Is Spokeo Legit? Read Customer Reviews of Spokeo.Com

Is Spokeo Legit

Spokeo is one of the largest background check service providers in the USA and it is a legit platform. This website has 20 million monthly visitors so there is no question about the legitimacy of this platform. However, Spokeo has a consumer rating of 2.42 out of 5.00 which indicates that customers are not happy with the service offered by Spokeo.

Key Takeaways

  • Initially, Spokeo was a social network aggregator but in 2008, this platform evolved into a social search engine
  • Some common features of Spokeo are standard people search options, geo-grouping algorithm, public search directory, etc.
  • Standard people search options allow users to find background information on anyone at any time from anywhere
  • The pricing of Spokeo ranges from $0.95 – $23.76 whereas full name report will cost you $0.95 per report and 1 monthly subscription will cost $23.76

What Is Spokeo?

What Is Spokeo

Spokeo is a USA-based people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources to build their database. This background check platform is founded in 2006 by Harrison Tang. Initially, it was a social network aggregator. In 2008, this platform is evolved into a social search engine and first introduced the paid service. The main use of this platform is to find information about people including their income, religion, spouse’s name, credit status, the number of people in the household, and many more. The overall revenue of Spokeo for the last year was more than $60 Million.

Overview Of Spokeo
Headquarters556 S Fair Oaks Ave, Ste 101-179, Pasadena, California, 91105, United States
Phone Number(626) 396-9499
Revenue$60 Million+

Features Of Spokeo

Spokeo has some unique features that will make your search for people’s background information, more accurate and easier. Some key features of Spokeo are – 

1. Standard People Search Options

2. Geo-Grouping Algorithm

3. Spokeo Connections 

4. Public Search Directory

5. Identity Protect

6. Crime and Court Records

7. Regularly Updated Reports

8. Reverse Background Check

9. Identifies Unknown Calls, Texts, and Emails

1. Standard People Search Options

This feature of Spokeo allows users to find background information on anyone at any time from anywhere. You can search for people by name, email, address, or phone number. So, if you want detailed information about a person then you have to pick a paid plan. The free version will give you some information but it might not be enough for you if you are looking for complete details. 

2. Geo-Grouping Algorithm

This is an excellent feature of Spokeo. The Geo-Grouping algorithm of Spokeo will give you a search result based on geographical location. For instance, if you are trying to find information about Steve Smith of California then you will get a better result if you enter the state where he lives.     

3. Spokeo Connections 

This feature allows you to group all your friend’s social media profiles in one place. So, this way you will be able to keep up with all of their updates, without switching between profiles which are very convenient. While opening an account with Spokeo, it gives you a 30-day free trial for the Connections feature! 

4. Public Search Directory

Spokeo has a huge public directory with over 300 million records. The best part of this directory is, all the records are publicly available, not user-generated or company-generated. Spokeo’s public search directory also uses data from third parties like Google and Criteo in their platform. So, you will get the most appropriate filtered results from this platform.   

5. Identity Protect

Spokeo also has a personal identity protection feature. If you enable this feature then Spokeo will regularly monitor your data. Moreover, this feature can protect your identity for dark web monitoring. Moreover, if required, Spokeo can provide assistance from certified identity resolution specialists.  

6. Crime And Court Records

If you want to check the criminal record or background of someone then this feature from Spokeo can come in very handy. With this feature of Spokeo, you will be able to get information on past or present convictions, public arrest records, serving time, offense locations, pending criminal cases, etc. Moreover, you will also be able to access court reports like citations, misdemeanors, and felony records, or even historical reports. This feature is available with add-on plans that you have to buy while subscribing to a Spokeo plan.  

7. Regularly Updated Reports

This feature from Spokeo will give you regular updates on the reports you purchased, up until you cancel your subscription.  

8. Reverse Background Check

With Spokeo, you will also be able to check the education, ID backgrounds, or court records of the person that you are searching for. This information will help you cross-reference whether you are looking at the right person or not.  

9. Identifies Unknown Calls, Texts, And Emails

If you use the Spokeo app on your smartphone then it will help you identify unknown calls as well as messages and emails from fraudsters, marketers, or scammers. It will help you manually block these numbers.

