Differences Between Please Note VS. Please Notice In The USA With Use Cases

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It is important to know when to use “please note” and when to use “please notice.” The two words are similar in meaning, but they have different grammatical rules. When you want people’s attention or need them to be aware of something that is happening, then please note should be used. If you want someone’s opinion about a topic, then please notice is the word for you!

What Does “Please Note” Mean?

Please note is a formal phrase that means to pay attention, but it also requires the reader’s action. Some examples include:

1. “Please note that all items must be returned within 15 days of purchase”

2. “Please note that there are no refunds on sale items.”

Both sentences indicate something important or pertinent to the subject at hand, but the first sentence demands that people read it because something is happening. The second example indicates an important fact, but it’s not time-sensitive.

What Does “Please Notice” Means?

Like please note, notice also means to pay attention or recognize what has been said or seen; however, the notice does not demand action like its counterpart. Here are some examples of notice in a sentence.

1. Please notice how the paint on this wall is chipping away.

2. Notice that some of the colors are brighter than others when looking at this painting.

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10 Differences Between Please Note vs. Please Notice

1. Please note is a formal way of requesting information, while please notice is more casual.

2. Please note should be used in business correspondence and other professional contexts, while please notice can also be used in personal communication.

3. The word “note” denotes that the writer has something to say or add, whereas “notice” does not.

4. In British English, the word “notice” refers to a public announcement or advertisement posted on a wall or bulletin board.

5) When writing for American audiences, use please note when you want your reader to take a particular action (e.g., sign up for our newsletter), but please notice if you are just providing an update about an event.

6) Notice can also be spelled as n-o-t-i-c-e; however, it’s only considered incorrect by some people who have been taught that there should never be two consecutive vowels without a consonant between them. 

7) Note can also be spelled as n-o-t-e; this spelling is generally seen as correct by most people because it follows the rules of pronunciation and grammar. 

8) Please Note should be followed by a comma, while please notice does not need punctuation after the word “please”.

9) The phrase, “Please note” can also mean that you are making a point or drawing attention to something important. 

10) If you would like to use both words in your sentence, then place them next to each other with one space between them; however, do not put any punctuation at the end of either word.

Usages of Please Note and Please Notice

12+ Usages of Please Note and Please Notice

Please Note and Please Notice – both phrases have numerous usages in the USA in Business conversations and general conversations. Here are some common usages with example sentences.

Usages of Please Note:

1. Let’s please note that the meeting will be at 9 am

2. We should please note that there is a new law in town 

3. Please note that the deadline for this project is Friday, November 12th

4. I would like to please note that there has been an increase in traffic accidents lately due to people texting and driving

5. Please note – this is a blog post

6. Please note – the word “please” has two meanings in this sentence

7. Please note – if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss my next joke (joke)

8. Please Note – when someone says “I’m sorry,” they usually want something from you (example)

9. Please note that this blog post is sponsored by Company

10. Please note the following changes to our office hours

11. Please note that you will need to provide your own lunch for tomorrow’s meeting

12. Please note that we are unable to accommodate any additional requests at this time

Usages of Please Notice:

1. It would be great if you could please notice how much work we’ve all put in on this project so far

2. If you could please notice when someone’s talking to you, it would really help us out 

3. Please notice that I am a responsible and helpful person

4. Please notice that my dog is not dangerous

5. Please notice that I don’t want to go on this date with you

6. Please notice how much I care about the environment by recycling all of these cans and bottles

7. Please Notice-This is not an emergency!  We can talk later if it’s more convenient for you, but please know we need your help now!

8. “Please Notice” – A letter from a prisoner in solitary confinement to his daughter who he hasn’t seen since she was two years old

9. Please Notice that I’m trying to be helpful

10. Please Notice my new haircut

11. Please Notice the time and date on this post

12. please notice my new shoes (aka sneakers)

13. please notice how hot it is outside today!

Conclusion Paragraph: 

The main difference between the two words is that “please note” means to pay attention and make a mental note of something, while “please notice” means to become aware of it. A note can be used in more formal contexts than notice. For example, in an email, you might write “Please note” followed by information about your product or service; whereas in person you would say “Please take special notice” when presenting someone with something new they should know about. When deciding which word to use for your needs, try asking yourself if what you are writing requires readers to focus on particular details or not. If so, please note may be the better choice!


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