What Is The Role Of A Marketing Manager?

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a person who manages the marketing of an organization and plans, directs, or coordinates marketing policies and programs. There are no set requirements to become a marketing manager or officer. It’s all about experiences and may need a degree in management or professional marketing qualification. A marketing manager has many functions intended at developing and implementing the long- and short-term marketing strategies of his employer. They are focused mainly on the practical or marketing-related decisions and management of an organization’s marketing activities.

Role Of A Marketing Manager

Role Of A Marketing Manager

He/she plans and coordinates marketing activities, such as researching and analyzing market trends, identifying target markets and potential customers, developing marketing campaigns, and organizing focus groups. In small organizations, the marketing manager is in charge of the organization’s entire marketing activities and therefore manages to develop strategies, balancing objectives, and customer satisfaction so as to influence customers to choose the organization’s products over those of competitors.

Researching And Analyzing Market Trends

A marketing manager faces challenges to outsmart competition each day. In order to win in marketing, a manager must research markets, examine various trends and execute quickly. He/she must have a strong sense of their product customer. This means making a proper picture using the resources that are available. Marketing managers carry out research and analyze market trends to gain a clear idea of what an organization’s customers really want.

Marketing research helps managers to identify new market opportunities, plan campaigns and manage budgets for the organization’s products or services. The market research also helps to study the organization’s competitors so as to develop excellent products and employ effective marketing techniques.

Developing The Marketing Strategy                  

Developing the Marketing Strategy                  

Marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies for their organizations.  It’s really important for a manager to identify, develop, and evaluate a marketing strategy to outline clearly how an organization will promote its products and services to its target market. Failing at any one of these things means the company loses potential customers and revenue.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the procedure of analyzing customer interactions and data throughout the various stages of the purchasing process, and this includes people who have already bought the product.

The marketing manager carries out the function of championing customer relationship management in the organization. The marketing manager gathers this information from the organization’s customer lifecycle to create a customer satisfaction survey. Then managers share this information with other employees to ensure they offer proper customer service to their clients in order to build standing relationships.

Employee Management

Employee Management

Marketing managers are in charge of the marketing department and therefore are responsible for hiring, training, and performance evaluations of marketing and sales staff within their department. They employ duties and set targets for departmental staff. It is also the function of marketing managers to perform periodic performance and it’s important for the organization to improve employee productivity to reach their desired goal.

Identifying New Business Opportunities

Marketing managers analyze market trends with an aim of exploring new markets for the organization’s products and services. As a manager, they analyze customer lifecycle and they can also identify the peak and off-peak demand periods for their products. A good manager is always on the hunt for new opportunities by employing sales forecasting, they can estimate the future performance of the organization’s products.

A manager of an organization plays an important role on conduct economic and commercial surveys in identifying potential markets for products and services.

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