Does Parking Ticket Go On Your Record And Insurance Premium?

Parking Ticket Go On Your Record And Insurance Premium

A parking ticket is a legal document that officially tells a person that he or she has parked a vehicle illegally or for too long in a restricted place. People suffer parking tickets from time to time and there is hardly a car owner who doesn’t get a parking ticket. Though parking ticket is not something that you should be worried about if you left the parking ticket unpaid then the fine will increase. But, is it really true that parking tickets go on to the credit record and insurance premium?

No, a parking ticket doesn’t go on to your record and insurance premium. So, you can be assured that parking tickets do not affect your insurance premiums. Moreover, it also doesn’t reflect how you drive your car. However, if you have lots of unpaid tickets and because of these tickets your registrations or your license is suspended then the insurance companies might refuse to renew your insurance or don’t approve your insurance application.         

When Parking Tickets Affect Insurance Rates?

When Parking Tickets Affect Insurance Rates

Usually, parking tickets don’t go to the permanent driving record and these tickets won’t impact the driving privileges. Therefore, parking tickets do not typically affect auto insurance rates. Moreover, if you pay the fines for parking tickets promptly then there should be no other consequences. Some common consequences of unpaid parking tickets are – 

1. The dreaded boot on your tire

2. Impounding of the vehicle, which can go to a permanent auction if you are unable to pay

3. The state might employ collection agencies and it might affect your credit report and credit score

4. Suspension of registration or preventing of renewal 

5. Hold or suspension of your license

6. Inability to renew driver’s license

Types Of Parking Tickets

There are many types of parking tickets available. Some common parking ticket types are – 

1. Expired meter

2. Parking in a commercial vehicles zone

3. Parking against the flow of traffic

4. Parking more than 18 inches from the curb

5. Exceeding the maximum time limits

6. Not having the right parking permit in residential areas

7. Failure to comply with parking signs

8. Street sweeping or trash pickup

9. Double parking

10. Red zones

11. Parking in or too close to crosswalks, intersections, or driveways

12. Parking in handicap spots

13. Parking in one spot for more than 24 Hours

14. Parking without a zoning permit

15. Not paying for metered parking

16. Parking too close to, or at, an intersection

17. Parking near a fire hydrant

Do Parking Tickets Raise Insurance

A parking ticket won’t raise the auto insurance rate but because of unpaid parking tickets if a collection agency is sent against you then it could affect your credit-based insurance score. If your credit score becomes low then you have to pay a higher interest rate for insurance. Most car insurance companies usually review the credit history as well as credit score before they decide to insure you. A credit score has a great impact on the cost of your car insurance. So, it can be said that unpaid parking tickets could affect your auto insurance premium. However, if you live in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, then unpaid tickets won’t raise your insurance cost. This is because, in these states, car insurance companies are not allowed to use the credit score to evaluate the insurance application.

How To Prevent Parking Tickets

There are many ways you can prevent parking tickets. Below are some steps that you can follow to avoid getting them – 

1. Make sure, you check the area around before parking the car. Look for signs that might say you can park there, or there is any parking restriction there? Make sure you read and check out all the signs carefully before parking your car.

2. If you have parked your car in a metered parking area then you can put a timer on your phone to remind yourself about the parking meter.

3. Nowadays, many apps allow car owners to pay for parking via apps and also in advance. Moreover, if you want to pay with cash then make sure you have enough changes to feed the meter.

4. If you frequently visit a particular area and you need to park your car for a long time then you can rent a spot in the garage to avoid getting tickets. Garage renting might be expensive but if you are getting continuous parking tickets then garage renting could be cheaper in the long run.

FAQs About Does Parking Ticket Go On Your Record And Insurance Premium

Which Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance Prices?

Usually, parking tickets don’t have a direct effect on car insurance prices. However, some parking tickets have an indirect impact on car insurance prices. Some of the common types of tickets that might affect the car insurance prices are – 

1. Speeding tickets
2. Distracted driving tickets
3. Careless or reckless driving
4. Driving under the influence
5. Other moving violation tickets

Can You Lose Your License For Parking Tickets?

No, you won’t lose your license for parking tickets and no matter how many parking tickets you get. However, in many USA states, your driver’s license can be revoked for getting too many parking tickets.

How Can You Tell If You Have Unpaid Parking Tickets?

You can easily find out if you have unpaid parking tickets. Many states have an online system, where you can enter your license plate to see if you have any unpaid parking tickets. If you find any parking tickets against your name then you should pay the fines as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Is A Parking Ticket A Criminal Offense?

Yes, a parking ticket is a crime but it is a low-level crime. If you paid the ticket without fighting the charge then you entered a guilty plea. Though a parking ticket won’t bear on your MJ matter therefore you should pay the fines without fighting the charge.

Do Unpaid Parking Tickets Ever Go Away?

No, unpaid parking tickets won’t go away. In fact, the unpaid ticket will stay on your record forever until you act on it. Moreover, if you don’t show up to the court to handle the ticket then the judge could issue a “bench warrant” for your arrest!



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