Return Policy Of Walmart (Detailed Explanation!)

Return Policy Of Walmart

Going on shopping with happiness that can be read on our eyes is what everyone has done before, but getting home later and found out that we have either spent more than our budget, dresses we bought that we didn’t try on don’t fit or we have even had the materials being bought before. There can be many reasons for us to want to return some products we have gotten in a store, either to get our money back or even check out for another dress of our choice this time around.

Fortunately, most retail stores always give their customers a chance to return or exchange products that seems to not work out for the buyers. But it is quite unfortunate that these return policies of retail stores are often more confusing as customers don’t know what to do because they don’t know what they are responsible for in a return transaction.

It is fully known that there will always be a risk to buying a product online. Walmart has made its return and refund policy to be no less important on items purchased in their stores.

Walmart as a retail store has also provided for its customers that will be willing to return items purchased from the store for one or two reasons. This makes customers return items that don’t work out for them to get their money back or even exchange those items with another product in the store.

What Is Walmart Return Policy?

Return policies of Walmart are the rules established by Walmart to manage the process by which customers return or exchange unwanted items that they have purchased previously.

Items purchased at Walmart stores can easily be returned or exchanged as you might want. This return policy of Walmart stores gives customers chances to shop at peace, knowing fully that items they don’t want can easily be returned to the store or even exchanged for other items.

It should also be noted that some items cannot be returned, but they can be exchanged for a similar item within the range of 90 days. These products include casket and coffin, opened or used products such as air mattresses, medical and medical equipment like mobility scooters, among products that can’t be returned but the only exchange also includes unlocked wireless phone e.t.c. Though only 14 days are given for these products to be exchanged.

Nevertheless, some items can’t be refunded or exchanged in any way. These items include certain digital products or services, such as Sim cards, gift cards, and others. Items that are neither refundable nor exchangeable also include firearms and ammunition, used or mounted tires e.t.c.  How Many Days do You Have For an Item To be Return to Walmart?

Aside from a few exceptions, Walmart gives customers 90 days if they want to return or exchange an item. The allocated days for this item will begin the day it is delivered. The number of days for an item to be returned or for an exchange to be made varies, this depends on the type of item. This can be analyzed in the table below.

Items At Walmart Number of the days to be returned 
Wireless phonesWithin 14 days
Electric scooters,      hoverboards,        consumer electronic, and Verizon post-paid wireless phoneWithin 30 days
Hearing aids, prescription glasses.   Within 60 days

What Is The Process For Returning An Item To Walmart? 

Purchased items on Walmart can be easily returned by mail or in-store with multiple options to operate digitally. For Walmart return to be completed by mail takes up to three weeks, so if you want your money back fast, you might not choose this option of returning an item through the mail.

To return an item to Walmart by mail, the following process can be adopted.

1. Log into your Walmart account.

2. Click your initials in the upper-right corner of your account page.

3. Select “Account”

4. Locate the unwanted item and click on “Start a return”

5. Choose your reason for returning the items.

6. An option for replacement or refund might be given choice and click “continue”

7. The next option depends on whether you want a replacement or a refund.

Regardless of your geographical location, this process can be done on your Walmart app for the fastest and easiest experience.

You can as well make an in-store return to Walmart. These processes are to be followed.

1. Log into your Walmart account.

2. Select the items to be returned.

3. Select “Return to Store”

4. A barcode will be sent, review it click on “Submit”

5. An email we be sent to you to confirm.

How Will You Get Your Refund From Walmart and In What Form? 

With or without a receipt, items can be returned n to Walmart. However, if the items to be returned are without a receipt, the customer service will check your online or in-store purchase made with your debit or credit card and a refund will be processed back to your card within 10 business days.

You will need to show a valid government-issued photo ID if you didn’t make your purchase with a debit or credit card and still don’t have a receipt. If the verification process is found acceptable then you can exchange your merchandise or get a cash refund.

On the other hand, you should be refunded within 10 business days depending on your method of payment as long as you have your receipt.

If you paid by card, your money will be returned to your debit or credit card within 10 business days and if you paid by cash or check, you will be refunded in form of cash for in-store returns. For each method of your payment, there is a unique way of getting your refund on items you are returning to the store.

What Are The Main Types Of Walmart Return?

Walmart is known to have 2 types of returns for items purchased in their stores. The first one is that of in-store return while the other one is known to be online return or return by mail.

In-store return is when Walmart accepts returns at its stores. The customer will have to bring the product to their local store in its original packaging that will be ready to be shipped. Then the return label will be printed after the associate has looked up the item on the system and the return shipping of the item will be handled. The means of payment of the customer will then be used to refund him/her at that same moment.

Online return or return by mail is done by customers that want to return the items purchased earlier by themselves. This can be done by printing a return label from their online account as shown above. The label is then attached firmly to the package and will be dropped off at the nearest location. This will need some days before the return will be made, and the return payment will be through the payment method the customer used to purchase the items.


We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. These FAQs will help you understand everything you need to know about the return policy of Walmart. Let’s check it out!

How Is Return Routed By Walmart?

You have the option of setting parameters for your items to be shipped to a particular return center. However, items are shipped to the return center that is close to the customer, if the customer has more than one return center to save on shipping charges. 

An option of settling the parameters that force the specified product to be shipped to a particular returning center is given by Walmart to ensure returns are routed according to the desires of its consumers. Even if a returning center is not stated by a customer, Walmart in its research will route the items to the return center that is closest to the customer.

Who Covers The Cost Of Return?

The reason why a customer wants or needs a return will bring about the party that should be responsible for covering the cost of return. 

Issues like poor quality, incorrect items received, wrong size/poor fit, items damage, late to arrive, or defective products makes the seller responsible for covering the cost of return. However, customers will be responsible for covering the return cost for the reasons like the low price and no longer wanting and buying somewhere else.

What Is The Refund Timing For Walmart?

A refund will be issued within 48 hours of the items being received at your return center, otherwise, Walmart will refund the customer within that time frame.

Only two choices are available when it comes to issuing refunds. The first one is that you can refund the consumer after the return has been processed and completed. This must be done within 48 hours after receiving the items. The second option is that once the return is initiated, the customer will be refunded immediately, even if you haven’t received the item yet.

The Bottom Line 

It is important to know how returns work on Walmart and strategies that can prevent excessive return as this cost you time and money.



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