Is Stubhub Legit? What You Need to Know Before Buying Tickets?

Is Stubhub Legit

StubHub is owned by eBay and it is a legit platform to buy and sell tickets. StubHub is an online broker that sells event tickets, sports tickets, concert tickets, etc. Moreover, this platform has a FanProtection Guarantee so you can buy and sell tickets tension free on StubHub.

Key Takeaways

  • StubHub is among the biggest names when it comes to buying and selling tickets on the secondary resale market
  • Stubhub makes money by collecting a commission on each ticket sold on this platform
  • The best part of this platform is, it offers a 100% guarantee of the legitimacy of the tickets
  • Stubhub doesn’t have fixed fees and the fees can vary depending on event type, ticket type, and location

What Is Stubhub?


Stubhub is a renowned American ticket exchange and resale company. In Stubhub you can buy and sell tickets for various events including sports, concerts, theater, and other live entertainment events. Stubhub was established in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr. Stubhub can directly sell tickets and people or brokers can also post tickets for sale on the site. Over the years, Stubhub has grown from the largest secondary-market ticket marketplace in the United States into the world’s largest ticket marketplace. Stubhub makes money by collecting a commission on each ticket sold on this platform. So, if you are looking for tickets for events that are officially sold out then Stubhub will be a great option for you.

Is It Safe To Buy Tickets On StubHub?

It is completely safe to buy tickets from Stubhub because it has the right to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. In 2007, Stubhub was acquired by eBay for $310 million and it gives eBay to sell all types of tickets. Moreover, eBay is a leading multinational eCommerce platform so, Stubhub has the financial backing of one of the world’s largest companies. Moreover, Stubhub also gives a 100% guarantee of the legitimacy of their tickets. This is something that indicates the safety of buying tickets on StubHub.

Fees And Charges Of Stubhub

Stubhub will charge fees for selling or buying tickets. Moreover, you might have to pay additional delivery or fulfillment fees while buying or selling tickets on Stubhub. There are no fixed fees and the fees can vary depending on event type, ticket type, and location. Moreover, if you sell tickets on Stubhub and if you don’t fulfill the contractual obligations and the Seller Policies then Stubhub might charge the seller certain fees according to the seller policies. AS a buyer if you change your postal address after the purchase or if you or if you provide an incorrect postal address then you have to pay additional fees.

List Of Payment Methods Supported By Stubhub

Below are the payment methods that you can use to buy tickets from Stubhub – 

1. All major credit and debit cards – (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

2. StubHub Gift Cards

3. Google Wallet

4. Apple Pay

5. Android Pay

6. PayPal


7. PayPal Credit

8. Affirm

Stubhub doesn’t accept cash or checks.

Return And Refund Policy Of StubHub

Stubhub has an excellent return and refund policy. Stubhub works as a mediator between ticket buyers and sellers and they don’t sell tickets so Stubhub has a buyer protection policy that demands ticket sellers to return money in some instances. For example, if you don’t receive your ticket in time then Stubhub will attempt to issue you replacement tickets but if that is not possible then Stubhub will issue a full refund. Moreover, if the tickets you have received are the wrong ones, then Stubhub will refund you.

Stubhub FanProtect Guarantee

Every order is 100% guaranteed on StubHub. Despite that, Stubhub has FanProtect Guarantee that provides the below benefits – 

1. Stubhub will ensure that you will get the ticket in time for the event

2. The tickets will provide valid entry to the event

3. If there is an issue with your order then Stubhub will compensate with comparable or better tickets or refund your money

4. If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you’ll receive 120% credit or the option to get a full refund

Pros And Cons Of Stubhub

Pros of StubhubCons of Stubhub
Largest ticket exchange platform in the worldFluctuating ticket prices
Events from 50+ countries are listed on StubhubHigh service fees (26-32% extra)
Premium Tickets: court-side seats, VIP event packages, etc.High shipping fees
Mobile Delivery
Mobile entry by scanning phone 
Last-minute service center pick-up locations

Is StubHub Legit?

Stubhub is definitely a legit company. It has been in the business for 22 years now! If Stubhub was a scam then it won’t continue for that long. Moreover, Stubhub is owned by eBay which is America’s one of the largest e-commerce companies. Moreover, Stubhub has sponsorships with over 100 organizations worldwide including many sports teams, leagues, and IT companies like Apple, Spotify, Uber, etc. Stubhub has more than 12,000 employees and all are working to ensure the tickets at Stubhub are 100% genuine and they are bought and sold in a timely manner.

