Is There A Website Like For European Suppliers? (All You Need To Know!)

Is There A Website Like For European Suppliers

Yes! e-commerce websites like eWorldTrade, Biz, Global Sources, Lightinthebox,, and Dealextreme are like Alibaba for European suppliers.

Key Takeaways

  • Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B e-commerce stores around the world and it is used by millions of suppliers and business owners
  • eWorldTrade is a European e-commerce leader and it offers  a functional platform for both buyers and sellers
  • All.Biz has over 1400 suppliers from all over Europe and has been on the market since 1999
  • Global Sources is in the business for more than 50 years and it is specialized in working in the international import/export market

Alibaba Alternatives In Europe

Alibaba Alternatives In Europe

To evaluate the best possible B2B match for your business, we offer resources and insights to help you in your research. Let’s face it – it takes a lot of time and work to find the perfect B2B partner for your business project. Thankfully, we’ve created these articles with everything you need so that you don’t have to waste any more time and money looking into businesses or products that simply won’t help advance your goals!

1. eWorldTrade 

eWorldTrade is a European e-commerce leader. It is not located in Europe but its market penetration in the B2B sector has allowed it to be much more than just an online store. The company was founded ten years ago and ever since its rise and success can mostly be contributed to their ability to provide a functional platform where buyers meet sellers and vice versa, nurturing mutual benefits. eWorldTrade has also been highly interested in participating in different markets within Europe, particularly Asia, the Pacific and South Asia. For that reason, eWorldTrade has continued to develop new products for customers based within Europe and thus continues to enhance its reputation as one of the best online stores for European interests to buy from.

2. All.Biz

All.Biz is the European address for textiles and clothing products. With its headquarters in Belgium, this platform has over 1400 suppliers from all over Europe and has been on the market since 1999. The brand was one of the first main competitors to Alibaba, which is based in China and it still remains one of the most dominant online selling platforms. Products are sourced mainly from European manufacturers but they do also have some Chinese manufacturers on their books so if you have requests outside the usual suppliers then All.Biz could be your best bet to find what you’re looking for. This site provides more than just products too – buyers can also find private labeling opportunities where they can request specific items to be branded with a company logo if they’re looking to create their own niche product lines or even sell certain items as wholesale content as opposed to trading them more generally as separate entities through this website’s usual selling channels!

That’s why buyers have been looking for other choices and All.Biz is there to fill that need. With its trustworthy network of suppliers, All.Biz offers reliable services and provides more than 1.3 million companies with access to 20 million products. This website may look a little bit different from Alibaba, but it’s more user friendly and easy to navigate! It doesn’t take much time at all to contact your suppliers due to the auto-translation feature, which works in 26 different languages and translates automatically depending on the settings of your preferred browser language. It also offers various price ranges according to country currency.

3. Global Sources

Global Sources specializes in working within the international import/export market and is known for providing high-quality supplier directories. It’s also been around for almost 50 years! One of their top benefits they offer business owners looking to expand their entrepreneurial ventures is how you can search through both small and large suppliers, which makes it easier to find the kind of supplier you’re looking for. This sourcing community has a wide variety of products available, which means you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from.

Moreover, many of the PMs’ customers have praised the consultancy for using Global Sources for their supply chain management and sourcing activities. Based on reports published on the company’s website, a majority of big-box retailers seem to be relying quite heavily on Global Resources as part of their sourcing strategy. However, these suppliers will start expecting more from you. For example, they are likely going to ask about the volume of your purchase and your company’s background and legitimacy. This is only fair that they would like to see if you’re going to be a good fit because otherwise both parties would simply lose time on all fronts by going through the motions just so they can clear up formalities in order to build trust in their relationship with one another.

The good part about it is that this shows this platform is willing to invest in businesses who are successful and have a history of staying in business. Within the online directory at Global Sources, you’ll find a lot of suppliers listed as well, who also exhibit at their own offline fairs. This adds another layer to the companies listed on this platform which its visitors can trust more than others because they have an actual physical presence at these events just so that it doesn’t feel like just a virtual middleman company looking to make money off of other people’s hard work.

4. LightInTheBox 

LightInTheBox is an exceptional company that works for your benefit. They provide you with over 50000 products of numerous varieties: from toys to home electronics and everything in between, including apparel and other goods. Some of their most popular items are wedding dresses and special occasion dresses. Their website employs a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through their plethora of products, which has earned them a reputation as one of the more powerful websites on the internet! If you are looking for something impressive and exciting, LightInTheBox will surely leave you speechless.

Besides, they also offer unique wholesale and membership options. With an interesting mix of wholesalers and retailers, there are no minimum orders in place. However, bulk orders can receive a 6%-8% discount on the items when ordering over $300 and depending on the products ordered – for example for items such as electronics where you could expect to pay less than purchasing directly from Apple since you’re purchasing at scale. Moreover, any business can become a member and make use of dropshipping services with most countries supported by offering restricted product ranges available only through the YunStore platform.


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