How Long Does Shipping From The UK To US Take

Shipping From The UK To US

Shipping Express can take 1-4 days to ship from the UK to the US but it’s the most expensive method. Air shipping might take about 6-13 days. On the other hand, sea shipping might take 46-50 days but it’s the cheapest option.

Many factors go into consideration when shipping from the UK to the United States. Usually, the shipment time depends on location, shipment size, and season. Moreover, the shipping mode also plays a very important role in the shipping time.

Key Takeaways

  • The shipping cost from the UK to the US mostly depends on shipping distance, package weight, package dimension, and delivery time
  • Customer clearance is a mandatory process when you are shipping products from one country to another
  • USPS Global Express Guaranteed 1-3 days delivery time for shipping products from the UK to US
  • FedEx International First Guaranteed 3 business days delivery time for shipping products from the UK to US

Shipping From The UK To The USA

Shipping From The UK To The USA

It’s very important to understand all the different aspects of international shipping. Regardless of whether you are sending a small personal package or larger commercial shipments, the rules are the same. Moreover, you have to consider the cost while shipping from the UK to the USA.  

Shipping Cost

How much will the shipping cost to ship a given parcel or package from the UK to the US depend on several variables. These variables include:

1. Package weight

2. Package dimensions

3. Delivery timeframe 

So, the lower the variables are and the longer the delivery time you will have the chance to get cheap parcel delivery to the US. For example, if you are shipping a flat-screen TV to the US then the shipping cost will be less compared to shipping a car to the US. Moreover, the dimension of the package also play role in the shipping cost. So, packages with irregular shapes or dimensions attract more fees than those with normal shapes and dimensions. Moreover, you also have to consider the delivery time. If you want to send the package quickly then you have to pay more. If you don’t mind your package taking a little longer to arrive at its destination then you will be able to send the parcel more cheaply.

Customs Clearance

If you are shipping goods from one country to another country then the customs departments of that country will enforce their custom guidelines. For example, the customer will check the eligibility of the product that you want to ship. Moreover, they will check if the required clearance fee has been paid. So if you don’t take proper steps by providing the required paperwork then this can significantly delay the standard shipping time.

Consider The Coronavirus Pandemic

Nowadays, you have to consider the coronavirus pandemic because it has brought many industries to a complete standstill. In fact, the international trade and shipping industry has been affected the most by this pandemic. Because of the Coronavirus, many countries have taken extensive precautionary measures to prevent the continued spread of the virus therefore it might take more time to ship the product than the usual time. Therefore, the slow pace of clearance will certainly affect international shipping times.

International Shipping Address Format

Your international shipping might get delayed if you don’t follow the appropriate international shipping address formats. Each country has its own address format so you have to follow it to ensure that your shipments are delivered as quickly as possible.       

Other Factors

While looking for the cheapest package shipping options, there are a few other things that you have to consider. For example, you have to complete a customs declaration form where you’ll need to provide detailed information about the item/product that you want to ship. Moreover, the US has a list of restricted or prohibited items, and you have to ensure your parcel doesn’t breach these protocols. If you are sending anything fragile then you also have to inform the courier. It might affect the shipping cost.

Cheapest Shipping Option From The UK To The USA

Cheapest Shipping Option From The UK To The USA

While shipping from the UK to the USA you should take time to compare the shipping couriers and the services they offer as well as the shipping times attached to the services. Moreover, you have to check if there are any value-added services included in the shipping cost. You can check if they offer free weekend deliveries and other important options for cheap parcel delivery to the USA. Here are the rates for a parcel weighing 5lbs and measuring 10in x 5in x 5in from London, the UK to Brooklyn, New York – 

1. FedEx International Next Flight at $245.20

2. FedEx International Priority at $198.20

3. FedEx International Economy at $182.35

4. USPS Priority Mail Express International at $87.60

5. USPS Priority Mail International at $76.10

6. UPS Worldwide Express Plus at $230.46

7. UPS Worldwide Express at $190.46

8. UPS Worldwide Saver at $188.80

9. UPS Worldwide Expedite at $170.57      

Potential Delivery Issues

Potential Delivery Issues

Sometimes the delivery issues can affect both local and international shipping times. So if you want to avoid delay because of delivery issues then you should choose the services of a shipping company that offers detailed insights into your shipment status. Moreover, they will take the necessary measures to ensure your product is delivered at the right time. So if you choose this type of shipping service then you will be informed immediately if there is a delay and your estimated shipping time will not be valid. This is very important because if you know there is a problem then you can take precautionary measures to avoid huge shipping delays.

Estimated Delivery Time For Different Shipping Services

Courier ServiceEstimated Delivery Time
USPS Global Express Guaranteed1-3 days
USPS Priority Mail Express International3-5 days
USPS Priority Mail International6-10 days
DHL Express Worldwide4 days
UPS Worldwide Express1-3 days
FedEx International Next FlightNext day
FedEx International First3 days
FedEx International Priority3 days
FedEx International Economy5 days

With the above information, you can estimate or evaluate how long it will take a shipment to reach your desired destination. Moreover, most shipping services have shipping time calculators that you can also use to find out the estimated time to ship products from the UK to the USA. Using these calculators you can calculate estimated time as well as the costs which are very convenient.     


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