Customer Reviews Of Stubhub

Positive Reviews Of Stubhub

Lindsay Hengehold Said – 

“I’ve sold quite a few baseball tickets through Stubhub and I’ve always had great experiences with selling the tickets for a great price and the transactions always went very smoothly.”

Jay Said –

“I bought tickets for a football game that was canceled due to Hurricane Ida. StubHub contacted me to refund what I paid for the tickets PLUS 20% for my trouble. I didn’t have to contact them, they contacted me! I am very happy with their customer service, have used them many times in the past, and will continue to do so.”

Erica Grider Said – 

“Mary Hill and Stacey Vass were extremely helpful in getting a ticket mix-up straightened out. As soon as I reached out for help, I was met with the desire to correct the situation. Thank you for your kindness!”

Ash Said – 

“Have purchased tons of tickets from StubHub for concerts all throughout my fake e-girl phase when I was seeing Halsey and 1975. Now I use them for K-Pop concerts. I’ve bought BlackPink and Monsta X tickets 2 years in a row. Never had any issue with them and my tickets were always valid. I also sell tickets through StubHub if I have to. Probably my go-to ticket purchasing if I’m unable to get tickets via Ticketmaster first.”

Mrs. Samantha Smith Said – 

“I do not have anything bad to say about this company. I brought the tickets and I received two instant emails and then on the next e-mail, they would let me know when they would be dispatched. Within 3 days I received my tickets and I went last night and had no issues with the tickets or my seat. Perfect, I would defiantly use this company again. Thank you, Sam,”

Corinne Goforth Said – 

“I had nothing but a positive experience when dealing with Stubhub for the first time. The representatives in customer service were patient and incredibly helpful. One, in particular, Shallisha, assisted me when my tickets sold, walked me through the process of transferring my tickets to my buyer, and made sure my payment would be deposited in my checking account. She was outstanding!”

Yasmine Said – 

“I purchased tickets for Ed Sheeran’s concert and I didn’t know about Stubhub at the time. Once I put 300€ on the tickets, I was so scared that they might not work or that I would never receive them because I read the reviews. Finally, the tickets arrived very quickly in my email and everything was completely fine. Maybe it depends on the seller but everything went well for me!”

Zara Lokuge Said – 

“I had originally bought tickets to the Billie Irish concert in San Francisco. I was really looking forward to it however I was worried that I was not on the ga floor instead of the row. I called Stubhub customer service and they were amazing!! especially, Andrea, she deserves all the credit.”

Emily Cashmore – 

“Absolutely amazing time at the Shawn Mendes concert. I managed to bag the front row for most shows thanks to Stubhub. The only bad thing I would say is the tickets were a little pricey but definitely worth it to see Shawn in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, and London.”

Negative Reviews Of Stubhub

Seone Anderson Said – 

“Absolute scammers. They are aftermarket sellers that advertise as if they were first-hand sellers. When I got a notification from Spotify saying a band, I liked was near me I was so excited to buy tickets that I went through the Spotify link. I foolishly bought from stub hub; a company full of useless scammers. I would give zero stars if it was possible. Stay away from them”

Vivek Mall Said – 

“The worst ticket booking site ever. I booked my tickets for Euro 2020, even after the event got canceled, and got an email about my refund, I have never been able to contact them even after numerous tries on social media and emails. They are very unprofessional and have been clinging to my money for so long.”

Kristy Moore Said – 

“Scam artists. Tickets I purchased on 2/14/2020 were transferred to someone on 9/30/2021. Stubhub then resold my tickets after they were transferred and charged me a total of $240. Because the tickets they sold weren’t received by the “buyer” even though they had already been sold and transferred.”

Gurbil Fcrintz Said – 

“Absolutely terrible company! Do not buy from them! I and my friend bought tickets for a soccer match and never received our tickets. Customer service is literally nonexistent. Have emailed them twice and have received no response. They should be shut down. Textbook definition of a scam. Literally don’t know how they’re allowed to operate as a business.”

Ambl lbma Said – 

“I bought a ticket for 150$ and I’m only getting my tickets a day before the concerts I’m really scared they’re going to come too late or I’m getting scammed. I want to cancel the order but I can’t.”

Final Verdict

Finally, Stubhub is a legit platform with lots of positive customer reviews. Moreover, it also has a return and refund system. So, if anything goes wrong then you can return the ticket and get a refund. If you are looking for tickets for any event then Stubhub should be your go-to website.         


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