Lenscrafters Insurance Policy: What Insurances Do Lenscrafters Accept

Lenscrafters Insurance Policy

LensCrafters accepts many insurance plans as well as a wide array of vision insurance plans including large plans like Aetna, Blue View Vision, EyeMed, etc., and niche plans like Louisiana DBG (Starmount) and ConnectiCare. However, Lenscrafters don’t accept VSP insurance but simplify the reimbursement process for people who use VSP.

Key Takeaways

  • LensCrafters is a very popular and renowned international retailer of prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses
  • LensCrafters s one of the largest eyewear retail companies in the world with more than 1100 LensCrafters stores
  • Some of the common vision cares that are covered by LensCrafters are eye exams, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, lens protection, etc.
  • You can speak to a store associate or call 1-877-753-6727 to know all the details and available options regarding the Lenscrafters insurance policy

List Of Insurance Providers That LensCrafters Accepts

List Of Insurance Providers That LensCrafters Accepts

Here is the list of insurances that are accepted by LensCrafters. The list is categorized based on whether the insurance is accepted online or in-store, in-store only, and out-of-network. Let’s check them out!

Online and In-StoreIn-Store OnlyOut-Of-Network
AetnaHealthNow of New YorkAllways Health CareHometown HealthAmeritasHumanaBCSBEST Life and Health Insurance CompanyBlue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas CityBlue Cross Blue Shield of MassachusettsBlue Cross Blue Shield of North CarolinaBlue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode IslandBlue Cross Blue Shield of South CarolinaBlue Cross Blue Shield of TennesseeBlue Shield CaliforniaBlue View VisionCareSourceCompanion LifeConnecticareDelta Dental ArizonaDelta Dental IllinoisDelta Dental IowaDelta Dental MinnesotaDelta Dental Puerto RicoDelta Dental WisconsinDental SelectEmblemEnvolve Vision (Health Net) EyeMed GVS (Group Vision Service)EyeMed Plus Provider Government Employees Health PlanFallon Community Health Plan GehaHealthNow of New YorkHometown HealthHumanaIndependent Health AssociationIU Health PlansLouisana DGB (Starmount)Medical Mutual of OhioMutual of OmahaNippon Life BenefitsNortheast Delta DentalOptima HealthPriority HealthSCAN Health PlanSelectHealthSurency VisionTriCareTufts Health PlanUNUMThe USA For HealthcareUSHealth GroupVBAHealth Plan of NevadaHealth New EnglandHealth Net, IncHealth Markets/Mega LifeGVS (Group Vision Service)Government Employees Health PlanGehaEmblem Health FEDVIP FEP Blue Vision (Through Davis Vision) HMSA MCS – Puerto Rico MES MMM – Puerto Rico NBN (Northwest Administrators)Premera Blue Cross Superior Vision Triple S – Puerto Rico UPMC NVA Blue Cross – Blue ShieldCommunity EyeCareCulinary UnionCIGNAMETLIFEVSP

Vision Cares Accepted At Lenscrafters?

Vision Cares Accepted At Lenscrafters

What kind of vision care you will get when purchasing eyewear at LensCrafters will depend on the type of insurance you have. Below are some of the common vision cares that are usually covered by most of the insurance plans –

1. Eye exams

2. Eyeglass frames

3. Eyeglass lenses

4. Contact lenses

5. Lens Protection

Recently LensCrafters has designed a 3-step process where you can easily find out what your vision insurance covers. The three steps are – 

Step 1: Check your insurance coverage and benefits to see what you’re eligible for

Step 2: Check the catalog for available products and the prices that you need to pay to purchase the product 

Step 3: Finally, buy the product online or in-store

The Insurance Claim Process At Lenscrafters

The Insurance Claim Process At Lenscrafters

Based on the type of insurance policy you have; the claim process can vary at Lenscrafters. If your insurance coverage is listed in the category accepted online and in-store then you don’t have to submit a claim form to make any purchase. On the other hand, if your insurance provider is accepted for in-store-only network and out-of-network benefits then you have to speak to a store associate or call 1-877-753-6727 to know all the details and available options. Regardless of your insurance type, you will have to submit your prescription information and your vision insurance information, and then LensCrafters will take care of the rest works. Moreover, you might have to pay an out-of-pocket expense based on the service or product that you want to purchase. The total cost will depend on your insurance premium. The more the insurance premium, the less you have to pay from your pocket.

