Is The WAH Program A Scam Or Legit?

WAH Program

The WAH program was established anonymously in November 2014 with the domain ( and its main purpose was to help people earn money by posting links. However, if you check the reviews of WAH programs then you will see that most of the people stated the WAH program is a scam. Moreover, the WAH program has contradicting website versions, anonymous founders, fake testimonials, etc. and all these indicate it’s a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • The WAH Program is a type of educational system where people can share or post links on the internet to earn money online
  • In the WAH Program, you have to open an account with a fee ($97) and then able to post the links and earn money
  • There is a controversy about the owner of the WAH Program, you will find two different photos of the owner on the website
  • Because of the scams, the Federate Trade Commission (FTC) completely shut down the WAH program                

What Is WAH Program?

What Is WAH Program

The WAH Program has claimed them an educational system and it allows people to share or post links on the internet to earn money online. Here, you have to open an account for a fee and then you will be able to post the links to their products on the internet and earn money. So it is quite clear that the WAH program is not a real job. In fact, it tries to apply the concept of affiliate marketing and convince people that it is legit. But, affiliate marketing is totally a different thing. 

If you want to do affiliate marketing then you will need your own website and content. Then you can include an affiliate link on the content of your website and you will earn a commission if there are any sales through your affiliate link. But this is not the case for the WAH program. Moreover, there are no companies that will pay you for just sharing or posting a link on the internet. So what the WAH program tried there was to make you believe that it will only take 1 – 2 minutes to earn money online by posting links somewhere on the internet. 

WAH Program Review           

1. Name: WAH Program

2. Founder: Unknown

3. Website:

4. Type: Link posting program

5. Price: $97 subscription

6. Best for: No one

7. User Ratings: 0.5 Stars

WAH program’s target was to help online job seekers learn how to earn money through link posting. But they will charge $97, a subscription fee for the account and then people can earn money by posting links on the internet.

Who Is The Founder Of The WAH Program?

There was controversy about the founder of the WAH program. Initially, it was Bobbie Robinson; a single mother who was the founder of the WAH program. However, if you check the business profile of the WAH Program posted in Better Business Bureau (BBB) then you will see that the owner is named Lou Kallianes whose identity is also not disclosed on BBB’s website. Moreover, other people were also identified as the founder of the WAH Program and they were Robin Moore, Angela Bussio, and Melissa Johnson. So there is no way you can identify who is the owner of the WAH program. The controversy continues to grow if you check the website of the WAH program. If you check the website then you will find two different women’s photos with the same name and the same job story. So it is clear that the photos were used by those people operating behind the scenes of the WAH Program.

How WAH Program Works?

The sales page of the WAH program uses some promo tactics that made people tempestuous to open an account. But signing up in the WAH program will cost a person $97 as a registration fee. Once you’ve signed up and paid, you just have to post links and you will start earning money. That is, of course, what they are trying to tell and sell you! But that is not the total scenario.

First, the WAH program claimed that they are about building an affiliate marketing business. Here the users will be given access to an online course and the course has over 100 HD videos that will help you learn the techniques and methods to earn profit from a business. What you will learn from the course is the basics of internet marketing, mindset for business, computer skills, etc. 

Second, the WAH program claimed that a woman named Bobbie Robinson earned about over $10,000 by just posting links on the internet. WAH program started their marketing that people can earn online from home just by posting or sharing links on the internet. But is it really possible to earn that amount of money only by posting links? Doesn’t it sound impossible and phony, right? Well, it was revealed that the woman who claimed to earn $10,000 is a paid actress from a website called Fiverr.

Is WAH Program A Scam?

If you look at the history of the WAH program, the first issue of scamming people was raised in the year 2016. Moreover, there was not a single positive review about the WAH program and some of the common negative reviews were – 

1. It doesn’t pay

2. There’s no transparency

3. Waste of time

4. Not a serious opportunity

5. Contradicting website versions

6. Fake testimonial   

 Here are some examples of negative reviews from customers about the WAH Program – 

“I tried to purchase for $77.00 the next page loaded and wanted me to purchase additional products for $37.00. I clicked the linked to decline the additional purchase and received an error message. I did additional research, couldn’t find a number for customer service, and couldn’t confirm payment. This is a scam!”

“I have been searching for hours now trying to find the Facebook page that all the great comments are said to come from on their page. I have found nothing. I tried to post a comment myself on the page asking where the Facebook page is, it took me straight to the signup page when I clicked to submit the comment. Pressed back, and the comment is still there waiting to submit. This has a scam written all over it. Fake Facebook comments, fake profiles, fake promises.”

 “I thought by t it was a scam just by the outrageous money per hour they said you could make. After seeing the reviews they had posted, 7 ml inure, 12 minutes ago, etc. I felt even more sure. I think the FBI or the Government should find the Companies that allow these folks to advertise these scams and arrest the scammers.”

So there are lots of negative reviews about the WAH program and because of the scam, the Federate Trade Commission (FTC) had shut the WAH program down through a court order last December 2017. Here is the statement of FTC:

“Work At Home EDU made false claims that people could earn “hundreds of dollars, per hour from home, without any special skills or experience” by paying for a $97 work-at-home program. Once people paid, they were told that for $194.95 more, they could buy the advanced program and earn a whopping six figures a month. Unfortunately, none of it was true.”

Final Thoughts

If you consider the above information then it is totally clear that WAH Program is absolutely a scam and there is not a single doubt about it. Finally, it’s a proven scam and that’s why the Federate Trade Commission (FTC) completely shut down the WAH program.



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