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Planet Fitness Black Card

The planet fitness black card is a type of membership card from Planet Fitness that loads with awesome benefits and features. With the PF black card, you can get access to any of our 2000+ locations worldwide. Moreover, you will be able to bring a guest every time you work out! Moreover, the PF black card members also get other benefits that include free Wi-Fi, tanning, worldwide travel deals, 50% off drinks, PF Black Card T-Shirt, 20% off at worldwide travel deals, and many more.

Key Takeaways

  • Planet Fitness is a world-class American franchisor and fitness center and one of the largest fitness club franchises in the USA with more than 2000 clubs
  • Planet Fitness offers PF Black Card to its customers and the card is loaded with awesome benefits
  • The PF black card will give you full unlimited access to Planet Fitness center
  • If you have PL black card membership then you are allowed to share the privileges of the PL black fitness card with one guest per visit

Benefits Of Planet Fitness Black Card

Benefits Of Planet Fitness Black Card

If your goal is to stay healthy and active then a Planet Fitness Black Card can greatly enhance your workout experience. Learn more about the benefits of the Planet Fitness Black Card below.

1. Unlimited Access To The Gym

If you want full unlimited access to what Planet Fitness has to offer then the PF black card will be the best option for you. The Planet Fitness gym remains open for 24/7 so you can work out whenever you want. You can go to the gym whenever it is convenient for you. the use of the equipment isn’t limited even in the late hours. There are various types of gym amenities available at each gym. So, you can use whatever equipment you like. For example, you can use treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals, stair climbers, or bikes for your cardio workouts. There are also free weights such as benches, dumbbells, as well as locker rooms, and multiple showers.

2. Spa, Health, And Beauty Options

Along with the gym equipment, Planet Fitness also offers a whole lot more. You can relax on massage chairs or use full-body massage chairs so that your body will feel great after the exercise. Moreover, some selected branches also offer several spa options, including massages, tans, light therapy, as well as haircuts and styling. Some major features of planet fitness are – 

1. Planet Fitness Hydro-Massage

2. Planet Fitness Tanning

3. Beauty Angel Light Therapy

4. Hair Salon Services, etc.

3. Black Card Guest Passes

If you have PL black card membership then you are not the only one who can benefit well from the membership. You are allowed to share the privileges of the PL black fitness card with one guest per visit. Here the guest will only have access to using the gym equipment. The tanning beds, hydromassage beds, and other free services are only limited to the black cardmembers only. The guest must be at least 18 years old and must bring a valid ID. Moreover, children aged 13 or higher can accompany the Black Card membership holder, but they have to stay with the member at all times and the cardholder should be the parent or guardian of the child.

4. Access To Any Planet Fitness Location

The PL black card allows the members to get access to hundreds of locations across the United States and beyond! With this fitness card, you can access any of these locations at any time. This means when you are traveling around you don’t have to put your health on hold.

Planet Fitness Black Card Price

Planet Fitness Black Card Price

The planet fitness black card has an affordable price for everyone. However, depending on the location the price of the black card might vary. Usually, the PF Black Card memberships come with $ 1 enrollment and $ 22.99 monthly dues. So, the cost of PL black card will be – 

1. Startup Fee – $1.00

2. Monthly Dues – $22.99

3. Annual Fee – $39.00                        

Is It Worth It To Have Planet Fitness Black Card?

If you want to have full access to Planet Fitness’s all facilities then the black card membership plan will be the best deal for you. Planet Fitness is available 24/7 so if you have the card then you can work out whenever you like. Moreover, Planet Fitness has many branches and the card will allow you to access all the branches. With unrestricted club access, you can also enjoy other benefits like Free Wi-Fi, Tanning, Guest pass facility, etc. So, if you consider all the facilities you will get for a monthly fee of $22.99 then it is definitely worth having a planet fitness black card.

How To Cancel Planet Fitness Black Card

Planet Fitness allows its members to cancel the black card membership. However, canceling the black card membership is a tedious task. This is because Planet Fitness doesn’t want to let its customers go away. Many PF members complained about this gym’s cancellation process because there are several steps. Moreover, you might have to pay a cancelation fee which is ridiculous.    

FAQs About Planet Fitness Black Card Review

What Does The Planet Fitness Black Card Include?        

A Planet Fitness black card includes – 

1. Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide

2. Unlimited Access to Home Club

3. Free Wi-Fi

4. Use of Tanning

5. Bring a Guest Anytime

6. Use of Hydro-Massage

7. Worldwide Travel Deals

8. The benefit of Total Body Enhancement

9. 50% Off Drinks

10. PF Black Card T-Shirt

11. Free Fitness Training

12. Use of Massage Chairs

13. 20% off at

What Is The PF Black Card Guest Pass Policy?

Planet fitness allows one guest with a black card member however, they have some policies about the guest pass. Some important guest pass policies are – 

1. Guests must be 18 years of age or older

2. Guest must bring a valid photo id

3. If the guest is under the age of 18 then the guest must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

4. A Black Card membership holder should always accompany guests

What Is The Difference Between Black Cards And Classic Planet Fitness?

The classic membership of Planet Fitness gives you access to your home gym, free fitness training, and free Wi-Fi while you work out. On the other hand, the PF black card has all the facilities of classic membership as well as some extra facilities.

Can Black Card Members Go To Any Planet Fitness?

Yes, black card members can go to any Planet Fitness. If you are traveling then show the black card to the nearest Planet Fitness Center to get access.

Can I Go To Planet Fitness Twice A Day?

Yes, planet fitness members are allowed to visit the gym as many times as they’d like in a day. Planet Fitness loves to see its members working out in the gym.

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