Review Of Otto Insurance (Does It Scam Or Real?)

Otto Insurance

There is no indication that Otto’s insurance is a scam. In fact, Otto insurance is not a car insurance company. If you check Otto insurance’s “Terms of Service” page then you will see that Otto insurance doesn’t provide insurance. Basically, it is a referral company that sends or refers you to the insurance company. So, Otto insurance actually gathers customers’ information and tries to match to find any insurance!

Key Takeaways

  • is a lead generation site from where you can gather information from a network of over 1,000 insurance agents and affiliates
  • The core of Otto insurance is content marketing and on their official website you will find various articles about topics on insurance
  • uses social listening software like Hootsuite or Radian to closely monitor online conversations about cars
  • Otto insurance collects your personal information and then connects you to an insurance agent that suits your requirements

What Is Otto Insurance?

Otto insurance is a type of company that mainly focuses on collecting car owners’ information and educating car owners about auto insurance. Otto insurance tries to provide the most reliable information on the web and help car owners easily find the help or advice they need. The core of Otto insurance is content marketing. On the Otto website, you will find thousands of articles on topics ranging from how to find cheap car insurance rates to the different types of coverage you can get. 

It uses social media to attract customers and partners. Otto insurance was founded by Millennials who saw the flaws in the current system. So, the founders are using the latest technology to create a better way of doing things. It uses social listening software like Hootsuite or Radian to closely monitor online conversations about cars. Otto insurance is trying to reach its target by making podcasting about storytelling and connecting with people through relatable stories.

How Does Otto Insurance Work?

How Does Otto Insurance Works

Otto insurance is a tool that collects your personal information and then connects you to an insurance agent that suits your requirements. If you want to use the Otto insurance tool then you have to click “Get started now” at next, you will arrive at a short series of questions about yourself, your vehicle, and even your home. You have to provide this information to help Otto to find your lowest possible rates for the insurance. Moreover, Otto will ask you about the cars you drive. Make sure you provide correct answers to the questions to find the right insurance company. Then, Otto will ask you whether you want to combine home and auto insurance. Within a few minutes, you will be ready to find the best auto insurance for you. Finally, click on the “Get Your Free Quote” button to submit your quote request. Next, an Otto agent will contact you and provide you with two insurance companies for you to compare.

Recommendations & Reviews Of Otto Insurance

Recommendations & Reviews Of Otto Insurance

Below are the recommendations & reviews of Otto insurance from the Otto Insurance’s Facebook page – 

Kaity Nichole Said –

“Jesus Christ. I was just curious about insurance prices. I have received 10+ calls between now and when I used auto. Literally 30 minutes ago. Don’t touch this service it is a scam and will endlessly bog you with a horrific effigy of endless underqualified sales agents. Honestly, this is perhaps the most annoying site I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with.”

Benjamin Michael Foster Said – 

“These people are rude on the phone and hang up on you if they don’t like what you say .”

Katrina Siverts Said – 

“I agree with all the other posts. Horrible service. I have been getting so many calls it’s ridiculous. How can they improve? Quit misleading people about their service. It’s a scam. All they do is send your number out to all the local insurance companies. Then, they call and call and call. Horrible service!”

Alexander Rivera Santiago Said – 

“Stop stupid YouTube ads of fake people talking about fake friends with fake quotes. Getting people information just to refer them to other insurance companies. Is pointless and people like me will only hate your company until clear transparency speaks for itself.  Don’t use people information to sell them to other companies”

Scott A Fussnecker Said – 

“Tell people that they will be bombarded with phone calls from companies trying to sell you insurance. The worst mistake I ever made was clicking on you add.”

Emmanuel Gutierrez Said – 

“The commercial shows a kid placing an otto insurance sticker on their car, but they don’t even provide insurance. It’s a referral company that sends you to another referral company. Misrepresentation.”

Sharon Howarth Said – 

“Data harvesting landing page. No disclosures regarding what they offer. This is a trick — just another broker who wants to grab your personal vehicle and contact info to snag leads for affiliated insurance underwriters. What a waste.”

Matt Said – 

“Predatory advertisement targeting a specific audience, veterans.”

Ash Modi Said – 

“They are not an insurance company they are a lead generation company who will spread your number to a ton of companies who starts calling, I made a mistake, Save yourself!”

Chip Gowan Said – 

“Scam, they just collect info from the landing pages and sell to other insurance companies.”

Final Thoughts

Finally, it is clear that Otto insurance is not an insurance service provider. They are a lead generation company that collects information of auto owners and then sells them to auto insurance companies. You can only use the Otto insurance to compare only two insurance companies at a time. So, it’s a waste of time to use the Otto insurance. Moreover, according to the customer reviews, you will be bombarded with phone calls from the company and try to sell insurance to you! Now the decision is up to you, whether you would use the Otto insurance or not!



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