How Do I Make Money Online And Earn Weekly? 10 Passive Ways To Earn Money

Make Money Online And Earn Weekly

Since the start of human civilization, mankind has gone through various evaluations and now we have entered the 21st century where life has become harder. Every day the living expense is increasing, therefore, people are looking for smart and alternative ways to increase their income and earn more money. We are living in an era of science where technology has changed everything and made our life more convenient. Thanks to technology and the internet now we can earn money online. Luckily, in the age of the internet, there are many ways you can make extra money online.

There are endless numbers of ways you can make money online and earn weekly. You can become a freelancer and provide various services online or you can download money-making apps or complete various online surveys to earn money online. You can also create online courses, open a YouTube channel or start a blog and then monetize them for various ads services to earn weekly from online. Or you can also invest in real estate or with a broker to earn money.

10 Passive Ways To Make Money Online

Passive Ways To Make Money Online

1. Take Online Surveys

Take Online Surveys

If you are planning to change your fortune by earning money online then this is not the solution for you. However, if you want to use your spare time to earn a few extra dollars then participating in online surveys will be a great option for you. There are various online survey sites available and among them, Swagbucks is a very popular one. In Swagbucks, you can earn points and then redeem them for gift cards or cashback. The cashback option is available for over 1500 retailers in the USA including Amazon, Starbucks, Target, etc.

2. Become A Freelancer

Become A Freelancer

Nowadays the freelancing profession has become very popular and many people are coming into this sector to create an alternative source of income. In fact, many people are establishing a career in this sector. This is a wide-open sector where you can provide any kind of service online according to your skills or knowledge. You can become a freelance writer, teach online, or do small tasks and earn money online. You can also make your career as a professional graphic designer, Digital Marketer, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

3. Invest With A Robo-Advisor

Invest With A Robo-Advisor

This is a fairly new investment opportunity where you can invest money with Robo-advisors. Here, the robo-advisor will put your investments on auto-pilot. You just have to choose your risk, your goals, and fund your account and the rest will be done by the robo-advisor. So, if you want to invest money online but don’t know much about investment then robo-advisors can help you. Some popular robo-advisors are – 

1. Betterment: This is a simple investment platform where you can easily open sub-accounts and use them for different portfolios.    

2. M1 Finance: This is a very popular and hybrid robo-advisor that allows you to pick your portfolio which is very convenient. You can also choose and pick your own “pie slices.”   

3. Wealthfront: It offers lots of features to its users. It allows you to choose from a selection of existing portfolios or you can create a custom portfolio according to your requirements. Wealthfront allows you to invest in categories like healthcare or clean energy.   

4. Invest In Real Estate

Thanks to the internet now you can invest in real estate online. Nowadays, it has become a great source of online passive income if you are willing to take a little risk. You can invest small amounts of money into various real estate ventures. There are many real estate crowdfunding companies available and among them, Roofstock is a popular and renowned one. Roofstock is a platform for investors and created by investors. Here, you don’t have to pay any fees to join and search the properties, where you can invest.

5. Sell Or Rent Your Belongings Online

The Internet has made everything possible. Now you can sell or rent your extras or belongings online and earn some extra money. There are many platforms available that allow you to sell or rent your households. One of the popular platforms is eBay which is a full-fledged online store where you can rent out your unused belongings. You can open a free account on eBay but there will be a restriction on how much you can sell. If you want to sell more than 50 items months online then you have to sign up for one of Ebay’s subscriptions – 

1. Starter: $4.95/ month with an annual subscription

2. Basic: $21.95/ month with an annual subscription

3. Premium: $59.95/ month with an annual subscription

4. Anchor: $299.95/ month with an annual subscription

5. Enterprise: $2,999.95/ month with an annual subscription

6. Download Money-Making Apps

If you prefer online shopping then you can download money-making apps and earn money every time you shop online. There are lots of money-making apps available and two of the best apps are MyPoints and Dosh. With MyPoints, you can earn up to 40% back on all your purchases at more than 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. MyPoints also offers promo codes for various online stores. Dosh, on the other hand, has a 100% automatic cashback system which makes shopping much easier. If you want to use Dosh then you have to link your credit or debit card in the app and you’ll automatically earn cashback whenever you make a purchase at a partner site. Dosh’s partners include Walmart, ASOS, GNC, Instacart, and more than 15k local restaurants and retailers.

7. Create A Blog

Create A Blog

If you have professional knowledge on any topic then you can create a niche audience for your blog and then monetize it for advertising and affiliate marketing. If you have a small blog then you can start with affiliate marketing because it is better to get paid for sales than getting paid per 1,000 page views or per click. There are various affiliate platforms available and among them, Amazon is the most popular.

8. Start A YouTube Channel

Start A YouTube Channel

If you are good at talking in front of a camera and have the idea of discussing various products, items, topics then you can open a YouTube channel and can earn money from YouTube in a variety of ways. You can become a YouTube partner and monetize your channel for ads. You have to meet some requirements to become a partner. Your channel would need 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to become a partner. Once your channel is approved; you will get a 45% slice of advertising revenue and the CPM (cost per thousand) would be anywhere between $0.30 to $2.50 CPM.

You can also connect your YouTube channel to Google AdSense. Google AdSense is different from YouTube Partner Program. In Google AdSense, you will be getting paid based on the number of “impressions” your videos get. Moreover, you can also get the companies to sponsor your videos, or place their products in your videos if your channel has lots of subscribers. But, before placing any product on your videos, first, you have to inform YouTube of these product placements, or they may close your partnership.

9. Create Online Courses

The demand for online courses is very high because it is a convenient and affordable way to learn a new skill. If you have a specific skill or you’re especially knowledgeable in any topic then you can create an online course and earn decent money. You can make a course in just about anything like cooking, massage therapy, how to play the guitar, etc. Once you create an online course you can sell the course on various platforms like Zippy Courses.

10. Write An E-book

The popularity of E-book is increasing rapidly so you can write an e-book and sell it like making courses online. If you have knowledge about a specific topic then you can write an e-book. The topics can be as simple as the hobbies you like, traveling, cooking recipes, and many more. Once you complete writing the e-book, you can find a site that is willing to buy your book or you can go through Amazon Kindle Publishing. It will charge you a small fee each time you get a sale.

Final Thoughts

Finally, making money online has become much easier and if you have some technical knowledge then you can easily earn money online. In this article, I have discussed 10 ideas but there are an endless amount of opportunities available to grasp from and earn a handsome amount of money online.



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