Target Curbside Pickup: Everything You Need to Know to Order Groceries Using Drive Up

Target Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup is the latest trend in the groceries business where a customer can make an order online and then pick up the order from the store, warehouse, or a designated pickup location. This feature is very common in present-day groceries stores and the target is not an exception. Target also offers curbside pickup service to its customers. So that, the customers can easily shop for their groceries conveniently and without any hassle. Today I will review the curbside pickup feature of Target and cover everything including how this feature works, how to order, where to pick up the products, and many more. Keep reading the article!

What is Target Curbside Pickup?

What is Target Curbside Pickup

Target Curbside Pickup is also known as Drive Up. This feature offers the Target customer free contactless drive-up pickup at their nearby Target store. If you have the target app installed on your smartphone then you will be able to place a Drive-Up order using the app. When your order is ready for pickup you can collect your products curbside at your local Target store. This service from the target is completely free and there are no minimum order requirements. The best part is, that you can use various coupons like digital coupons and Target Circle offers while ordering products via Target Curbside pickup.

How does Target Curbside Pickup Works?

You can only be able to use the curbside pickup feature by ordering products via the Target mobile app. You have to select the products from the app and then place the order. While placing the order you have to select “Drive-Up Order” as the pick up method. When your order is ready for pickup you will receive a notification email as well as an in-app notification. Next, go to a designated spot for Drive Up orders, and a Target employee will bring your order out and help you load your items. The Target curbside pickup is completely free and it is available at any Target location. When you receive the email and head out to pick up your product, select the “I’m on my way” option from the app. When your reach the pickup location, park at a designated parking spot labeled “Drive-Up.” Then a Target associate will bring all your ordered products and ask you to show a barcode from the Target App to scan. Then the associate will scan the barcode and load the products into your vehicle and you are ready to go home.

Difference between Drive Up and Pick Up at Target

Both drive up and pick up are two popular features of Target and they are quite similar with some differences. You can order products for drive-up and pick up directly from the Target app. The difference is when you chose to pick up, you have to pick up the product from the Target store. On the other hand, if you chose to drive up then the products will be brought to your vehicle by a Target employee. Items that are eligible for drive up can be ordered if available at your selected store. When you choose to drive up, you will be charged when your items are picked up and placed on hold. Moreover, there is some difference between the Target Drive Up hours and Target pickup hours. The cut-off time of target Drive up is 2 hours before closing.

How to Order Groceries via Target Curbside Pickup

Follow the below steps to order groceries via target curbside pickup – 

  • First, open the Target app on your smartphone
  • Now login to your Target account using the username and password
  • Once logged in, select your Target store and then select “Picking Up”
  • Next chose the items that are eligible for curbside pickup
  • Once you are done selecting products. Click on the “Cart” icon at the bottom
  • Now review your selected items and then hit the “Checkout” button
  • Next, provide your Pick Up person’s details and payment information
  • Then click on the “Place your order” button and you will receive a confirmation email
  • When your product is ready for pickup you will receive another confirmation email
  • Now select the “I’m on my way” button when you are ready to collect your products
  • Provide the detailed information of the vehicle so that the Target employee can easily find you
  • When you reached the pickup location, park your vehicle at the “Drive Up” designated parking area and wait for the Target associate
  • Finally, show the barcode to the target associate and once your barcode is scanned the whole process is completed

How Long Does Target Drive Up Take?

How Long Does Target Drive Up Take

Well, the answer to this question depends on when you have placed your order. Usually, it takes 2 hours to ready a drive up order for pickup. But. In some stores, it might take up to 6 hours to ready your drive up order. To have a clear idea about how much time might need to prepare the order you can check the item’s detail page or check the estimated time at the cart. If you place the order 2 hours before the closing time, your drive up order will be fulfilled on the same day. However, if you place the order below 2 hours before the store closing time or after the store is closed then your order will be fulfilled the following day.

How Long Does Target Hold Drive Up Products?

If you place a drive up order but didn’t pick the order in time then Target will hold the order for at least 3 days in the Target store until you are ready to pick them up. However, if you don’t pick up the order or are unable to pick up the order within three days then the order will be canceled and a refund will be issued to your payment account. You can extend the order before the initial pickup time which is very convenient. However, if your drive-up order contains fresh grocery products like meat, milk, cheese, and fresh vegetables then Target will hold the order until the end of the next business day. Then Target will cancel the order and make the refund in the original form of payment.

How to Return Items from the Drive Up Order?

Returning a product from the drive up order is very easy. Once you receive the receipt of your drive up order you will be able to return a product. You will be able to return the product at any Target store. While at a Target store you have to show the receipt to any cashier and present your debit or credit card to get a refund. You can also initiate a return from the Target mobile app. You have to select “return items by mail” from the order details of the target app. However, you should keep in mind that you won’t be able to return all the items through the “return items by mail” option.

FAQs about Target Curbside Pickup

Can You Use Coupons With Target Drive Up?

Yes, target allows its customers to use coupons with target drive up. So, if you have some coupons then you can use them with your Target Drive Up order. In fact, you can use any kind of eligible discount and promotion to your order at the checkout page. Also, you are allowed to use Target Circle offers with Target Drive Up orders. On the other hand, if you have any promo code then you can also redeem the discount by entering the promo code at the checkout page. For the BOGO offer make sure you add both items to your cart before checkout.

Can You Use the EBT card for Target Drive Up?

No, you won’t be able to use the EBT card for Target Drive UP. SNAP/EBT is not allowed by the target for Drive Up. Target has a policy for online shopping that doesn’t accept EBT, food stamps, and WIC payments for online shopping or delivery orders.

What are the payment options for Target Drive Up?

Target accepts various payment methods for the target drive up including Target RedCard. Target supports all types of credit cards, debit cards, Target Gift Cards, eGift Cards, Visa gift cards, Affirm, and PayPal as a Payment method for Target Drive Up.

Is Target drive up more expensive?

No, target drive up is not expensive. In fact, it is completely a free service offered by Target. There are no fees, service charges or minimum order requirements for target Drive Up!


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