What Is Spokeo Business

Spokeo business is similar to a people search engine but specifically designed for business customers. Spokeo business allows various businesses to access top-quality Spokeo data from reliable sources. Moreover. it also allows the user to manage all user and manager accounts through the same dashboard. Spokeo business will be a great option for various business industries including health care, legal, eCommerce, real estate, debt collection, NGOs, etc. it will allow the businesses to locate and identify the business as well as people to avoid fraud activities. Some key features of Spokeo business are – 

1. Customized search plans 

2. Unlimited download of detailed updated reports on individuals

3. Advanced search filter

4. Access to all search types

Spokeo Pricing

The pricing of Spokeo is very reasonable compared to other people’s search engines. Spokeo offers a free 7-day trial. After that, you can choose from the below plans – 

1. Full Name Report: $0.95/report

2. 1 month: $23.76/month, now available for $13.75/month

3. 3 months: $56.41/month, now available for $23.76/month

4. Additional Add-Ons: $2.95 each to search court or historical records

The pricing of Spokeo business is different from Spokeo and it is a bit expensive. The three available plans of Spokeo business are – 

1. Basic business: $35.95/month

2. Professional: $69.95/month, up to 500 Reports

3. Enterprise: $119.95/month, up to 1000 Reports 

Is Spokeo Legit?

Spokeo is definitely a legit platform. If you are looking for information about someone then it should be the go-to platform for you. The customer service of Spokeo is excellent but there are some complaints from users about incorrect information provided by Spokeo. This is a very common complaint about this type of people search engine and Spokeo is not an exception. One key reason Spokeo provides incorrect information is, it depends upon public information databases that have different quality standards. So, providing incorrect information doesn’t make Spokeo a scam!

Customer Review Of Spokeo

Positive Review Of Spokeo

Name Tenshi Said – 

“The service is good, there’s a plan for every particular use. If you don’t want to be charged for a membership, read the fine print, it’s right above to continue button every time.”

IngridScar Said – 

“I signed up sometime in my past but no longer need their service, I was very surprised to see how quickly they answer their phone and how easy it was to cancel my subscription.”

Kathy Swisher Said – 

“I have enjoyed being able to find people with addresses and phone numbers. This a great app and the customer service were awesome. Thank you, Spokeo.”

Brian Said – 

“In regards to the website little is left to be desired with so much information offered, and in system purchases made me realize the initial price was at a good deal. As far as customer service I like the setup very much, looks well established and the level of professionalism and customer support is inspiring.”

Mel B Said – 

“Professional. Detailed information when I needed it. Reasonable pricing. And when I realized I hadn’t canceled my monthly membership, it was very easy to cancel via customer service chat.”

Negative Reviews Of Spokeo

Rocky Strickler Said – 

“Rip-Off!!! Spokeo claims they only charge 1.95. Then a week later they take 24.95 out hoping you will not notice. They have multiple complaints on google reviews and more on other sites, A complete scam!! Do NOT use Spokeo. They have already been sued multiple times”

Paula O’Rourke Said – 

“First all the information was completely outdated for more than 10 years. And then there was such crazy wrong information apparently, I was married to somebody and some other city and they showed a picture of who I was and it was of some man so and if you want any eggs any actually real information you have to pay extra!”

William P Said – 

“I canceled my subscription on January 24 and on the 26th they charged me another month! what kind of company does this? I am so angry. Since it happened to notice the charge on my card, they offered a pro-rated refund of 1/2. not good enough Spokeo. do better”

Ashley Said – 

“Absolutely awful. Same story as everyone else. Paid 95 cents once and got charged. Now I can’t even sign in. Anyone else wants to get together I’m happy to go after them.”

Mark Hafkey Said – 

“Spokeo advertises “free” look up, but it’s not. Not a single thing. Don’t waste your time with a dishonest company.”

Final Verdict

Finally, Spoke is an excellent platform to search for information about people in the USA. In fact, for this price range, you won’t find a better deal than Spokeo. Spokeo has the best ratings and remarks about its services among people’s search engines. So, Spokeo is highly recommended!


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