What Does The Term Undeliverable Mean On The Status Of An Amazon Order? (All You Need To Know!)

Term Undeliverable Mean On The Status Of An Amazon Order

In 2022, an incorrect carrier address will be the main reason for packages getting returned to Amazon. Errors may occur due to a problem pertaining to the recipient’s address, or because a package contains something other than an item specified by the customer. Amazon will refund customers for their trouble and can try again next time.

Key Takeaways

  • If you provide incorrect address then Amazon won’t be able to deliver the product and it will show undeliverable
  • If the delivery address of a package was originally incorrect then the seller will ask for an updated address before re-sending it out
  • There are two main types of Failed Deliveries – Courier Failures and Routing Failures
  • If an item that you have ordered is damaged or defective then you can sue the carrier and get a refund

Why Does Amazon Say Package Undeliverable? (4 Causes)

Why Does Amazon Say Package Undeliverable

We’ve listed and explained some of the reasons why Amazon says the package is undeliverable. Check them out! 

1. Incorrect Address

If you accidentally type in the wrong full address for your Amazon package with a mistake that seems minor like one number or letter, it will not end up as undeliverable. Instead, it may get delivered to someone else’s home which creates a problem because the package is not supposed to wind up at their house.

If the address a package was originally shipped to is incorrect, the seller will ask for an updated address before re-sending it out. In this case, the customer will be asked to update their new address. So both Amazon and the customer have been notified of the new, correct shipping address and all should be well.

2. Rejected Delivery

Rejected Delivery

No one likes to be told “no” especially when you’re really hoping for a yes. It’s the same with shipments and packages that have to be hand-delivered; if there’s no one home, then they can’t sign for it. There might not be an intercom system or someone available to let the mail carrier in, also maybe the homeowner is just being difficult and could care less about receiving their shipment.

Anything that an Amazon delivery service is unable to deliver to the customer ends up being returned. Typically, couriers will make a few attempts at delivering the package before deeming it undeliverable. If this happens, the customer will be notified that their package is not able to be delivered and rejected delivery is typically why.

3. Failed Delivery

Failed deliveries are delivery mistakes that occur when a courier either physically cannot deliver a purchase or when someone is not able to receive the package because of circumstances beyond control. For example, if a package shipment has clearly been sent to the wrong recipient or address, we would consider this as a failed delivery. There are two main types of Failed Deliveries – Courier Failures and Routing Failures. Another important example involves signing for packages. In this case, when a package is marked assigned, it can not be sent back to the seller. The Amazon policy makes sellers responsible for various shipping costs and other charges related to the shipment of their orders including return shipping.

4. Damaged Goods

This is one of the most frequently reported reasons when things go wrong during delivery. To ensure your packages arrive in working condition, it’s recommended that you double-check your address and make sure you supply accurate and complete information in your order. If an item is damaged or defective, you can sue the carrier and get a refund. Nonetheless, Amazon will replace it, or you will be able to return it for a full refund.

What Can You Do When Your Address Is Undeliverable?

A lot of Amazon customers aren’t sure how to get a refund for an order that was never delivered. We know it can be very frustrating looking at your bank statement and seeing that Amazon charged you for something you never received. There are many reasons why this happens, but the most common is undeliverable addresses. You have to realize that Amazon isn’t going to resend a package while your address is still undeliverable. 

So what can you do? The first step should be to contact the seller directly in order to work out any delivery issues or mistakes on their end regarding their product packaging (for example, the shipping label might not have been correct). If a seller doesn’t reply or won’t help, then hopefully suggesting this other option will help leave more money in your pocket. Any package not delivered after a certain length of time is deemed undeliverable and is ultimately returned to the sender. Refunds might be in order when no viable solution can be reached with Amazon customer support to ensure that the package gets delivered.

What If My Amazon Undeliverable Package Was Damaged During Delivery?

When packages are lost or damaged during delivery, Amazon will take them off the delivery system so that they never arrive at their destination, and the company gives customers a money-back refund.

Can Amazon Re-Ship My Undeliverable Order?

If the address provided to Amazon by a customer is incorrect and an order is returned to Amazon, unfortunately, they cannot re-ship that item. Once an undeliverable order has been returned to them, it will be up to the customer whether they would like to correct and resend their order or obtain a refund from the seller. If, however, a customer still wants to purchase the item(s) they originally attempted to have shipped to them but were undeliverable for any reason beyond their control, the customer will have to contact them to place a new order. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive A Refund If My Amazon Package Is Undeliverable?

Once Amazon receives the order from the carrier, they will issue a refund to the customer’s account. The timeframe in which you receive this refund depends on your financial institution. Go through the table below for additional information on refund timeframes for deposit destinations.

Refund DestinationRefund Timeframe (Once Refund Is Processed By Amazon) 
Credit cardAvailable in 3 to 5 business days 
Amazon Gift Card Available in 2 to 3 hours
Debit cardAvailable in 10+ business days 
Checking accountAvailable in 10+ business days
SNAP EBT cardAvailable in 10+ business days
Gift Card balance Ready within 2 to 3 hours
Promotional CertificateNo refund will be issued 
Shop with Reward PointsReady in no more than 5 business days
Pay in Cash (at a participating location)Ready in no more than 10 business days
Prepaid credit cardAvailability depends on the banking institution but should be no more than 30 days


As a delivery service, one of Amazon’s priorities is to get packages to their destination as soon as possible. But sometimes, they have to deliver the packages back to their warehouse instead. Reasons for this generally fall into one of two categories: the package tracking information was mixed up or input incorrectly and delivered inaccurately which means that it couldn’t be delivered, or the customer refused or failed to receive their package because they weren’t available. When this happens, they refund the money and, if eligible under Amazon’s eligibility criteria, send a replacement order out again along with providing a free expedited shipping upgrade.



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