Luxury Hotel General Manager Salary

If you want to build a career with solid growth, but don’t have a four-year college degree, then there aren’t many positions as the job of a luxury hotel general manager.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lodging and hotel general managers held 51,400 jobs in the US in 2010. And, the number is expected to grow by 8% by 2020. So, opportunities will continue to emerge as travel and tourism industry require well-qualified hotel general managers.

The job of a luxury hotel manager is one of the best paying jobs in the hospitality industry. The pay is extremely good too!

luxury hotel Manager

Quick Facts on the Salary of a Hotel General Manager

  • The average annual salary of a hotel general manager ranges from $29,277 to $106,174
  • Hilton Hotel will pay $94,653 a year to a hotel general manager
  • Marriott International is offering $68,829 per year for the position of a hotel general manager
  • Median salary for a hotel general manager is $51,782
  • More than 25% of hotel general managers earn more than $74,000
  • 10% of hotel managers earn more than $110,000
  • The average salary a male hotel general makes from $33,623 to $102,629
  • The average salary a female hotel general makes from $27,365 to $76,469

The three cities with the highest general manager salaries:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Miami

Three degrees that yield the highest hotel general manager salaries:

  • BA Business
  • BA Business Management
  • BA Hospitality Management

Why Should You Choose Your Career as a Hotel Manager?

A Hotel Manager is one of the best paying jobs in the hospitality industry. Outside of a casino, a hotel manager can make as much as $70,000 per year. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics finds that a typical hotel manager can make as little as $46,000 without bonuses.

But, with bonuses, special compensation, and profit sharing, you can expect your salary to climb to the six-figure territory.

Although the current economy has seen a slump in traveling, hotels profited from decreased trend in vacation condos and time shares. Business travel has declined too, but conferences made up for the differences more than enough.

Hotel managers are usually adaptive to changes in the market and explore ways to utilize them. That’s why a hotel manager is a high paying job.

What You Need to Become a Hotel Manager

Many successful hotel managers do not a four-year degree. So, if you don’t have one, it’s good news for you. Hotel managerial positions usually require at least 7 years experience in the field. Overall, hotel management features some of the highest paying positions. And, you can attain one even if you have the least amount of higher education.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Hotel General Manager?

A hotel manager may be responsible for:

  • Managing property operations
  • Allaying irate guests
  • Training staff
  • Dealing with late night miscreants
  • Filling in for unreliable nighttime auditors
  • Forecasting budget for the coming days

Bottom Line – if you’re someone looking to become a hotel general manager, you can start off with doing a search for hotel manager jobs. As you can see from the article, a hotel manager is a high paying job. So, it could be your dream job.

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