Cost Of Eye Exam At Lenscrafters With Insurance

Cost Of Eye Exam At Lenscrafters With Insurance

The total cost of an eye exam at LensCrafters with insurance depends on the insurance plan/premium, your location, as well as the location of the LensCrafters store. Therefore, you should call the nearest LensCrafters location to ask for the exact cost of an eye exam. You also have to check your eligible benefits and check whether you will get cost savings or how much out-of-pocket expense you might have to pay while opting for a Lenscrafters eye exam. The exact price of an eye exam will vary depending on the location of the LensCrafters store but below are some indicative prices (without insurance coverage) of eye exams at Lenscrafters – 

1. Routine Eye Exam – Starts at $73 without insurance

2. Visual Field Testing – Starts at $20 without insurance

3. Routine and Contact lens Fitting – Starts at $113 without insurance

4. Retinol Poto – Starts at $40 without insurance

How To Save Money On Eyeglasses Without Insurance At LensCrafters?

If you have worn glasses and don’t have insurance coverage then below are some tips that you can apply to save money on new frames at Lenscrafters – 

1. Visit the nearest Lenscrafters store and check the frames that suit you. You can also ask the store representative that what type of frames will work with your prescription.

2. Now check the cost of these eyeglass frames without insurance

3. Next, check online or in other stores to see whether you can get the same frames of the same brands for a lower cost

4. If you find a similar frame of the same brand at a lower price then show the information to LensCrafters and see if they can drop the price of their frames

5. If Lenscrafters don’t lower the price of the frames then you can buy from another store and bring the frames to LensCrafters for the lenses

FAQS About Lenscrafters Insurance Policy: What Insurances Do Lenscrafters Accept

How Much Is A Pair Of Glasses Without Insurance At LensCrafters?

Usually, the cost of a pair of glasses in the USA without insurance depends on the type of frames and lenses you choose. On average, a pair of glasses can cost around $200-400 without insurance. If you want cheaper glasses then you can consider getting your eyeglasses at discount stores like Walmart or Costco.

Will LensCrafters Adjust My Glasses If I Didn’t Buy Them There?

Yes, LensCrafters will adjust your glasses if you didn’t buy them there. This is one of the free services offered by LensCrafters to the customers who didn’t purchase their lens and frame from LensCrafters.

Can I Take My Own Frames To Lenscrafters To Save Money?     

Yes, you can take your own frames to Lenscrafters to save money. However, you should know that Lenscrafters have the right to reuse your old frames for a number of reasons. Some common possible reasons are – 

1. The frame that you bring is not strong enough to hold new lenses
2. If there is any defects or cracks on the frame
3. The frame is not compatible with the available lenses
4. The frame can’t be fitted with new lenses
5. The frame is not suitable for your face shape and could affect the effectiveness of the prescription lenses

What Are The Best Online Glasses Providers That Take Insurance?

Apart from LensCrafters, some of the best online glasses providers that take insurance are – 

1. Pearle Vision
2. Target Optical
3. GlassesUSA.com
4. Warby Parker

How Long Are Glasses Under Warranty?

The warranty for glasses and frames depends on the components, brands as well as the store. Usually, lenses have one year, and frames have a one-two years warranty.

Can LensCrafters Fix Broken Glasses?

Usually, LensCrafters offer minor repairs and replacement of screws or nose pads for free. The expert eyewear consultants of LensCrafters will assess if your glasses can be repaired. For major repairs you might have to pay the fees it is not covered by the official warranty.


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