Is Valicci Overhaul A Scam Or A Legit Store? What Are The Customer Reviews?

Valicci Overhaul

Valicci Overhaul is an online shopping platform that sells the latest trendy accessories for men and women. However, this is a suspicious shopping platform because the website lacks some transparency. Moreover, there are not many customer reviews and most of the reviews are negative. This is why it is fair to say that Valicci Overhaul is a scam.

Key Takeaways

  • Valicci Overhaul offers modern, trendy, and stylish, jewelry like rings, chains, waist chains, bracelets, etc.
  • In Valicci Overhaul, you can buy products for $0 but you have to cover the shipping fees!
  • Valicci Overhaul has a terrible trust score of 7% only
  • There is no company information as well as no social media links on the official website which makes it suspicious

What Is Valicci Overhaul?

Valicci Overhaul is an online shopping platform for various stainless-steel jewelry. This is a USA-based portal and according to the portal’s description, people can know its collection and the uses of the product. The main catch of this website is, you can buy the products for $0 but you have to cover the shipping fees! Valicci Overhaul offers worldwide shipping including the U.S. States. Valicci Overhaul supports various payment methods so you can easily make the payment online.

Overview Of Valicci Overhaul

Overview Of Valicci Overhaul

1. Type of Portal: It is an online portal that offers the latest trendy accessories of stainless steel quality. 

2. Address: 7319, Matthews Mint Hill Rd., Suite-I, North Carolina-28227.

3. Website: 

4. Email Address: [email protected]

5. Contact Number: not available

6. Replace: While searching for Valicci Overhaul Reviews, we found the portal offers a replacement policy within 30 days of receiving the product.

7. Return policy: People can avail of this service within 30 days of purchase product can be returned.

8. Order Cancellation: No details are found on the website.

9. Delivery Policy: The product is delivered within 7 to 14 days.

10. Delivery Cost: After purchasing at check-out time, the actual cost of delivery will be informed.

11. Exchange: The product has to be returned first then the user can avail exchange policy.

12. Refund: Available; after returning the products, they provide a refund

13. Is Valicci Overhaul Legit: It has many loopholes.

14. Payment Methods: Google pays Credit Card and Debit Card, Amex, etc.

Is Valicci Overhaul A Legit Or Scam

Is Valicci Overhaul A Legit

Whether an online shopping platform is legit or scam largely depends on the authenticity and genuineness of the site. Unfortunately, Valicci Overhaul fails miserably in both authenticity and genuineness. Below are some key reasons why Valicci Overhaul might be a suspicious site.

1. There is no company address in the “About Us” details. Moreover, there are no “Contact us” details that every legit company website has. So, it is quite clear that the company is trying to hide information.

2. If you check the “Terms and Conditions” page of this website then you will see that the contents are stolen from another website.

3. The product images used in Valicci Overhaul are also stolen. Most of these images are stolen off from a designer’s online store.   

4. There are lots of complaints and negative reviews about the quality of products of Valicci Overhaul. They deliver very low-quality Jewelry that doesn’t match with the information of the website. Moreover, the delivery time of products and customer care service is also very poor.

5. It has an unrealistic and useless Returns and Exchanges Policy which says that the items must be unused, undamaged, and in original packaging to be eligible for the return and exchange. Moreover, the customer has to pay for the return and it is non-refundable!

6. The payment gateway icons like VISA, PayPal, Mastercard, etc. are placed at the bottom of the page and they are non-clickable like a scam website.

7. The category or product description used in this website is not unique which is also suspicious.

Is Valicci Overhaul Worth The Money?

Well, Valicci Overhaul is offering a significant discount on their jewelry but there are some concerns about the company’s legitimacy as well as the quality of the product. So, below are the pros and cons of shopping at Valicci Overhaul.

Pros of Shopping at Valicci OverhaulCons of Shopping at Valicci Overhaul
A wide range of jewelry available for both men and womenThere is no return address on the Valicci Overhaul website
It offers various jewelry items at a low priceMost of the reviews about Valicci Overhaul are negative  
Huge discounts on jewelry items and you can get up to 50% discountsValicci Overhaul has a terrible trust score of 7% only
Valicci Overhaul supports a limited number of payment methods.
It takes lots of time to ship the products on Valicci Overhaul
The customer service of Valicci Overhaul is very poor
Offers ridiculous discounts, 100% discounts on some jewelry items
There is no company information as well as no social media links

So, it is quite clear that shopping at Valicci Overhaul is not an ideal decision and it is definitely not worth the money. There are other trustworthy shopping platforms available from where you can shop your required Jewelry.

Final Verdict

Finally, online shopping has made our life easier but it’s also very difficult to identify legit online stores from thousands of available stores. There is a lack of customer reviews about Valicci Overhaul, as well as stolen contents, images, lack of transparency, poor customer service, etc. has made Valicci Overhaul a very suspicious shopping platform. Therefore, you should be cautious while ordering from Valicci Overhaul and our suggestion is don’t shop from Valicci Overhaul!

Last Updated on November 3, 2022 by Magalie D.

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