What Are The Responsibilities of Data Entry Clerks in Business Office?

Data Entry Clerks

One of the wanted positions in various sectors is data entry clerk. The need of data entry clerk were require at IT sectors, hospitals, telecom industry, accounting, finance and insurance sector and on various other industries also. It is a general office job and doesn’t require high educational qualification for doing this job. The work of the data entry clerk is to enter or update data in the database and for doing this they may require certain basic skills. Nature of this job slightly differs according to the sector. Yet it is a good career to begin with and it is a best job option for those who have basic educational qualification. This job is being most wanted position in various industries so can able to get this job without much difficulty. The roles and responsibilities and the pay given for this job may differ according to the organization while a reasonable salary is paid for this job.

What does the data entry clerk do?

  • Data entry clerk were highly needed in the organizations for processing information in the respective database using computer system.
  • They need to input and update data in the database also have to maintain and retrieve them.
  • They have to ensure that the data store were accurate and in an efficient manner.
  • Not only they work on entering and retrieving the data also they transfer data in manual records to computer files and have to process and store them properly.
  • Also they have to transfer both words and numerical data into databases or spreadsheets accordingly.
  • They need to make use of basic word processing and database packages also have to work on several software packages to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Along with the data entry clerk role they have to provide customer service if the organization requires.

Basic skills required for data entry clerk

The data entry clerk seems to be a simple job but it is not like that as it is also one of the important jobs in the industry. Educational qualification is not considered much for the data entry clerk job yet those have good background in English, Math and Computer Technology can have more opportunities to get this job. The applicant may not require any formal qualifications for this job but they have to pass the skill test to get the offer.

The data entry clerk must have a basic knowledge of computers and should have proficient typing skills. It is necessary to have knowledge on the software packages that were associated with this work. Having basic literacy and numeracy skills will be advantageous. Along with these skills organizational abilities and administrative skills were also required. Having good communication skills in both written and verbal is must and should have a good phone manner and customer service skills too. To get this job it is necessary to have the ability to work either independently or as part of a team and have to work for long period on the same task also should be good on handling the stress and have to meet the deadlines. Also must have good understanding on the data confidentiality problems as well. With these skills can be qualified for the data entry clerk job.

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