Can I Use My Nickname On Business Cards?

Nickname On Business Cards

Usually, people don’t use their nicknames on business cards. However, you can use the nickname on the business cards as long as they are related to your business or has an impact on your business. A business card contains important and relevant information therefore including the nickname is a good practice if it is connected to your business.

A nickname is a substitute for a person that people use to call him/her instead of the real name. A nickname is a casual name that people use to call each other in house, office, school, college, or other non-official circumstances. So, is it ok to use the nickname on business cards?

Contact Information You Should Include On A Business Card

The main purpose of a business card is to share contact information with potential customers. People need contact information to get in touch with a person or a business. So when you are creating your business card make sure you add all the important contact information on your business card. Some of the most relevant contact information is:

1. Business name

2. Personal name

3. Job title/specialization

4. Business website

5. Business address

6. Phone number

7. Email address

8. Social media handles

People have different communication preferences therefore including all the contact information will increase the chance of getting responses from the business prospects.

What Element You Should Put On A Business Card

It is very important to understand what element you should put on your business because it will help you create an eye-catching and well-balanced business card. Many of us only try to focus on the graphic elements and texts but forget about the space around them. This type of space is referred to as “negative space.” Moreover, you have to include all the required elements of a business card. They are:

1. Logo

2. Company name

3. Tagline

4. Your name

5. Job title

6. Website

7. Contact details        

Usually, a business card is a two-sided card. The front side contains the logo, company name, and tagline. On the other hand, the backside contains the necessary contact details. This is a simple type of design but effectively displays all the important information.

FAQs About Nickname On Business Card

1. Should A Business Card Be Double-Sided?

A business card must contain all the important contact information so having a double-sided business card means you have more space to add the required information. A double-sided business card looks more sophisticated and more memorable as well.

2. Can I Legally Use My Nickname?

A nickname is not the main/official name of a person. Therefore, your nickname won’t be your legal name without a legal change. If your nickname is not a legal name and you use it then it might cause problems like identity confusion and invalidate signatures. Therefore, you should not legally use your nickname.

3. Should You Put Your Full Name On Your Business Card?

Yes, you must put your legal full name on the business card. A business card won’t be effective if it doesn’t have the full name.

4. What Makes A Business Card Stand Out?

There are many ways you can make your business card stand out. Some of the effective ways are:

1. Add the social media info
2. Don’t Include the Homepage
3. Be Visual
4. Be Provocative
5. Define the Purpose of your business card
6. Include a Call to Action            

5. Should You Put Your Cell Phone Number On A Business Card?

Yes, you should put your cell phone number on your business card. It will make it more convenient for potential prospects to contact you.

6. How Do You Write A Full Name With A Nickname?

You can easily write a full name with the nickname. You can place the nickname after the forename and use the quotation marks to enclose it. Moreover, you can also use parentheses to enclose the nickname.

7. What Is The Best Color For Business Cards?

Color is very important for any type of design. A survey showed people tend to keep colorful business cards ten times longer than standard black-and-white ones. The best colors for business cards are black, red, green, etc. However, it is best to use your brand color on a business card.

8. How Much Should I Pay For Business Cards?

The cost of business cards depends on various things like paper type, design, etc. Usually, the cost of business cards ranges from $15 to $500. If you’re a small business owner then you should try to find a high-quality design that fits your budget.

9. What Is A Good Font For Business Cards?

You can use any type of font for your business card. However, some of the elegant fonts for business cards are:

1. Helvetica
2. Myriad Pro
3. Code
4. Glasgow
5. Gotu
6. Jura
7. Trajan
8. Futura
9. Nevis
10. Campton


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