefore, if you consider the overall experience, Newegg is a very safe place for shopping.

Is Newegg Reliable And Trustworthy?

Newegg is definitely reliable and trustworthy just like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Newegg sells various types of products so you can expect the product quality to be high. Newegg sells consumer electronics, so there will be a slight chance that you will receive dead products on arrival (DOA). If you receive a defective product from Newegg then you can send the product back to get it repaired, replaced, or refunded. In fact, Newegg has a straightforward return and refund policy. However, if you buy products from a third-party vendor on Newegg then you should be aware of the Marketplace seller’s policies. This is where you should be more careful and read the seller’s return policy. You should also check the restocking fees policy, and return shipping labels policy of the 3rd-party vendors.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Newegg

Advantages of NeweggDisadvantages of Newegg
Various types of products available from computer hardware to graphic cards to office suppliesMany vendors artificially inflate the price of consumer electronics
Products are available at a discount priceCustomer service is not up to the mark
Well-developed filters allow the buyers to search the desired product preciously There are no uniform returns and refund policies available in Newegg when purchasing products from third-party vendors
Customer reviews are available in detail so other customers can get an idea about the vendor and products
Provide technical support related to computer hardware and software

Newegg Payment Methods

Newegg Payment Methods

Newegg has lots of payment methods. Some of them are – 

1. Newegg Store Credit Card

2. American Express

3. Diners Club

4. Discover

5. JCB

6. MasterCard

7. Union Pay

8. Visa

9. Gift Card

10. Amex Express Checkout

11. Android Pay

12. Apple pay

13. BitPay

14. MasterPass

15. PayPal                      

Newegg Customer Reviews

Chad Says – 

“Been using Newegg since it was a brick and mortar store and I’ve never had a bad experience. I’ll keep purchasing from them over Amazon any day.”

Douglas Benedict Says – 

“When push comes to shove their return policy is bogus. I bought a $300 defective product and – amazingly – they found a way to stiff me.”

PD Fleet Says – 

“This company is a joke. Bought computers and accessories for a project for underprivileged children. First, they sent the wrong items, then we realized all the computers came with the wrong plugs and now find out a bunch of the battery back-ups we purchased came with the wrong wires. It has been nothing but one headache after another and the company was not very helpful with the problems. We will never use this company again and I strongly discourage others from doing so too unless you like having to deal with the problem after problem.”

Muthamouth Says – 

“I have been doing business with Newegg for decades. Never bought anything bad from them. Great products to choose from and in a price range, you can afford. They offer many Terrific companies and back their stuff also.”

Armand LaBoutique Says – 

“We bought two MacBook Pro computers there. They stop working a week after. Completely bad and awful company ripping people off. Avoid them. A plague!”

RonG Says – 

“I have been purchasing PC computer hardware from for the past 15 years and never had a single problem. The shipping is excellent. Their products are genuine and work perfectly. I know of several other people who have similar results.”

Joe Says – 

“This site has some of the most biased, paid for, doctored reviews you could pay money for. Great for dishonest sellers, bad for customers. Would advise against using them”

Nathan McClellan Says – 

“I’ve been ordering parts and PC’s from Newegg for over 10 years now. Never seen one faulty part or PC for me or any of my friends and family, even the open-box and refurbished ones. Never had a single shipping screw up that I can recall either.”


Final Thoughts

Finally, if you check the above reviews then you will see that Newegg has mixed customer reviews. Some customers are happy with Newegg while others have a bad shopping experience. Most negative reviews are about the bad customer service and refund policies of Newegg. There is no complaint about fraudulent activities or scams by Newegg. So, Newegg is definitely safe and reliable for shopping. But while shopping you should check and consider the customer reviews about the products as well as the vendors to avoid any hassle.        


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