Is Wish App Legit Or Scam: Why Is It So Cheap

Wish App

Wish is an American online e-commerce platform and it is completely legit just like Amazon or eBay. At Wish, you can buy real products from a real manufacturer at a very cheap price. In TrustPilot, Wish has a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.0. There are 177,359 customer ratings in TrustPilot where more than 60% of ratings are 5.0 stars.

Key Takeaways

  • Wish provides a discovery-based shopping experience based on how consumers have shopped for years
  • In Wish, the products are sold by 3rd party sellers and when you order a product the product will be delivered by that seller
  • At wish, you will find the same type of products at least 25% – 30% cheaper than other platforms
  • Wish has an easy-to-use mobile app that makes the shopping experience easy

What Is Wish?

Wish is an online shopping platform for anything you can imagine. This shopping platform has a huge collection of products from hair extensions to selfie lighting, shoes, laptops, and many more. Wish was founded in 2010 and since its establishment, this website was famous for low price tags on items that are expensive on other platforms. For example, where you can find smartwatches for $10? Moreover, some items are even given out for free in Wish. The only weird thing about Wish is, the products don’t come directly from Wish itself; instead, the products are sold by different sellers, and Wish only takes a portion of their profits.

How Wish Works?

Wish is like Google for shopping. It provides a discovery-based shopping experience based on how consumers have shopped for years in brick-and-mortar stores. Wish uses a technology that analyzes the shopping pattern of the users and curates a product feed that is personalized to them. Wish is gradually expanding its product selection to provide more diversified products at highly competitive prices. You can order products through Wish but the products won’t be delivered by Wish itself. In Wish, the products are sold by 3rd party sellers and when you order a product the product will be delivered by that seller.

Why Are Items So Cheap On Wish?

Why Are Items So Cheap On Wish

If you closely look at the pricing of the products on Wish then you will see that Wish sellers cut that “original” price down to almost nothing. For example, the prices of some smartwatches in Wish are $38 – $40 while the price of the same watch on other shopping platforms is more than $100. So how does Wish sell products at such a low price? If you check where the stuff on Wish comes from then you will understand why the price of Wish products is low. Another reason the price of wish products is low is that Wish allows you to buy products directly from a factory so there is no middleman. Moreover, many products in Wish are made from the cheapest materials available. So, it means lower prices at the cost of less quality control.

Is Wish Shopping Legit Or Scam?

Wish shopping is completely a legit online shopping platform despite its unbelievable prices. Wish is a San Francisco-based company and it is a completely real company. Wish is as legit as Amazon and eBay. Though it is a legit site there are some risks involved in shopping with Wise. Most of the merchants on Wise are located in China. So, it means that a good portion of the merchandise being sold is counterfeit. Therefore, the company might be legit but its merchandise might not be. Make sure, you check the customer review of the merchants before ordering any product in Wise.

Pros And Cons Of Shopping On Wish

Pros of Shopping on WishCons of Shopping on Wish
Wish has a huge collection of products at an affordable priceIt takes lots of time to ship the products on Wish
A wide variety of merchandise for sale on Wish is comparable to other e-commerce sites Clothing sizes on Wish is a big issue because Asian and American size vary a lot 
Wish has an easy-to-use mobile app that makes the shopping experience easy The customer service of Wish is also very poor

Tips For Buying On Wish Safely

Tips For Buying On Wish Safely

If you are planning to buy products from Wish then below are some tips that you can follow to avoid scams. Let’s check them out!

1. While buying on Wish, don’t ignore the reviews. The reviews will help you find out whether it’s a genuine seller or not as well as the quality of the product. If the reviews on the item that you are planning to buy are negative then you should not buy that product from Wish.

2. Wish ships from China so it will take longer shipping times to get your product. For example, at least one week is a quick shipping time for Wish. In many cases, it might take at least one month to get the product to your doorstep.

3. While ordering a product on Wish, watch out for misleading descriptions. One common complaint about Wish is the incorrect product descriptions and images. Most of the descriptions and images on Wish are not accurate. Sometimes, the images can make the product look better than it actually is. So, do enough research on the product before placing the order.

4. If you order clothes on Wise then make sure you carefully look at the size chart. The small, medium or large size in your country might not correspond with the clothing sizes from Wish. This is because most clothes on Wish are manufactured in China and they are often in Asian sizes!

FAQs About Is Wish App Legit Or Scam

Is It Safe To Buy On A Wish?

It is completely safe to buy in Wish. It’s a real company. Though there are some negative reviews about Wish’s customer service, product quality as well as shipping time you can order products from merchants that have positive reviews from the customers.

What Is The Catch With Wish?

The main catch with Wish is their shipping time. While shopping in Wish, you won’t get most items fast. Shipping in Wish ranges from 11 days to 22 business days for many items. However, under the fast-shipping option, you might get the products within 5-7 days but you have to pay additional fees for that.

Is Wish A Chinese Company?

No, Wish is an American company but most of the sellers on Wish are from China.

How Do You Pay On Wish?

Below is the list of payment methods that are accepted on Wish – 

1. PayPal
2. Google Pay
3. Apple Pay
4. Debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo
5. MasterCard
6. American Express
7. Discover
8. Maestro 
9. Cirrus
10. Klarna
11. Ebanx
12. Pix


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