Price Adjustment Policy Of Kohl’s (Updated!)

Price Adjustment Policy Of Kohl's

While shopping at Kohl’s, you can rest assured that if an item you purchased goes on sale within a specific time period, you can bring in the store your receipts to receive cash back. There are some exclusions and certain conditions do apply, though, so be sure to ask any questions about this policy when you’re picking up your items!

Kohl’s was once a grocery store, but they moved into selling the type of things that customers are looking for in today’s marketplace. Kohl’s carries two brands. They have their own brand of merchandise as well as other national brands. With over 1,100 stores across the country, Kohl’s makes it easy and convenient to shop for whatever you need or want. Kohl’s is a good place to find fashionable clothes, kids clothing from name brands and even home appliances that make life easier. They also carry cleaning supplies and decorations for the home to spruce it up!

Kohl’s (just like many other retailers) likes to put an item on sale for a limited time in order to drive traffic into their stores. We know this may be something that you want to stay clear of, but the fact is, Kohl’s realizes it may frustrate their customer base and make them feel like they were lied to. In order to make things abundantly clear, we thought we would outline how Kohl’s go about honoring price adjustments. 

What Are The Restrictions With Kohl’s Price Adjustments? First of all, it should be mentioned there are no universal rules when it comes down to price adjustments as every single situation is different. For starters, one must keep in mind that a price adjustment can only be performed up until a point where the 30th day has elapsed since the date of your original purchase; providing you brought back an item within 14 days from that date.

Price Adjustment Policy of Kohl’s

Price Adjustment At Kohl’s

You might have heard the news that Kohl’s are now offering price adjustments on certain products. This isn’t the first time this policy has been used by retailers aiming to be more competitive in online retail and we’d like to give our readers a quick breakdown of how it works, who is eligible for this added benefit and more information about whether or not you can expect a refund from your purchases!

How Do You Ask For A Price Adjustment At Kohl’s?

It’s a good idea to have the original receipt around when shopping. If there are ever any discrepancies with the price of your products due to a sale or otherwise simple mistake, they will need to show you an original one if they intend on exchanging it for free. It is also a requirement to bring in either the tag from their purchased item if it was bought online or has been picked up but there was a mistake made on said amount by the cashier when processing their purchase(s). This particularly applies to clothing and other general items that were purchased in-store for pick-up (i.e. furniture, large home appliances), etc.

Kohl’s recognizes that sometimes they might lower the price of a product you have bought online and would like to adjust your order to reflect this change. They have a unique policy here. If you made your order using the website and it was shipped to you, then you can contact their customer service team via chat or by phone at 844-881-4595 or 1-866-562-5010 in case the issue can be solved faster by talking to someone directly (which we recommend). 

You should mention that there is an adjustment needed for your purchase since it has now been lowered in price but these methods of communication are also what customers can use even if they purchased through one of their physical stores. We want all our users to know about this feature because it affects more than just purchases that were made on the website.

Does Kohl’s Offer A Price Adjustment After Two Weeks?

Though Kohl’s has a two-week limit on price adjustments, customers shouldn’t get discouraged by this new policy. If a customer purchased an item recently and is experiencing sticker shock, they should check with their local Kohl’s store or a customer service representative to see if there are any exceptions to the rule. Some items won’t be covered under the website policies – so it’s generally best for customers to check with an associate first before making their purchase.

Does Kohl’s Offer Price Adjustments For All Store Products?

Kohl’s is known for their amazing two-week price adjustments. Some of the benefits include: being able to take in apparel and shoes to Kohl’s for inspection at a later date, with the product being eligible for adjustment that amount will be refunded back on the card used to make the original purchase. There are certain items however that do not fall under this policy, most commonly seasonal and discounted products. Markdowns may occur within 14 days of your original purchase, so if you need to make adjustments or have another question about these policies you can visit any local store and ask an associates there.

Additionally, Kohl’s Cares branded products are not eligible for price adjustments because funds from these items go toward a charitable cause. This also applies to gift cards, as they are not subject to coupons and discounts.

Which Kohl’s Brands Do Not Qualify For Price Adjustment?

Almost everything at Kohl’s is eligible for price adjustments, but there are a few exceptions. For example, some departments, brands, and products do not qualify: – Some Clearance Items (those end caps full of awesome deals you can always find in-store) – Mattresses/Bed frames/mattress protectors – Special order items or custom items that were ordered to specifically fit your needs – Price matches with other retailers including Target! The following brands are excluded from Kohl’s price adjustment policy:

  • Columbia
  • Dyson
  • KitchenAid (select items)
  • Koolaburra by UGG
  • Levi’s
  • Lovepop
  • S’well
  • Timberland

The prices following products won’t be adjusted by Kohl. They include; 

  • Sporting goods (Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc)
  • Sports team merchandise (MLB, NHL, NBA, etc)
  • Premium sunglasses (DKNY, Ray-Ban, Armani Exchange, and so on.)
  • Curated by Kohl’s Brands (Adore Me, Citrus & Lemon, Cleancult, and so on.)
  • Premium electronics (Skullcandy, Acer, Dell, and so on)
  • Gift cards
  • Online-exclusives (select)
  • Beauty and fragrance
  • Toys
  • Consumables (Candy bars, Starbucks, Tassimo, and so on.)
  • Select electrics (Nikon, Scholastic, Nespresso, and so on)
  • Premium athletic

Many stores have policies that allow for refunds or price adjustments on products. For instance, Kohl’s will refund you the cost of the item if it happens to get damaged prior to your purchase. To be safe though, one may wish to check with customer service or consult the store’s return policy specifications before purchasing an item they are unsure of if they expect a refund later.

Does Kohl’s Supply Value Changes For All Retailer Merchandise?

Kohl’s will give a worth adjustment to customers if they determine that the worth of a product has decreased since it was initially purchased. However, there are some exceptions to this rule… For instance, if the merchandise was part of a BOGO (purchase one, get one free) or clearance sale within two weeks after the original purchase, Kohl’s may not be able to grant an adjustment. If a client remembers to request for an adjustment but is then unable to provide their receipts, Kohl’s cannot look into the case further.

In addition, Kohl’s cardholders are not eligible for price adjustment because their money goes to a charitable cause. This also applies to gift cards, as they aren’t eligible for discounts or coupons.


Kohl’s gives customers the option to return items if they are not satisfied or unhappy with their purchase. As long as the customer is returning an item within two weeks, then they can either go to a Kohl’s store and do it in-store, or they can request a full refund online. However, Kohl’s doesn’t allow price adjustments on products such as sporting goods and gift cards, unlike other stores. They also have a list of select brands that they don’t allow discounts on up to the point of sale. We’ve listed these items below so you can see which ones might get you denied a price adjustment at the register.

Last Updated on April 24, 2022 by Mark Twain

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