What Is It Like To Be An Overnight Stocker At Walmart? (Find Out Now!)

Overnight Stocker At Walmart

There are numerous available job roles at Walmart, and one of them is the role of an overnight stocker. As the name implies, you get to work overnight at the store, doing arrangements, stock counts, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Some common responsibilities of an overnight stocker at Walmart are inventory checks, restocking the shelves, cleaning aisles, processing returns, etc.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to become an overnight stocker
  • You must be capable of lifting 50 pounds to qualify for the post of an overnight stocker
  • You do not have to go to college or any higher institution if you want to be a Walmart overnight stocker  

Responsibilities Of An Overnight Stocker At Walmart 

Responsibilities Of An Overnight Stocker At Walmart 

Some of the responsibilities of an overnight stocker include:

1. Restocking The Shelves: The overnight stocker must ensure that the shelves are always stocked so that people can get what they desire. For example, it could be that people bought lots of sanitary materials during the day and the sanitary shelves are now empty. So, the overnight stockers to get sanitary items to stock back the shelves from the stores. Otherwise, people cannot get sanitary items when they shop the next day. In addition, it will not make sense for stocking to be done during the day while people are shopping. It is why stockers do it overnight.

2. Inventory Check: Imagine Walmart not being aware that they are out of cleaning items. Of course, that will be disastrous as they ideally need to know to always stock up. Thus, the store needs overnight stockers who carry out this duty. We see that these overnight stockers always need to note how many items are available, which we mean by inventory check. As they stock up the shelves, they note the section of items that might soon finish and relay the information to the manager. Without these people, the store will not know that they will soon run out of items.

3. Cleaning Of Aisles: Of course, it is common knowledge that the store aisles will get messy as people shop during the day. Therefore, overnight stockers have a role and duty of cleaning these aisles. If the aisles are not neat, you can be sure that customers will have complaints, and it can even be a factor to why they will stop patronizing that Walmart store. In addition, unclean aisles could attract rodents and compromise products. Thus, it is best to have the aisles clean in preparation for the next day’s activities, and overnight stockers do this work.

4. Puts Signs In Place: If you are a regular shopper at Walmart, you will agree that there are usually signs in place to identify things. It helps you locate what you want to buy. Therefore, people will be confused when there are no signs or they are not in their appropriate positions. For example, imagine a sign for beverages being at the location for toiletries. Of course, it won’t be very clear, and people will not know where to get what they want. So, the overnight stocker ensures their signs are in their appropriate locations. Every business needs overnight stockers, and you can see their role in Walmart.

5. Processing Returns: An overnight stocker also engages in processing returns for Walmart. For example, if a customer requests to exchange an item, the overnight stocker checks to see what went wrong and packs the new package for the person. For a large organization like Walmart, there are usually high requests for returns as they deal with numerous customers. So, you can be sure that overnight stockers will have many sales returns to process. It is why we are not surprised they can work all night without taking a break. An overnight stocker has to ensure no mistakes while processing the returns.

Requirements To Be An Overnight Stocker At Walmart 

So, it could be that you are job hunting and you are interested in being an overnight stocker at Walmart. Some of the requirements are:

1. Team Player: You must be willing to work with a team to be an overnight stocker at Walmart. Some people argue that they work best alone. However, Walmart agrees that no man can be an island. Therefore, you need to work as a team to get things done as an overnight stocker at Walmart. After all, it is impossible to think you can do all the job roles for the entire store. And, if you do not cooperate with your team, you will not get the job done. So, one of the top traits Walmart desires is for you to be a team player.

2. Be A Legal Adult: The minimum age required to become an overnight worker at Walmart is 18 years. The organization understands that some duties of an overnight worker are tedious, and they cannot engage children in it. Otherwise, they will break the child labor law and get into trouble with the authorities. To avoid any issues with the authorities, Walmart has an age requirement they check before employing anyone to be an overnight stocker. Therefore, if you are interested in this job role, you must be up to 18 years old before you apply. You may be eligible for other job roles like being a Walmart cashier if you are less than 18 years.

3. Be Able To Lift 50 Pounds:  It comes as one of the requirements Walmart uses in employing people to be a Walmart overnight stocker, and people often wonder about its usefulness. However, we see that this requirement comes in handy as the overnight stocker job can be tedious. For example, Walmart overnight stockers may sometimes need to operate the forklift machine. So, you can see that physical strength is needed in carrying out this job role. If you cannot carry 50 pounds, it is best to apply for other roles not to injure yourself while being an overnight stock. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

4. Should Be Able To Work At Night: As the name of the job role implies, you will be working nights as an overnight stocker. Therefore, it would not make sense to apply for this job if you do not have the chance, freedom, or liberty to work at night. It is one of the reasons why Walmart has an age requirement for the job, as they know that parents might not be open to the idea of their children working night jobs. So, they rather employ adults whose parents do not dictate what they do with their time or give them time restrictions. You will always work at night as an overnight stocker, even on holidays

5. Effective Communication Skills: Typically, you would need a high school diploma if you are applying for the role of an overnight stocker with Walmart. The idea is that should a person can read and write. In addition, they also believe that such a person has effective communication skills as the worker needs to communicate with others in the organization. Therefore, Walmart believes that anyone with a high school diploma can have these basic skills. If you consider yourself to be an effective communicator, we urge that you apply to be an overnight stocker with Walmart if you are interested. Yes, you do not have to go to college or any higher institution if you want to be a Walmart overnight stocker.

How Many Hours Does An Overnight Walmart Stocker Work?

Typically, an overnight Walmart stocker works for 9 hours, starting from 10 pm and ending at 7 am.

However, there can be exceptions, depending on the Walmart store. Therefore, we cannot generalize the hours an overnight Walmart stocker works.

How Much Does An Overnight Walmart Stocker Make?

An overnight stocker at Walmart makes about $16 hourly. However, it is also dependent on the store location.

Below is a table showing some states and the salary overnight Walmart stockers make.

State000Hourly Salary 
New Jersey $15. 34


Below are some of the frequently asked questions

Is Overnight Stocker At Walmart Hard?

The job description might seem hard, but we are sure that you can handle it. After all, you are not doing it alone as you will be working in a team.

Is Overnight Stocker At Walmart A Good Job?

Since you are sure to get paid for this job, it classifies as an okay job. It is not the job that helps you get rich quicker, but it helps sustain your living.

Is Stocking At Walmart Easy?

No, stocking at Walmart isn’t easy as the stores deal with numerous products. However, we are sure that you will get used to it with time


An overnight stocker at Walmart enjoys flexibility as they work at night and has the freedom to do whatever they desire during the day. Therefore, it comes in handy for students who might have afternoon classes. If you feel you are a good fit for this job after going through the requirements, apply for it now. 


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