Subway Card Frozen – What To Do

Subway Card Frozen

A subway card is a type of card that a user can use to buy goods or services at participating Subway® restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Users can buy goods up to their balance and they can also purchase goods online at or through the Subway app. This card is issued by Value Pay Services LLC. You can load the dollar on this card according to your requirements. Over the last few months, many subway card users are complaining about their cards being frozen. So what you have to do if your subway card is frozen.

There are many reasons a subway card can be frozen and if your card is frozen then there are few steps you can take. If your card is registered on your “my subway” account then you can easily unfreeze the card from there. However, if your card is not registered then you have to contact/call the call center of Subway to unfreeze the card. So no one at a Subway restaurant can unfreeze the card.

How Does The Subway Card Work?

How Does The Subway Card Work

The working procedure of a subway card is very simple. You have to collect your subway card from any authorized shop or you can also collect a virtual subway card. Then you have to load a dollar on the card. You have to remember that you can only buy goods or other services from authorized subway restaurants or shops as long as your card has dollars. So Subway card is a prepaid card and you have to pay fast like all other types of prepaid cards. Subway has a reward program for the Subway cardholder. Every time you make a food or beverage purchase at a Subway restaurant and scan your Subway card you will earn reward points for being a loyal Subway guest. Then, you can use the reward points to avail many services.

How To Collect A Subway Card?

There are two ways you can collect your subway card. You can directly get your physical subway card free from any participating Subway restaurant. Just simply ask the authorized person of the restaurant that you want to collect a subway card. You can also get your virtual subway card by downloading the Subway app on your mobile. You can download the Subway app from the Apple Store or Google play store. Once the app is downloaded, you have to register an account on Subway and your virtual Subway card will automatically be linked to your account.

How To Open A Subway Account          

If you want to open a Subway account then first you have to download the app on your mobile. Once the app is downloaded on your mobile follow the below steps:

1. First, open the Subway app on your mobile

2. Now click on the register to open a new account

3. Type your name, phone number, email address, and other required information

4. Then click on the Register to open the account

How To Register The Subway Card On MySubway          

 Subway Card

If you have a Subway card then you can easily register your card on MySubway. It is very important to register the Subway card because if your card gets frozen for any reason then you can easily unfreeze the card. Now follow the steps below – 

1. First, open the Subway app on your account

2. Now log in to your account and you will see “Add a new card” at the top right corner of your screen

3. Click on the “Add a new card” 

4. Then input the number printed on the back of your Subway card

5. Now tap on the “Add Card” option to add the card and complete the registration

FAQs About Subway Card

1. How Do I Activate My Subway Card?

There are three ways you can activate your subway card. They are – 

1. You can activate the subway card via the Subway mobile app, or
2. You can collect your card from a store and activate it online, or
3. You can complete your registration and activate the card by clicking the link in the activation email

2. Do Subway Points Expire?

You must have to use your subway card at least once a year or your loyalty points will be canceled. Your card will remain ok to use and you can continue to collect reward points but if you don’t use your card for one year then your reward points will be expired.

3. How Many Points Do You Need To Get A Free Subway?

You will need at least 500 points to redeem for a regular 6” Sub, flatbread, or salad. You can also redeem 1000 points for a regular 12” Sub or flatbread.

4. How can I check the balance on your Subway card?

There are few ways you can check the balance on your Subway card. You can visit any nearby Subway store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. You can also check the balance online at Or, you can call Subway customer care at 1-877-697-8222 and know your subway card balance.

5. How many tokens do you need to get a free sub at Subway?

You will need at least 200 tokens to get a free sub at the subway. You have to spend at least $50 to collect these 200 tokens.

6. Do Subway Cards Expire?

The subway card along with the available balance never expires. Moreover, Subway doesn’t charge any fees in connection with the use of the Subway card. 

7. Does Subway Give You A Free Sub On Your Birthday?           

If you sign up for Subway’s Eat Fresh Club then you will get a free six-inch sub and drink on your Birthday.

8. Where Can I Use A Subway Card?

You can use your subway card at any participating Subway restaurant locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, you can also redeem your subway gift card online at or through the Subway App on your mobile.

9. How Do I Add Money To My Subway Card?

There are several ways available to add money to your Subway card. You can easily add money on your subway card physically from any participating Subway restaurant locations in the USA or Canada. You can use cash or a credit card to add money to your card. Moreover, you can also add money to your subway card online via or through the Subway App on your mobile.

10. Does Subway Have $10 Gift Cards?

Yes, Subway has $10 gift cards.

11. What Payment Methods Does Subway Accept?

Subway accepts various payment methods. You can make a payment from your Visa and MasterCard. Moreover, there are few stores available that also accept American Express and Discover.

12. Does Subway Give Cashback?

Yes, Subway fives cashback. You can get 25% cashback on your first purchase and 10% cash back on additional purchases. Usually, the cashback rewards are credited to your card statement within a few days.

13. Why Is My Subway Card Frozen?

There are many reasons your subway card can be frozen. The most common reason is attempting to combine multiple cards at once or if you do any weird purchases like 5 or 6  separate purchases in less than half an hour. The subway authority froze your card to protect your balance from being stolen.

14. How Do I Transfer Subway Points From Card To App?

You can easily transfer your subway points from card to app. You just have to download the Subway app from the store and add your card to the app. Once the card is added to your app all the points will automatically transfer to the app.



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