Is Woot Too Ruthless On Its Return Policy? (Find Out!)

Is Woot Too Ruthless On Its Return Policy

No! They are not! Woot customers can conveniently initiate their own return and print a free return label from the Stuff You Bought page when purchasing a product within 30 days. The price of the item must be $20 or greater, and it must have arrived damaged or defective. A Woot customer service representative will verify any issues before approving a self-service return.

Key Takeaways

  • You will be surprised to know that Woot only allows returns for products that are $20 or below
  • If you have purchased apparel and shoes from Woot and want to return them then you have to ensure that they are in their original packaging
  • You can only return a product if it has arrived damaged, defective or missing accessories
  • If you want to initiate a non-self-service return, then you have to contact Woot’s support page first

What is Woot Return Policy?

What is Woot Return Policy

If a customer purchases a product from Woot, and he or she ends up deciding to return it, the company implements a monitory policy that is similar to many new companies that have been created in our day of age. Their policy will usually allow them to retrieve items within 30 days of their initial purchase, but they are accepting some key exceptions following their revisions on July 13th of the present year. Similarly to all business policies, Woot’s will discuss some of these conditions either prior to your decision or after an incident in which you may need assistance.

  • Returns are only allowed on items priced at $20 or less.
  • You must return apparel and shoes in new and unworn in the original packaging. They’ll not accept returns on any resized or altered wearables after the delivery.
  • Items will qualify for a self-service return only if they arrive damaged, defective or missing accessories.
  • Any “shirt. woot” orders, apparel orders and orders shipped via a freight carrier don’t qualify for a self-service return.

How To Return At Woot?

The Woot return policy is backed by a rich and helpful customer support section. However, you can also take advantage of the self-service return option depending on whether your purchase qualifies for one or not. To initiate a non-self service return, please contact their support page. Like we said earlier, Woot has a two-step return policy on their website. We’ll explain what both steps are and how to go about each of them.

  • Initiate a Return By Yourself (Self-service return)
  • Visit The Woot Suport Page

Initiate a Return By Yourself  (Self Service Returns)

Remember to keep a copy of the receipt to ensure product replacement is possible. By the way, item must arrive defective or with missing accessories in order to initiate a return.

Step 1: Launch the Woot website and login your Woot account and then navigate to the “Stuff you bought” page.

Step 2: Click the “I need help button” next to the items you wish to return and print your return label in the final step.

Step 3: Use the return shipping label to ship the packed items back

Returns Through Support Page

Woot has a fairly rigid return policy and this includes apparel orders. However, there are three exceptions that one should be aware of if they decide to make a return on an order such as this. Please follow these simple steps if you plan on returning any Woot products.

Step 1: Launch the Woot website and log in to your account and then navigate to contact Woot via the support page.

Step 2: Click on ‘I want to ask about my order and then click on I want to cancel or return my stuff.

Step 3: Click on “I want to return the items I ordered” and continue the process by selecting the items you wish to return.

Woot Extended Holiday Return Policy

Customer Service is of the utmost importance at Woot. This can easily be seen during the holiday season when one of their most outstanding features beginning in October is their extended return policy. The return period for this extended return policy allows you to take advantage of a free reign on returns until January 31, which also applies to all refurbished or used products as well! Just like Best Buy and Apple, Woot also offers as an opportunity for customers to send back any product that they may not have fully enjoyed and even try out new software or hardware without having to worry about sending it back if you end up liking it!

Woot Return Policy Exceptions

For safety and health reasons, Woot has return restrictions on the following categories of items

  • Food and perishables are not eligible for a return at Woot. Refunds and replacements will only be granted based on buyer issues.
  • Unless the hazardous items that use flammable liquids, gases, or glass was defective on arrival, they are not non-refundable. 
  • Items that use fuel like lawn movers, grills are non-returnable at Woot.
  • You need to first contact Woot customer support at [email protected] to return any items containing lithium batteries. 

Woot Exchange Policy

Woot does not give refunds or exchanges for items that have been opened or used. If you have received a damaged or defective item, you can initiate an exchange request through their contact page within thirty days of purchase. All customers must first return any damaged goods to Woot before requesting an exchange as per the Woot return policy. If the seller fails to find fault in your returned item, a restocking fee of 15% will apply along with the original shipping cost and you will be reimbursed only after this amount is deducted from your refund total.

Woot Refund Policy

Woot Refund Policy

Woot reminds you that we will only initiate a refund for your original payment method if the return qualifies for our 30-day free return policy. It also clearly mentions how much of the order’s price is eligible for the refund. The actual amount depends on a few factors:

  • The Woot return policy ensures that you get your money back for all products you have purchased from Woot at any time, unless the product has a defect. In the case of non-defective returns for products with free returns, the return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund amount if you don’t take care of it yourself.
  • Customers will be charged a flat $50 return shipping fee to return heavy or bulky items shipped by a specialty carrier.
  • Woot will deduct the cost of return shipping from your refund if the returned item is not damaged.

Do I have to pay for my return at Woot?

If you’re returning a defective or wrong item, Woot will pay for the return shipping of your product. For returns on bulky items using a specialty carrier there will be a $50 flat rate charge because it costs us more money to send these products back.

Are there any restrictions for returns at Woot?

Purchases that are made through the Woot online store must exceed twenty dollars. Needless to say, the Woot online store does not accept returns for food or hazardous items unless there has been some error in the fulfillment process where you’re able to provide proof of damage with actual photographic evidence via your digital camera.

How do I return a defective product at Woot?

If your purchase came with any manufacturer defects, you should notify Woot within twenty-four hours. If it does not appear to be defective in any way you will still have to pay for the item. Make sure that you’re familiar with the return and exchange policy as well as the restocking fee policy. Also make sure you retain all receipts, order numbers, and understand that shipping charges are usually nonrefundable.

Final Thoughts 

Woot return policy might look strict because of some restriction, but it’s still customer-friendly. They allow for a 30-day window from the date of purchase to initiate a return on eligible items depending on product category. Products affected by hazardous materials like fuel, dust/pollen, and glass are non-returnable unless they are damaged or defective. Heavy or bulky items delivered by specialty carriers must be returned by calling (888)-955-BOON (2666) in order to receive a refund. We hope that answered your questions!


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