Starting A Slideshow Business – Step By Step Process

Starting A Slideshow Business

People today enjoy taking photos at different events when they meet up with friends or even with families. Sometimes these events are work-related, the main thing here is that there is always someone taking photos or better still a group of people.

With these photos and videos combine, some people can create a slideshow to help the people in that event get a taste of the memory they all shared. In the real sense of things, this is a skill, this is something many people do now to pay their bills. Do you know what this means? You can make money with something you see as a hobby, something you do for fun. This article comprises detailed steps on how you can start a business through slideshows. 

Step By Step Process Of Starting A Slideshow Business 

Process Of Starting A Slideshow Business 

1. Firstly, Get A Software Used For Creating Slideshows

Normally, starting a business where you have to offer service to others, there is a tendency that you have to offer the best. From this, you should know that a vital process in opening a business like this should be determined on you getting a good software that helps you give your clients the best. 

2. The Next Thing Is To Send Materials And Scan Them

You cannot just create a picture or video with a magic word and then you get a collection of photos to make the slideshows for your clients. What you need to do is create a system where you can always get the pictures and videos from your clients so you can make a slideshow of the client’s choice. Some services help you get those pictures and videos with ease, also, you can choose to get them via emails and other methods too. You just need to make sure you get digitals so you can make something nice. This is something you have to consider before starting your business so you portray the presence of a professional when talking to a client. 

3. Work Out A System Used To Select Good And Accepted Music

You see all these slideshows online, most times the music is what gets your attention, for you to create a standard slide show, you have to put things like music into your deepest considerations. The music in a slideshow has almost the same amount of significance as the pictures you use. How is this possible? 

Well, with a good sound in the background, it is not just a collection of pictures showing one after the other. The music you use would give it the exact kind of mood you are trying to set in the room. Make sure you always use a song that would be appreciated by the clients, if possible, ask them first. There are several sources where you can source for good music, surely you would figure it out. 

4. How Do You Intend On Burning The DVDs 

You are done with the project, now you can relax and let technology do the rest, you would have to invest in a quality DVD tower that would help you burn more than 3 DVDs at a time. Burning the DVD takes time especially when you don’t use a good DVD tower. You should consider getting good DVDs so that the clients could stay happy for a long time and in most cases recommend you to other people. 

5. Think Of How To Package The Slideshow Before Presenting To Clients

You don’t just go in and give your client a DVD without making seem like his money wasn’t worth anything, the way it is packaged would get you your first smile of encouragement. You don’t have to do much, just add a little fancy to the pack where you place it. Your services could be put in high demand when you are able to make clients happy. It isn’t wrong to get ideas from other sources and then modify them to create a good impression. 

6. Think Of A Good Amount To Charge

This depends on the job you are getting and what you feel you are going to spend while on the job, they are paying for your skill and time also. You have to listen carefully to what the client wants so you don’t end up doing more than what you are earning. Based on research, we have heard that some people earn 100 dollars in a job while some earn as high as 1k dollars for one job. That is top dollar, that is a no-brainer. 

You have to state the pricing clearly for the client to observe and see what he or she is paying for, you can also include extra for DVDs and other things that have to be included in your prices. All of these things are things that you have to put in mind when you feel like you would do well in a business like this. 

A table Showing Things You Might Need When Creating A Slideshow

What You NeedWhy You Need It
PicturesPictures are interesting to look at and they don’t need to be explained too much for them to be understood. They send a clearer message than words.
Video presentationVideos are good but they are not good to be used too much. Videos are too long most times and cause the slideshow to be unnecessarily long, but shorter videos do the magic.
PodcastsThis is another element that helps to make the presentation a lot exciting, podcasts are interviews that can be held to make people speak their feelings. 
Charts and graphsCharts and graphs might seem complicated at first but don’t just put things without trying them out, graphs help to bring out the reality of how things are fixed. 
Use questions and answersQuestions help to get the attention of your audience, if it is allowed, you can give them the chance to answer your questions and other interesting things too. 

Here Are Some Tips That Could Help You Make Good Slideshows For Your Business

1. Think About The Errors That Could Occur

These are the questions that should be asked, things like, is there Wi-Fi in the arena? Is there going to be proper lighting for the show? What these questions are trying to let you know is that you have to think ahead and try as much as you can to avoid mistakes.

2. Make Sure Your Videos Are Short And Straight To The Point

Most times when people watch video presentations or slide shows, they say it is boring, this is because most presenters use unnecessary long videos. Avoid using long videos, your audience just needs a straightforward detail, not a long and confusing one. Ensure that your slideshow is kept to a minimum of half-hour. All you need do is place the photos in the slideshow and make sure they don’t exceed 5 seconds. People don’t enjoy sitting in one spot for a long time, it doesn’t matter what you think you are telling them. It is naturally exhausting.

3. Videos Create Excitement In The Crowd

There are several tools that will help you get text, animations, and other interesting features to your slideshow. When creating the slideshow, it isn’t just about the pictures but those extra things that you can add and help to boost your whole presentation strategy. Templates that are created by major graphic designers are the best to use in this aspect. 

4. Use Good Music That Suits The Moment

Inputting music in your slideshows is not being extraordinary, the main thing is to ensure that you use good music, don’t just select anyone you see fit, make sure it suits the moment and this is what they would like. 

5. Use Good Slideshow Software And Make Sure You Are Comfortable With It

The pictures and videos don’t make the slideshow interesting, they only make up the show. Your skill and the effort you put in are what make the slideshow impressive. When your software is difficult, you lose the interest you have in your job. Make sure you use good software ensure that you do. 

6. Analyze Your Work Before Presenting

No matter how good you think you are, don’t walk into a room without trying out your work beforehand. Also, be there before the guests and make sure that your stand and techs are all available and working well.

7. You Could Give Your Clients A Small Slideshow As A Gift

You don’t have to get too sentimental or get involved with any personal stuff, you just want to secure a territory, when you act nice, people see you as a good person especially when your work is good, they recommend you. 

8. Include Quotes To Make The Crowd Amazed

Your audience is people who have been seated for God knows how long, they want to be inspired, give them a reason to listen to you. Quotes could get them interested in what you are trying to tell them and then keep their attention focused on you. 

How Many Images Are Used In A 5 Minutes Slideshow?

A maximum of 60 photos can be used in a 5 minutes slideshow so that your slideshow could be impacting, not just pictures passing by.


With the following tips and steps, starting your slideshow business shouldn’t be a problem, all of these things could make your slideshow business successful. 



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